Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

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Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

IQoption Has Announced New 4.0 Platform

IQoption is one of the CySEC regulated brokers that has specialized in short term binary options trading. This popular binary broker provides its services from 2012 and it is based on the Proprietary trading platform. As they continuously work on improving their services, IQoption has finally released the new upgrade on the current trading platform. The new IQoption Trading platform 4.0 includes various novelties that will certainly improve trading experience.

IQoption Introduced 4.0 Platform New Features

There are some visual and cosmetic updates that have been adjusted on a new IQoption 4.0 platform. Traders will see that some fields have been repositioned and new colors have been inserted on a new platform. From what we can see, new IQoption platform looks sharper and it is empowered with additional features that are at traders disposal.

Some of the features traders are welcome to use with new IQoption platform:

Graphical Tools

A new feature that allows traders to expand their charts and to draw their personal interpretations on those charts. Graphical tool enabled traders to add trends and resistance lines – depending on traders preferences. This is a feature that we haven’t seen on any other trading platform so we can say IQoption significantly increased flexibility for customization.

Indicators for Technical Analysis

Binary options are mostly based on technical analysis and because of this, IQoption has implemented 9 new technical analysis techniques that are available for analysis. Every technique is adjustable and traders can easily move averages, amend the ratio on Stochastic oscillator or watch the MACD.

Plot Type

The plot gives the option to amend the size of the chart to personal preference. IQoption provides several types of charts that include traditional candlestick, bar and line charts. Traders are welcome to tailor appearance and color of those charts according to their preferences.

Time Interval

It is not surprising at all that traders want to overlook the time frame of the price graph for certain assets. IQoption has allowed traders to collapse or expand the time frame and to enjoy the flexibility while they trade. This option gives traders the chance to dive into the price charts and has better overview of their trading portfolio.

IQoption Trading Platform 4.0 Conclusion

With new IQoption platform update, traders now have more control over their portfolio. This also includes an option to set different visual color schemes on the platform and to adapt certain menus according to traders.

IQoption has allowed better overview for those who trade with multiple assets. Whole IQoption trading platform has a better redesign where traders will recognize Expiry and Amount fields are slightly different than before.

In overall, we can say that new IQoption trading platform update made a vast amount of changes where traders will be able to set it according to their preferences. The new 4.0 platform will ensure traders are completely focused on their trading strategy. IQoption has managed to move their platform to a whole new level of binary options trading experience.