Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

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Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

FX Advisor Review

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Traders have always been looking for regulated and reliable brokers and, to be honest, that always took a lot of time. Thanks to FX-Advisors, traders can now find a suitable trading platform with just a few clicks. Instead of reading through endless reviews, they can simply find a broker that is the best for their country, thanks to FX-Advisor. FX-Advisor is the bridge that connects the trader with a regulated and reliable broker. In this FX-Advisor review, we will help traders learn more about this service.

It is important to understand how FX-Advisor is not an auto trading robot. It doesn’t offer copy trading or social trading either, nor is it a traditional forex broker. FX-Advisor is a unique service that connects the trader with the best regulated broker for their country. That way, traders avoid potential scams and frauds and get a regulated broker to trade with. FX-Advsior review will help you get more familiar with this original concept.

Make sure to read our FX-Advisor review to learn more about different account types, trading software, customer support, and banking methods.

FX Advisor Login

All traders want to have a trading account with a safe broker. They also wish to have an account that is custom-made for their needs, and that offers all tools and features they might need during the trading process.

Some brokers don’t understand this and offer one account type. This means that no matter how much you deposit, you always get the same features. Other bad brokers take advantage of traders and have different account types, but only the most expensive ones offer full access to the platform and trading assets. Not exactly fair, is it?

FX-Advisor managed to find brokers who are not only regulated but also have a fair approach towards their customers. They offer a variety of account types, and the minimum deposit never exceeds $250. Traders who use the FX-Advisor service will get access to the broker that will give them the trading experience they always wanted, and all that for a fair price. Considering how there are many scam brokers around, it is important to find a forex broker that lives up to its promises.

FX-Advisor can find a suitable broker for professional and beginner traders, without any exception. When FX-Advsior is selecting a broker they take the offered leverage, account type, minimum deposit, minimum withdrawal, payment methods, trading interface, customer support, fees and additional charges, and regulated status into consideration.

Many traders are not familiar with all the benefits a demo account can bring to them. The demo account is a special feature offered only by the best brokers on the market. It allows traders to get access to the trading platform that looks just like the real trading interface and place trades with virtual money. This means they can experience trading without making a real money investment. IF you think this is a feature only beginners should use, think twice. The demo account is the only place where more experienced traders can test tools, features and strategies without the risk of losing money. Of course, since the money is virtual there are no real profits either, but this is the only way to allow traders to learn how to place the trade in practice, and not just theory.

FX Trading Advisor Review

Trading software also referred to as a trading interface or trading platform is where trading actually takes place. For this reason, it is more than understandable how traders want a reliable trading platform with only the best tools and features, and live data. FX-Advisor took upon themselves to find brokers who offer exactly that, and more. Brokers offered by FX-Advisor offer a great variety of assets on the same platform – cryptos, indices, forex, commodities, stocks… We were happy to see how all platforms offered are straightforward and user-friendly. This makes trading more pleasant as there are no ugly surprises.

Traders can trade with brokers who offer

  • Web trading platform
  • Metatrader 4
  • Mobile trading app

While the mobile trading app is equally popular among all types of traders, MetaTrader 4 is more popular among professionals, and web trader among beginners.

Web Trader for Beginners

Web trader is a platform that is accessible directly from your internet browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari…). Traders don’t have to download or install any plug-ins or programs. All you have to do is remember your username and password. This type of platform allows you to trade from any device that is connected to the internet, and not just a single computer. Web traders are most popular among newcomers. They are intuitive and user-friendly. Traders will find that they offer trading in a pretty straightforward way – all you have to follow the steps. Web trading platforms often offer guides on how to use them. Also, if you act smart and use the demo account first, the real web trading platform while not be new to you.

MetaTrader4 for Professionals

MetaTrader4 or MT4 is one of the most frequently used or most popular platforms in the forex industry. It requires a download, which means that you will have to install it to your preferred computer. This computer will be your trading station – a place where you will do (almost) all the trading. MT4 is considered to be a more advanced trading platform as it offers many tools, strategies, features, and services suitable for more professional trading. It is oriented towards traders who want customized solutions and trading experience. Metatrader4 is also available as a web-based interface and mobile app, so it truly is one of the best platforms around.

Mobile App

Mobile phones have taken over our lives and online trading is no different. Mobile apps are very popular among professional and beginner traders as they allow full access on the go. All you have to do is install the app and you will be able to trade during your commute, daily break, at home while waiting for a friend… Also, the mobile app allows you to utilize all the market news almost immediately, as there are no delays. You don’t have to wait to come home and place a trade!


Online trading is a serious business and it is of great importance for traders to approach it seriously. The best way is to put some effort into education and to avoid random trading (while hoping for the best). Reliable brokers, like those available via FX-Advisor, will offer traders plentiful of educational materials they can easily access once the deposit is made. Practice makes perfect, but proper education helps you avoid some rookie mistakes. FX-Advisor found brokers who offer a variety of learning materials.

Beginners can find some basic articles, while professionals can look up new and interesting trading strategies and learn more about different types of analysis. Users who find it easier to learn visually can watch videos, and others can focus on e-books or maybe even attend webinars. Traders should always look after daily news and market reports. These articles are a great source of information on the latest market movements. FX-Advisor will send you email notifications about important market events and movements so you never miss a trading opportunity. Even if you don’t trade that same day, such notifications will help you understand the way market breathes and takes turns. Getting the education you need is the first step on your trading journey.

FX-Advisor found brokers who have reliable and professional customer support that will assist you when needed. Brokers who are available via FX-Advisor, all offer different means of communication. You can live chat with agents, send an email, or simply make a phone call. Professional agents will always be there for you with the right answer, but won’t give you any unsolicited advice or suggest how to trade your money.

Depositing and withdrawing is always a delicate topic as it is related to money. Still, traders shouldn’t be afraid to ask and to find a broker that offers good trading conditions, as well as withdrawal policy. FX-Advisor found brokers who operate in a transparent way while keeping your personal data private. They have special procedures regarding withdrawals in order to make sure the money goes in the right hands, but at the same time process them in a swift manner.

These brokers offer many payment methods, from most popular ones like credit cards to some local e-wallets. Deposit and withdrawal limits are more than reasonable, and there are no hidden fees and commissions.

FX-Advisor offers a great service as it allows traders to avoid any scam brokers. Users are immediately connected to the regulated broker that is the best for their country. Traders all over the world have been waiting for a service like this!

FX-Advisor is not a scam but a reliable service that gives traders a chance to make a deposit and trade with reputable and regulated brokers, with user-friendly platforms, professional support and great educational materials.