Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

A free demo account

with $10.000 in practice money

Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Begin Trading With Binary Options Robot

According to Binary Options Robot brand, if you are a binary newbie, this is the best thing you can start your trading adventure. This binary robot has managed to achieve very innovative approach towards binary options trading. What do you think about start trading with Binary Options Robot?

Begin Trading with Binary Options Robot for Free

The beauty of auto trading with this software is its simplicity. Just register for free and invest with one of the brokers from Robot’s dashboard. Binary Options Robot lets you trade with multiple brokers, which automatically means more trading diversity and trading options you can use.

Trade With Multiple Brokers and Multiply Your Trading Diversity

We like the fact that traders can trade with more than one broker at the same time. We haven’t seen this possibility with other binary products we have been reviewing. In order to trade with more than one broker, you don’t need to invest a significant amount of money. Traders can simply split the amount they wanted to invest with one broker and divide that amount with more brokers.

Trading With Binary Options Robot For The First Time

If you are brand new in binary options, the most important thing is to begin trading with an auto trading robot that will help with creating binary signals for its traders. Manual trading takes much time and knowledge, so investing in this kind of binary options could make you lose more money than you think.

Binary Options Robot is valuable binary software that manages to place trades automatically. This means you don’t need to know anything about complicated calculations, reading financial charts and asset values.

Register With Binary Options Robot in a Minute

If you have decided to invest in binary options, Binary Options Robot claims it is the best place to start with. Just go to Binary Options Robot website and start filling the registration form. The registration process will take no longer than a minute and you don’t need to provide any payment information.

Besides quick registration, traders don’t need to search for binary brokers. Binary Options Robot provides various brokers on its trading dashboard. When registering for the first time, Robot will automatically make registration with one of the brokers from Binary Options Robot portfolio. Broker account will have the same email address you have been using to register with Binary Options Robot. To log in to broker account, you will use the same password you have set for your Robot.

Make a Deposit With a Broker and Begin Trading With Binary Options Robot

Most traders think they have to deposit their funds with Binary Options Robot. This is not true, traders only deposit their funds with a binary broker. To make a deposit with a broker, you need to log in with your broker account and decide which amount you will invest.


Make a Deposit With Another Binary Options Robot Broker

If you want to make a deposit with a broker you haven’t registered yet, you first need to register with certain broker. Registration with a broker is simple and quick and traders only need to pick the broker of their choice and click on Open Account button.

Fill your basic info, add your email address and phone number and click on Register button. By completing this, you have managed to open another broker account on Binary Options Robot dashboard. Now go to your trading account on broker’s site and make new deposit with certain broker and that’s it.

Begin Auto Trading With Binary Options Robot

The Robot provides many useful trading features that will allow traders to have pleasant trading. Most important is that you can limit your trading investments so Robot won’t trade over your desires. Fill in your Daily Stop Loss option to inform Robot about maximum amount you want to spend in one day. Maximum Daily trades option lets you define the amount of each trade you want to invest per trade.

After setting the basic settings, traders can choose to trade with more than 50 assets. When traders have decided which assets they want Robot to trade with, they can also define how much they want Robot to invest in specific asset group. For example, if you plan to invest $400, you can set Robot to place $100 in currencies , $250 in commodities and $50 in stocks amount.

In order to start trading with Binary Options Robot, the trader must activate Active Trading button for certain broker. You can change settings anytime, no matter if you are logged from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Take the Chance and Become Binary Options Robot VIP Member

No matter if you are a beginner or experienced trader, Binary Options Robot gives you the opportunity to become a VIP member and improve your trading strategy with more trading options. Binary Options Robot VIP account is free, traders only need to make a deposit with one or more brokers from Robot portfolio.

After the deposit is visible on your trading account, VIP account should be activated and ready for use. If you have any questions about trading features, you can contact Binary Options Robot customer support.

What Features do I Get With Binary Options Robot VIP Account?

Trading with Binary Options Robot VIP provides trader more trading options. We have been testing Binary Options Robot VIP account and besides simple features, we have concluded that each of features is highly important and valuable for successful trading.

Traders are offered to define risk level option which means traders can set lower risk trading, while those who are attracted with volatility and uncertainty always have an option for high-risk level trading.

Besides risk levels, traders are offered to choose between four trading strategies. Each trading strategy includes trading with different trading algorithms and traders can define different strategy with each broker. This provides more diversity in trading with Binary Options Robot and creates an opportunity to customize your trading strategy. According to Binary Options Robot, it is also helpful to say, trading with multiple brokers and using different strategies can bring you more profits than trading with only one broker.

The last VIP feature includes expiry times that are defining the way Robot will place trades. Traders can select both 60 second and Daily trades with one broker and choose different settings for trading with another broker.

It takes some time to get the filling and to understand which setting fits you the best, but we are sure that traders will find the appropriate selection. Binary Options Robot tracks trading results, so traders are recommended to follow their trading history and to make decisions based on their results. This way traders are given the opportunity to learn more about trading with binary options and to sharpen their trading tactics.