Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

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with $10.000 in practice money

Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Binary Options Robot VIP Account for all Active Traders

Many binary robots and brokers offer VIP accounts that guarantee traders better investment opportunities, trading improvements and enormous sums of money. Of course, this all sounds very appealing and binary options traders usually aim toward these goals. This is not wrong. Binary options trading has enabled many traders to boost their financial status significantly. However, it is important to know and recognize when certain guarantees and promises are simply too good to be true. That is why we will help you recognize what type of features and trading accounts can actually lead to great profits if the correct steps are taken.

First of all, in binary options auto trading industry, there have been many binary robots that have come and gone. However, there are many aspects that make a binary robot a trusted and a successful binary software. Binary Options Robot has been on the market for some time and it has accomplished a high level of respect among its traders due to its credibility and functionality. With a 100% user control, this auto trading software has proved itself as the perfect tool for beginners and experienced traders. With features and algorithms that combine a perfect symbiosis for successful trading, Binary Options Robot has remained a top binary robot on the market.

How do Traders Make an Account with Binary Options Robot?

Binary Options Robot has a free registration procedure. With just traders’ basic information, an account is created and traders may make a deposit with a broker. Traders always register with the Robot for free and perform payments with brokers.

To make the first deposit with a broker, traders are directed to the broker’s account where they can finish the transaction easily and swiftly. When traders return to their Robot dashboard, their available funds will be displayed.

Now, Binary Options Robot has features that if used effectively can help every trader, regardless of experience, to make easy money in binary options. With time, when the experience becomes greater, traders are actually able to make serious money with binary options. But there’s a learning curve, as it is with almost everything in life. The huge difference between this auto trading approach and manual trading approach to binary options trading is that traders don’t need to have any knowledge on binary options, market status, and chart status. This software is perfectly designed for beginners and may be adapted to each level of trader’s experience.

General Facts About Binary Options Robot VIP account

Binary Options Robot VIP account is designed to improve traders’ skills. It allows them to do this from their very trading beginning. This is done this way because Binary Options Robot actually wants traders to achieve winnings and make profits for themselves.

The first thing traders should know about the VIP account is that is free for traders once they register with the Robot and make a deposit with a broker. This allows them one free month of VIP features. Traders only have to contact Binary Options Robot Customer Support and they will activate their VIP status immediately.

In order to optimize their trading dashboard, traders should get fully acquainted with it before they start placing trades.

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A Novelty in Binary Options Robot – Auto Trade Approval

Before traders find out what the VIP features enable them to do, there is a novelty that Binary Options Robot has recently introduced. It is important to know every aspect of this new setting as it allows a 100% control over the trading dashboard. This new setting is displayed on the trading platform as a pop up window. With Auto Trade Approval, traders have an opportunity that is unique to Binary Options Robot. It allows traders to accept or decline each trade that shows up on the trading platform. Before, the Robot would scan the market and look for optimal trades and place them automatically. Now, traders have the control over each trade that pops up. They can take the trade or leave it. With the Auto Trade Approval pop up, traders get information on the asset, the investment value, the expiry time for accepting the trade and a suggested call-or-put option.

This unbelievable trading benefit has provoked positive reactions among traders as this gives them absolute power over their trading opportunities.

The Robot still performs with the same accuracy and delivers the profitable trades. Except now, traders can literally choose what to do with it.

Traders benefit from Auto Trade Approval when they set their risk levels and activate their strategies. These are some of the VIP features that will be further explained in this article.

Binary Options Robot Risk Level

Traders tend to get really creative with the Risk Level feature. This feature is excellent for traders who prefer trading with multiple brokers as it allows them to expand their strategies with different risk levels. There are four types of risk level and they go from the lowest to the highest.

For beginner traders, starting out with the low risk level might be the perfect option until they become more confident in their trading decisions. With the low risk level, the Robot scans the market looking for safer trades.

With high risk level, traders like to explore different challenges which allow them high profit options. Traders can decide to change their risk level, allowing them to adjust their trading tactics at any moment.

Binary Options Robot Expiry Times

As one of the main features of the VIP account, Expiry Times feature enables traders to optimize their trading with different trading times. Expiry Times allows traders to activate 60 seconds and Daily Trade options. This means that if traders activate both option, the Robot will scan the market for trades that have shorter and longer trading times. Nevertheless, traders can change this setting and opt for only one of these options. It depends whether you want trades with shorter or longer trading time.

Binary Options Robot Trading Strategies

With 4 trading strategies, Binary Options Robot enables traders to diversify their tactics and explore advanced trading strategies. Each strategy has its own trading algorithm. If traders use two or more strategies at the same time, it will create more profit opportunities because the strategies complement each other. No matter how many strategies you decide to trade with, at least one strategy has to be activated.

The VIP account is also available on Binary Options Robot Mobile App for android devices. With an effective mobile trading platform, traders can trade if they install it from Play Store without charges. For those who already have a Binary Options Robot account, they can use it to log in on the mobile app as well. The VIP account on the mobile app offers the same lucrative opportunities for all Binary Options Robot traders.