Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

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Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

3 Simple Clicks To Register With Binary Options Robot

Binary Options Robot is a binary software that provides stunning binary options solutions and it is easy to use. Binary robots are mostly used by trading newbies, meaning people without much technical knowledge about binary options analysis. In this article, find out more on how to register with Binary Options Robot in just 3 easy clicks.

1. Go to

Step number one is to go to Binary Options Robot website. Traders don’t need to download any software on their computers because Binary Options Robot is a web-based application that runs directly on the Cloud. On Binary Options Robot site traders can see registration form where they will continue with the registration process.

2. Fill Out Binary Options Robot Registration Form

As we have said, traders need to fill their personal information in the empty registration form. Besides basic information like name, last name, and email, traders will generate preferred password for Binary Options Robot account. Binary Options Robot won’t require any payment details from traders because payment transactions are being done directly with a broker you decide to trade with.

3. Click on Open Free Account

Binary Options Robot is a very simple auto trader. The final step in registration is to click on Open free account button. By clicking on this button, traders have successfully registered with Binary Options Robot software.

Now, when traders are introduced in three easy clicks to get registered with Binary Options Robot, they will be guided on how to trade with this binary software.

Start Trading With Binary Options Robot

This software offers a simple trading platform and many trading possibilities. It is accessible for both beginners and experienced traders. We have met many binary robots and Binary Options Robot is definitely one of the best versions we have met. In order to start trading with this Robot, traders need to make a deposit with one of the brokers from Robot portfolio.

After traders make the first three steps to register with Binary Options Robot, they can proceed with choosing a preferred broker and setting up preferences. Binary Options Robot provides several binary brokers on its portfolio. Traders are welcome to register with any of these brokers and make a deposit directly on broker’s site.

Do Traders Deposit Money With Binary Options Robot?

No. Binary Options Robot does not require any payments nor traders provide their payment details during registration. Robot acts as a bridge, connecting traders and brokers. It is important to say that traders always deposit their money with one of the trustworthy brokers from the Robot dashboard.

Now when this is clear, we want to mention one more thing. When registered for the first time, traders are automatically registered with one of the brokers from Binary Options Robot portfolio. This makes things simpler, especially for beginner traders who don’t have much experience with registration to brokers.


Are the Brokers From Binary Options Robot List Safe?

All provided brokers are safe for trading. Binary Options Robot takes a lot of care when adding the brokers to its portfolio. Searching for the right broker can sometimes be very hard, especially when traders don’t have experience. There are various brokers on the market, from those who are regulated and certified to those without any mark of trustworthiness. The selection of broker always takes a lot of time and effort.

In the case of Binary Options Robot, they wanted to lighten the process of finding an appropriate broker and avoiding the opportunity to bump into a scam broker. Trading with Binary Options Robot and its brokers is considered to be safe and secure, this is the reason why so many traders like to trade with it.

Three Simple Clicks to Start Trading

When we talk about Binary Options Robot, it is all about easiness. To set their Robot and start trading, traders need to make only three clicks to begin auto trading.

If you skipped this information, trading with Binary Options Robot is fully automated, meaning Robot will make everything for its traders. Robot creates binary signals with the help of several computer algorithms. When generated, binary signals are being executed automatically by the Robot. Now, when the basic info about Robot is presented, we will tell you what are three simple clicks that will set your Robot to start trading automatically.

Step 1 – Define Settings

There are some settings that will help you protect your Robot account and define trading limits. Daily Stop Loss is the feature that helps you limit your investments. To set a daily stop loss, traders just need to enter preferred amount they want to invest in the current day. This amount can differ from the deposit amount. For example, traders can make a deposit of $700 but they can set their Robot daily stop loss to just $200. When Robot reaches that amount, it will automatically stop auto trading.

There is another great tool for traders to use parallelly with daily stop loss. This feature is called Max daily trades and it allows traders to set their Robot trade up to certain amount of trades in a current day. This feature is similar to daily stop loss, except traders need to choose a number of trades, not the amount of money.

After the decision about investments, traders are welcome to choose their preferred assets Binary Options Robot will trade with. There are plenty of underlying assets that are available on Robot platform. Traders can choose as many assets they want and the more they choose, the more signals will Robot include in its auto trading process. All assets can be used free of charge. Instead of choosing between assets, traders can define the amount they want to invest with certain asset group. This means traders can set specified amount for stocks, currency pairs and commodities.

Step 2 – Active Trading

After setting up all settings on Binary Options Robot dashboard, traders have to activate auto trading with a broker they plan to trade with. The active trading option is available with every broker traders to trade with. This means that traders can set settings on several brokers they have accounts with, but the Robot will auto trade only with the brokers that have Active trading on.

Step 3 – Activate Binary Options Robot VIP

Binary Options Robot provides more features with VIP account membership. All traders can get VIP account features for free, they just need to register and deposit with one of the brokers from Robot platform.

Binary Options Robot VIP account empowers traders with three more features that can burst trading results and make trading more interesting. There is Risk level option that is interesting for beginners, Trading strategies feature that is mostly used by experienced traders and Expiry times option that provides the opportunity to set various expiry times with each broker. Check more about VIP account in our Binary Options Robot VIP guide.

We hope that we have helped you learn how to register your Binary Options Robot in just three simple clicks.