Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

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Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Are there Benefits to Binary Options Robot Trading with Multiple Brokers?

Binary Options Robot is a binary software that maintains to provide its binary options trading services to traders who could be absolute beginners. This type of binary robot is based on algorithm trading. These trading algorithms are allegedly able to scan the financial market and based on the current market situation, generate free binary signals that appear on its trading dashboard.

Other than trading algorithms, Binary Options Robot trading dashboard contains features that, if customized by traders, could result in profitable outcomes. In addition, Binary Options Robot offers brokers on their dashboard as well. With Binary Options Robot, you can choose to make more than one deposit with the same or a different broker.

Does Binary Options Robot Account Have Benefits?

Binary Options Robot claims to be very user-friendly because of the possibility to make just one free account on their site and use the same dashboard for trading with multiple brokers. This could be a very beneficial option for Binary Options Robot traders. They are able to apply their trading strategies with more than one broker on the same dashboard.

Binary Options Robot website has a free trading account where you can register with just a few basic information. When your Robot account is activated, you can make a deposit with a broker. When Binary Options Robot traders make a deposit with a broker, they are linked to the broker’s account. This is because Binary Options Robot does not accept or perform any payments. Another benefit could be the fact that it provides a free service that is available on a trading platform, independent from binary brokers.

Is Binary Options Robot Auto Trade Approval Novelty a Benefit?

Binary Options Robot has recently introduced a trading novelty to its traders. It claims to provide complete user control to traders when they place trades. This Binary Options Robot setting appears as a pop-up window and supposedly enables traders to decide over the trade the Robot procures. The Robot performance remains the same, the difference is that Auto Trade Approval should function as an informative window where traders have the final say on the trade. With Auto Trade Approval, Binary Options Robot traders are given the following information: asset, investment value, expiry time of the trade, the suggestion to call or put and the option to accept or decline the trade.

Traders might benefit from this new Robot setting simply due to the fact that traders now can snatch the trade or simply pass on it.

Binary Options Robot VIP Features for Trading with Multiple Brokers?

If a trader decides to create an account with Binary Options Robot and make a deposit with a broker from its dashboard, then it could get one month of free VIP features. They only need to contact their Customer Support in order to activate their VIP Account.

Binary Options Robot VIP account provides features like Risk Level, Expiry Times, and Trading Strategies. Once your VIP status is activated, you can optimize these features according to your own trading preferences.

Risk Level enables you to set low, medium, and high risk levels during trading. This VIP feature could also be beneficial because you can use different risk levels while you trade with different brokers. Low risk level is usually popular among beginner traders while high risk level is more common among advanced traders. Binary Options Robot also allows you customize the Risk level at any moment during trading. You could set one risk level for trading with one broker and another risk level while trading with another broker.

Binary Options Robot Expiry Times and Trading Strategies

Expiry Times has 60 seconds and Daily Trade options. These features focus on the trading time. Traders can opt for each of the features or they can activate both, depending on what their trading time preference is.

There are 4 Trading Strategies under Binary Options Robot Risk level. Each Trading Strategy has a trading algorithm that could improve your trading results. Traders can choose to activate all 4 strategies or can alternate among them. However, at least one strategy needs to be activated in order for the Robot to scan for trades.

Binary Options Robot VIP account can be prolonged after the free month expires. Traders can make another deposit with a broker and get 3 additional months of VIP benefits. They just need to contact Binary Options Robot Customer Support to prolong their VIP membership.

Multiple Brokers and Binary Options Robot Trade Options

With Binary Options Robot Trade Options, traders have the opportunity to manage their investments with Daily Stop Loss and Max Daily Trade features. You can choose to invest in trades with an amount that you enter in Daily Stop Loss. The Robot stops trading as soon as that amount is spent. For Max Daily Trades, traders can enter a maximum number of trades for daily trading. Like with Daily Stop Loss, once that number of trades is placed, trading stops.

Multiple Trading with Binary Options Robot Assets

There are over 50 underlying assets available on Binary Options Robot dashboard. These assets are stocks, currency pairs, and commodities. Traders have the option to invest different trading amounts for these asset types. Most brokers have a minimum trading amount of $25. In order for traders to be able to invest in trading amount, they have to activate the assets on the dashboard. With over 50 assets, enabling most of the assets doesn’t cost anything and might bring rewarding results to traders.

With the option to trade with multiple brokers, Binary Options Robot traders can invest in these assets with each broker that they have deposited with. For traders, the possibility to explore investing in different assets with different trading amounts with each broker could be considered a beneficial trading strategy.

If traders want to expand their trading with smartphones or tables, they can install Binary Options Robot Mobile App. The app is available on Google Play Store. It doesn’t cost anything and if traders already have an existing Binary Options Robot account, they can use it to log in on Binary Options Robot Mobile App.