Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

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Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Binary Options Robot vs IQoptions Robots

IQ Robots is now closed. 

In this article, we have decided to analyze two strongest binary robots on the market. If you are trading with binary options industry, then you have certainly heard for Binary Options Robot and IQrobots. At the first, both robots have the same purpose – to auto trade with a huge array of underlying assets, but when you analyze them from more aspects, they are very different.

If you doubt which one is better Binary Options Robot or IQrobots, read our analysis where we have served all pros and cons of both robots.

Binary Options Robot vs IQrobots – Are They Free?

First of all, it is important to know one thing Binary Options Robot is a free binary software that offers their traders trading binary options with multiple brokers. IQRobots is a binary robot developed and owned by one of the best brokers on the market – IQoption. IQrobots is also a free software except traders can trade only with one binary broker – IQoption.

Trading with more brokers is a benefit that is important for traders that prefer more trading diversity, and trading with one broker puts more focus on one trading pattern.

Are Binary Options Robot and IQrobots Regulated?

It is important to mention that binary brokers have or have not license for trading in the specific country. Binary robots don’t have the obligation to be registered with regulators. Traders mostly don’t understand this and they are often very confused when they see information about regulation.

Since the Binary Options Robot enabled trading with more binary brokers, traders can choose to trade with several brokers that are regulated. We can mention 24option for example. Traders that trade with Binary Options Robot can trade with several brokers at the same time on the same trading platform.

The Difference Between Binary Options Robot and IQrobots Platform?

Both binary robots have the same goal – they offer many trading assets and a lot of useful trading features. Binary Options Robot is a simple version of the binary robot and it is acceptable for all binary traders. This literally means that trader can register in a few seconds, make a deposit with a broker and start trading. Robot offers a trading platform with clear overview of settings and additional VIP account. Binary Options Robot does not complicate with charts or complicated features, it is basic and very simple.

IQrobots is based on IQoption platform. When we compare it with Binary Options Robot, IQrobots software provides a bit different approach. Traders are basically using broker platform when they trade with IQrobots.

What is the Main Difference Between Binary Options Robot and IQrobots?

Binary Options Robot is a binary software that generates signals with the help of trading algorithms and sends them to their traders. The robot is basically a semi-auto trade robot that notifies traders when the best signal comes by. Traders are allowed to accept or decline offered signal.

IQrobots from the other side is also a binary software where traders can choose to trade with different robots or they can make their own. This is a pretty unique trading option that attracts many traders to try it. Traders can also trade with IQrobots, meaning they can choose to trade with some of the already prepared robots made by other traders. Every customized IQrobots has a different trading pattern, option type and trades with different assets. Traders can select their IQrobots, depending on their preferences – expiry times, return percentages etc. IQrobots can be found in IQoption catalog.

If traders choose to make their own IQrobot, this asks for more knowledge about binary options and to invest more time in development.

Binary Options Robot is definitely considered as a simpler option. IQoption provides several trading options where traders have to choose the robot that fits them or they can make their own.

Binary Options Robot vs IQrobots – Demo Accounts?

Binary Options Robot is a free binary software that doesn’t have an available demo account. Traders can register for free and choose to trade with one or more brokers. If you are a binary trader, you can try some of the demo accounts offered by the brokers on Binary Options Robot platform. Before placing real trades, traders can get familiar with options and get an idea how the trading process works.

IQrobots software provides demo version where traders can test all features before placing their real investments. A demo account allows practicing on trading platform and without any risks.

Binary Options Robot vs IQrobots – Mobile Platform?

Both binary robots provide trading on mobile platforms. Binary Options Robot has enabled trading on all devices: laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Robot platform is web based and traders don’t need to download any software on their devices. Recently, Binary Options Robot has introduced a new Android app that is available for free on Google Play Store. The mobile app provides all trading settings and features, including the possibility to chat with their customer support.

IQrobots clients can also trade from their mobile devices. Similarly like Binary Options Robot, IQrobots provides free iOS and Android applications with responsive charts and interesting design.

Traders can follow real-time asset movements and find various tools on technical analysis that will help them set their trading portfolio with IQrobots. Traders are enabled to access various types of charts and check the relevant financial news.

Binary Options Robot vs IQrobots Conclusion

Trading with both robots is fun and interesting, traders only have to decide whether they want to decide which software fits them better. Both IQrobots and Binary Options Robot provide high-quality services.

“General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.”