Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

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Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

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Binary Options Robot, the world’s best binary options auto trading software, is back with further improvements that will guarantee widen the gap all other similar robots have been trying to close for a year now. It is crucial to keep improving the service to make the customer experience even more enjoyable. Binary Options Robot traders will recognize that some of the improvements implemented are the direct result of us listening to their suggestions. Being a premium binary options auto trading provider, Robot constantly marches forward bringing ever more features to its customers.

Binary Options Robot Dashboard features

Many traders wanted more control over the maturity profile of their portfolio. This has now been implemented, so every trader can set preferred expiry time in the Binary Options Robot Dashboard. Traders can choose their features according to their preferences. This means, even more, control over the portfolio for every Binary Option Customer.

Binary Options Signals

Also, Binary Options Robot has implemented a new way to track binary options signals that sort them out directly according to customers preferences. It is based on an easy to use filter system that works fast and it is easy to use. From now on, already transparent signals overview is even easier to use and to track past trades and successes.

VIP Account Lets You Choose trading Strategies

All traders who have Binary Options Robot VIP account will, from now on, have the chance to trade with multiple trading strategies. This is an unmatched level of customization in terms of trading services, without becoming hard to use. There are four trading strategies with Binary Options Robot now, that VIP customers can choose from,

  • Wise Growth Strategy
  • Perfect Pitch Method
  • High Yield Systems
  • Capital Gain Cue

Most Reliable Binary Signals

Binary Options Robot traditionally has the most reliable signals in the industry and now traders can even choose between trading strategies. VIP account brings even more high end features by enabling this selection. This feels like having an opportunity to choose one’s own trading expert!

Get VIP Account

Now, if you don’t have a VIP access, clearly you are missing a lot. The solution is actually simple. To celebrate the launch of new features, Binary Options Robot is giving away VIP access to all customers that deposit in the next 48 h. In order to qualify for the promotion, customers need to send an email with the code “I WANT VIP” in the subject line in the Contact form after they have deposited with any of the brokers our service features. We think this is a great opportunity anyone should take advantage of. The promotion ends on March 5 at 9:00 AM GMT.