Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

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Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

IG Broker Introduced Digital 100s

Famous forex brokerage company IG has changed the name for binary options. Traders that decide to trade with IG broker will find binary options under a new name – Digital 100s. We haven’t found official IG press release about this decision, probably because the company didn’t’ want to make a noise regarding this decision. Binary options have recently started to relate with a negative connotation and new name seems to be the smartest thing for binary brokers. Read more about IG broker in our detailed review.

IG Broker Started Different Strategy with Digital 100s?

IG broker is a well-known brokerage company that serves its services from early 1974. Besides binary options features, this broker is also specialized for forex trading, spread betting and CFDs. traders have probably heard that this broker is regulated by FCA, under license number 195355. It seems that IG broker continues to offer binary options services but only under a different name.

IG company has its headquarters based in the UK and it has offices in 15 countries. This broker operates worldwide and as we have already mentioned, it is regulated by FCA regulator. The company has obviously decided to remove the term “binary options” from their dictionary. This means that traders can continue to trade with binary options, only with a new name – Digital 100s.

New traders that plan to register with IG broker, can find various types of binary options/digital 100s types: One Touch, Targe, Hi-Lo, Tunnel, Ladder options etc.

Binary Options Reputation is Weakening?

Most traders probably know the fact that binary options are often attacked by financial regulators worldwide and they are usually compared with gambling. It is no surprise that those instruments have the negative connotation because they have very risky nature. There are several countries that have issues with this type of investment.

Binary Options/Digital 100s Banned for Advertising in Several Countries

France has banned online advertising of binary options, mentioned that binary options are highly speculative and risky financial contracts”. In August 2016, Belgium has banned the distribution through online channels for spot forex, binary options and CFDs with leverage. There are more and more countries that are currently considering to ban advertising on binary options. As far as we know, Germany and Netherlands may be the next countries that will apply this decision.

What will happen next we don’t know, but for now we are sure Digital 100s will be log be available for traders worldwide.