Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

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Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Binary Options Robot Introduces New Feature – Order Flow

Binary Options Robot for BeginnersWe have just found out that Binary Options Robot introduced a new feature for its traders. Order Flow is a new trading strategy that enables traders to enjoy more trading maneuvers and expand their strategy. According to the official release on their site, this option will help traders to invest their funds more wisely and with even more efficiency. The new feature is available with Binary Options Robot VIP account and you can find more about it in the text below.

What is Order Flow Trading Strategy?

The difference between Order Flow and other Robot strategies is that new strategy doesn’t focus on past or future events on the market. Other trading strategies are focusing on various indicators and trends that include analyzing past events. According to Binary Options Robot, Order Flow strictly focuses on current orders and this way, it brings a bit different trading approach.

It is interesting to know that traders who activate Order Flow tool are also welcome to use other strategies at the same time. This basically means Binary Options Robot will cover all trading areas that might bring profits.

Binary Options Robot VIP – Order Flow Strategy

If you have been trading with Binary Options Robot, then you already know that Robot provides several trading strategies in VIP account. In order to have more diversified trading, traders can now begin using a new trading strategy called Order Flow.

binary options robot order flow strategy

New traders can also start using new Binary Options Robot feature, they just need to make a deposit with one of the brokers offered on Robot platform. The new trading strategy should allow traders to create more trading maneuvers and expand their trading strategy.

As mentioned on their site, Binary Options Robot has made clear opinion abut their new feature:

“We want you to trade with a binary robot that provides outstanding performance and does not leave anything to chance. This also enables you to invest more wisely, lucratively and efficiently. That is why we are pleased to introduce another innovation in our Binary Options Robot VIP Account – a new trading strategy.”

How to Get Binary Options Robot VIP Account?

In order to start using Binary Options Robot Order Flow, traders first have to register with Robot for free. When they register with Robot, next step is to make a deposit with one of the brokers available on the Robot platform. The best thing is that those who don’t have much experience with binary robots will be automatically registered with one of the brokers that are available in trader’s country.

What is Offered With Binary Options Robot VIP Account?

When a deposit has been made, trader instantly receives the opportunity to get one month of free Binary Options Robot VIP membership. VIP account provides traders with several tools that may help traders to create better strategic decisions and spot better trading opportunities.

Binary Options Robot VIP features include Risk level option that allows traders to increase or decrease the level of risk they are willing to apply while they trade. Besides the risk level, there is also Expiry time feature that allows traders to use different expiry times while they trade. We need to point out that traders can set different features with each broker they are trading with. Binary Options Robot VIP includes trading with different strategies too and new Order Flow tool comes with this feature. Order Flow is the fifth trading strategy available for trading.

If you have more questions about Order Flow feature, you can contact our chat support or contact Binary Options Robot support directly. Read more about Robot in our detailed review.