Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

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Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Binary Options Robot Released Android App

Binary Options Robot Android AppAs it is already noted, this engaging binary software, Binary Options Robot has just released a free mobile app for Android. From now, traders are welcome to auto trade with their Robot using the app on their mobile phones. According to this software, with all the great features and various assortment of binary brokers, Binary Options Robot is definitely the best software you can use for auto trading.

Download the Binary Options Robot From the Google Play Store

Binary Options Robot App can be downloaded from Google Play Store and more important the app can be downloaded free of charge. By downloading the Robot app, traders will make their trading process much easier than before, meaning they won’t need to initialize with website anymore.

Improved Trading With Binary Options Robot

By using Binary Options Robot App, traders are taken to the next level of binary trading. We are living in the modern age and traders are used to use applications more than ever. Binary options bring different trading experience and traders want to track every step of a trading process. This is true, because if you want to improve your trading results, you will need to be prompt with Binary Options Robot decisions.


robot android appBinary Options Robot app enabled all the features that are available on the web, the only difference is that Robot became, even more, user friendly and accessible to all of us who build their wealth on behalf of this amazing binary robot software.

When the app is downloaded to your android phone, traders can sign in using their current login details and activate their Robot. Trading with Robot app lets you set preferences whenever you want, register with more brokers, change VIP settings or contact Binary Options Robot customer support via live chat or contact form.

Binary Options Robot App Information

robot-appThe mobile application has been officially released on 18 of October 2016. Traders who decide to download the app won’t need to care about size because it takes only 2.9 MB of disk space, which is insignificantly comparing to other applications. The only thing you need to have in order to install Binary Options Robot app is an Android mobile device with at least 4.0.3 software update.

Robot app enabled all trading features that are available on Binary Options Robot platform. This included Max Daily trades, Daily Stop Loss options, choosing the wide selection of trading assets and using the VIP features for all those who are VIP members.

Auto Trading Solutions

According to Binary Options Robot, this is the best product that can execute trades automatically without having much knowledge about binary options. There are thousands of satisfied Robot users that trade with this binary software every day. Binary Options Robot app will bring more advantages to binary trading on the go because it will let you set your Robot and check your results whenever you want.

Binary Options Robot Success Results

Binary Options Robot system has integrated powerful trading algorithms that generate wide asortment of binary signals. It is not a secret that computer algorithms can manage and track values of hundreds of assets that are available on the financial market. Binary Options Robot enabled more than 50 assets that are placed on Robot’s portfolio. Traders can trade with as many assets they want, without paying any fees for them.

Trading with Binary Options Robot app brings more possibility for better strategic decisions as traders will be able to check their Robot more often.

Apple users will also get their Binary Options Robot app and they will be able to trade from their iPhones soon. Read about more Binary Options Robot on our News section.