Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

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Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Binary Options Robot Trading Room For Manual Trading Enthusiasts

Are you a binary options enthusiast? Do you like trading binary options but you are bored with the same trading opportunities? Trading with Binary Options Robot provides some interesting features. Read more in our guide and find out why trading is better with Binary Options Robot software.

Is Binary Options Robot Adequate for Experienced Traders?

Yes, Binary Options Robot is a binary software that fits the needs of both binary newbies and trading experts. You will think how this is not possible, but Binary Options Robot is the only binary software that provides both semi-automated and manual trading directly with a broker.

This means that traders without any trading experience can start trading with Robot, and later they can switch to manual trading. It’s the same with experienced traders – if they ever get tired of tracking financial markets, calculating and predicting the values, they can easily switch to semi-auto trading and let Robot generate signals for them.

Trading Room Feature – Free Tool that Enables More Options

If you are one of the traders that like to switch between manual and robot trading, Binary Options Robot is the best choice for you. Traders can manage to trade manually and parallelly with Robot from the same trading dashboard.

Binary Options Robot is primarily oriented towards automated or, better to say semi-auto trading. Traders are provided with several features and the vast amount of trading assets. Besides that, traders can register with more than one broker and they can trade with multiple brokers at the same time – from the same portfolio.

Besides its primary mission, Binary Options Robot provides an additional tool that allows manual trading with a certain broker. Traders can trade manually with all brokers they have registered with. Trading room is the place where traders enter broker’s page and they are able to place trades without the Binary Options Robot assistance.

Manual trading is fun, but it takes a lot of time and effort from traders side. If you get tired of trading on your own, you can always switch to auto pilot, where Robot will generate binary signals and take care of financial calculations and analysis instead of traders.

Binary Options Robot Trading Room – Is it for Beginners?

If you are a beginner then you probably know that trading binary options aren’t that easy as it looks at the first. There are numerous actions that are needed for traders to know before they begin trading on their own. In order to prevent losing your money traders are first advised to use Binary Options Robot.

We don’t recommend trading manually if you are a fresh trader without much experience in binary options. Every trader should first begin investing their money with a robot that is able to generate successful signals. Traders will get sufficient knowledge and experience with Binary Options Robot in certain time period and become self-confident to continue manual trading.

Beginners have the perfect opportunity to invest their funds and become experienced with Binary Options Robot software. This binary robot provides Trading Room option where traders can continue trading manually.

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Does Binary Options Robot Trading Room Provides Any Support?

Traders who have decided to start trading manually on Binary Options Robot platform have the opportunity to test their knowledge and place trades according to their preferences. Manual trading has its pros and cons and one of the biggest cons we can mention is that traders don’t have any support from Binary Options Robot software.

When traders enter Binary Options Robot Trading room, the Robot will no longer have any jurisdiction over the trading portfolio. Trading room is allowing traders to trade directly from brokers trading account and to manage their trades separately from Binary Options Robot.

Every broker provides different trading options and assets with numerous expiry times options. Traders can set their preferred trading strategy and place trades directly from the Trading room. It is highly recommended that traders place trades carefully because Robot is not able to interfere in trades that are placed manually.

If you are a Binary Options Robot Beginner – Get VIP Membership

No matter how inexperienced trader you are, you can always improve your trading strategy and get more features with Robot. Binary Options Robot allows several excellent trading features and more than 50 underlying assets you can choose trading with. But besides the vast amount of trading features, all traders are allowed to get free Binary Options Robot VIP account with even more tools that can improve your trading results.

Instead of increasing your risks with manual trading, contact Binary Options Robot customer support team and ask for VIP membership. If you have registered and deposited with one of the brokers from Binary Options Robot portfolio, then you have achieved the requirements for activating Binary Options Robot VIP account for one month.

VIP account allows several features that give more power over the trading portfolio and it limits the risks that are included in the trading process. With VIP account traders can manage between four trading strategies, set different expiry times of their trades and set different risk level. Those features are an essential element for making high profits with Binary Options Robot.

When one month of VIP membership expires, traders will receive more months of membership if they make more deposits with some of the brokers from the Robot portfolio.

Are you a Manual Trading Enthusiast?

We have seen a lot of different types of traders and most of Binary Options Robot users have tried Trading room option at least once. Manual trading becomes interesting after a certain period of trading. Traders without enough trading experience have the fear of losing their investments, which is actually positive because they use Binary Options Robot until they become more self-confident.

The great advantage in Binary Options Robot trading is that traders can switch between manual trading and auto trading which is controlled by Auto Trading Approval setting. Approval feature is a new Binary Options Robot benefit that helps traders in having more control over their trading portfolio. Every time when Robot generates a signal for certain asset, a trader will get a popup window with all information about that specific signal. A trader has the opportunity to accept or decline certain signal and basically decide if he wants to execute the trade.