Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

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Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

What is Binary Gambit?

In order to explain all terms that are mentioned in binary options industry, there is a new term that caught our attention and we think it will be useful to explain it. If you haven’t heard about binary gambit before, it’s ok, we will learn about it here.

There isn’t much official information about this unique trading strategy mentioned, but we will tell you all we know about it. It would be too much to say that binary gambit is a profitable strategy because there is no profitable strategy, there is only the right decision, the best moment, good analysis tools and a little luck that has to be involved in order to gain profits and good trading results.

Binary Gambit – the Unique Trading Strategy

While we were investigating more about binary gambit term, we have determined that it is connected to one broker called Olymp Trade. While we have searched and trying to figure out what exactly binary gambit is and what is it made for, we have come across many vague websites that advertise this term with no real meaning for it.

We can’t exactly say it is a scam that invites people to trade with binary gambit strategy or with Olymp Trade, but we can say that it is not grounded in many educational facts as we have expected. According to the OlympTrade they recommend traders to trade with Binary Gambit in certain market conditions:

Use “Binary Gambit” strategy only with important economic news marked with “three bull heads”. 

As we went further with our binary gambit analysis, we have visited OlympTrade website to check if there is some official news about binary gambit, but there wasn’t any. The only thing we have found on the OlympTrade site was the headline:

Start right now and get the winning strategy “binary gambit” to your email

After getting this information we decided to look for other relevant information that might help us understand what binary gambit could be.

What is Binary Gambit?

The pursuit for the term binary gambit started to be a challenge to us because we wanted to find out what is it and who created this so called profitable strategy. According to one binary article guide, this strategy is developed by a few binary options experts who are working for the OlympTrade broker. If this was true, we are sure that OlympTrade would point out this kind of information, so this term became vague and scammy to us.

In the course of revealing more about binary gambit, the information we have found claims that 100% trading results are reduced to zero. It is important to know that trading with binary options includes a certain level of risk and there is no trading strategy that manages to reduce the risk to zero.

This trading strategy has focused on following specific news that includes certain countries and specific trading currencies. According to binary gambit, traders should follow and pay attention to news that is coming from USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and countries located in Eurozone. This includes tracking the following currency pairs:


The research we have conducted about binary gambit focuses on most important news from this country and these currency pairs.

Binary Gambit Focuses on Binary News

One of the things we have managed to find out in youtube videos we have watched is that OlympTrade offers to trade on the financial news. This is the unique service that is allegedly offered only by this brokerage company.

Trading on the news is called binary gambit and OlympTrade allows traders to cancel the trade they think it will be unprofitable. The video explains that traders need to use the Economic calendar that is available in OlympTrade broker platform. According to the video, traders need to focus on two – ten minutes trades and choose one of the currency pairs we have mentioned earlier.

After the news is released, the price movement on OlympTrade interface will become clear and traders will be able to cancel the trade the unprofitable trade. This way binary gambit strategy allegedly helps you increase the profits.

The video about binary gambit explains that traders should track only news that is marked with three “bull heads”.

Binary Gambit Conclusion

We again want to mention that trading with binary options always includes some risks. Trading newbies maybe don’t know, but decreasing the risks with binary gambit method or similar strategy includes the same risks if they don’t know the basics and have more knowledge about this investing method.

Binary options include a call or put option and there are only two ways this can end – by profiting or losing the trade. We are still not sure what to think about binary gambit since there is very little information about this on the internet.

The connection with a broker is obvious, but we don’t believe in binary experts that reduce the risk of trading to zero and neither should traders there are thousands of trading techniques for trading binary options and most of them are based on the technical and fundamental analysis. We are not sure where binary gambit belongs to.

Traders should be careful when they place trades with brokers they don’t have much information about. Read more about OlympTrade in our detailed OlympTrade review.

Beginners can Trade with Binary Options Robot

Instead of testing scammy trading methods that promise 100% safe trading and zero risks included, traders that search for something new can rather register with Binary Options Robot software that is based on generating computer algorithms and provide more brokers for trading. We have been writing a lot about Binary Options Robot and we have learned almost everything about this binary product.

According to Binary Options Robot site, this software is excellent for beginners because they don’t need to calculate binary signals by them self. The robot allows traders to define the investments they plan to spend during one day. This way traders have more control over their finances and they can apply changes any time they want. Read more about Binary Options Robot review here.