Binary options are prohibited in the European Economic Area. Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs.
You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.
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Binary Options Signals

Binary options signals are a form of binary expert’s recommendation for traders who don’t know or have time to calculate them on their own. Some traders don’t have necessary skills so using binary signals generated by a trading expert could be a great solution. Calculating binary signals is a complicated action that asks for more time and professional knowledge about various technical and fundamental analysis techniques.

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There are several binary options signals providers we have reviewed in order to provide fresh information to our readers. The table below shows some signal providers we have analyzed and reviewed. Traders can find information about services offered by every provider, its price and detailed info regarding other financial tools.    

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Can Binary Signals Bring Profits?

Most people ask similar questions regarding binary signals and this question is at its place – are they profitable? The answer to this question has different explanations because depending on a quality of certain binary provider the payout could vary a lot. Every signal provider uses different and unique trading technique in order to get a binary signal.

Most of the signal providers use various methods of fundamental analysis and long-term calculations that help in determining the values of certain assets. Financial methods like liquidity analysis, capital structure, and price earnings are some of the combinations that are used while calculating signals. Another analysis that is often used in generating binary signals is technical analysis and it rests on the idea that signals can be calculated if previous patterns are analyzed.    

To be able to understand how to use both fundamental or technical analysis, traders need many years of experience in order to be able to understand and able to use and implement both trading methods successfully. Binary signals are an excellent additional tool that might support traders if they trade manually. Signals can be used as a hint that helps traders in determining the direction, expiry time, the strike price of the certain asset. Traders often use binary signals to confirm their own calculations and predictions made for the certain underlying asset.

Binary Options Signals and How to Get them?

Traders can find several types of binary signals:

  1. Textual binary signals that are sent directly to trader – trader copies them manually in binary system in order to place a trade
  2. Automated signals or auto trading – traders who trade with binary robots receive signals directly on their platform. After the signal is received, some binary robots place automated trades, while other binary robots ask for traders confirmation, which gives traders more control.

Before traders start trading with any signals provider, they have to be ready for trading and investing in binary options. Traders should be educated about risks that are involved in trading binary options. There are some signal provider products that provide tests for traders before they start using their services for real. Those are called suitability tests that help in estimating the level of knowledge and understanding the risks of trading.

Traders can find two types of signal services – free and paid. A few years ago, it was common for traders to pay for using a signal provider, but now, when the binary market has expanded, there are more and more of free services available. Traders should know that every binary signal has a certain expiry time. This means that if a trader doesn’t use provided a signal, it won’t work after it expires. Traders can use several ways to receive binary signals. Signals could be received through SMS, emails or directly to binary signals platform.  

Binary Options Signal Types

Every signal provider offers different types of signals. If you still don’t know, binary options market includes more than 200 different underlying assets and traders could trade with all those assets if they know how to calculate binary signals. The other way of calculating is using some of the signal providers that will generate those signals for traders. There are various signal providers on the market and each of them focuses on certain assets. Traders can choose to use different signal services, according to their preferences. Some signal providers have focused only on certain commodities, stocks, bonds or indices, some providers have included forex trading and some signal providers offer altogether.

In the further text you can find several signal providers we have found:

Binary Options Robot

Binary Options RobotOne of the popular signal providers available on the market is Binary Options Robot. This signal service is also a binary trading bot that is available for free. This binary service offers multiple features so traders can parallelly use it both for getting free signals while they can also place them directly with brokers on the same platform.

UpDown Signals Provider

updown signalsThis is one of the signal services that charges from $25 to $97 per month. This signal provider provides professional services to traders by offering asset monitoring, trend watching and giving additional analysis methods. Generated signals are being executed directly to traders mobile phone through SMS message system.

Quantum Binary Signals Software

quantum binary signalsThis professional signal provider provides the complex system that focuses mainly on mobile trading. Quantum Binary Signals charges it’s services for $99 per month, but traders can also get a 7 Days trial version for $9,99.  This signal provider claims that traders can get up to 500% of payouts during one week.

Binary Speedboat Signal Provider

This binary service is based on MACD, probability risk distributions which mean they are the indicator based provider. They claim that payout rates are over 70%. Binary Speedboat is available in demo version but just for 90 days and after that, they charge their services from $297 to $4,9977 per month. Traders can register with Silver or Gold account. According to Binary Speedboat, Silver account ensures up to 100 signals during one day, while Gold account provides up to 500 signals.