*January 2017 update: IQrobots project is closing down due to technical reasons. More about this news can be found in our IQrobots news article. If you are looking for a binary robot, you can trade Binary Options Robot instead.

In this review, we will provide all the necessary information about IQoption Robots. IQoption Robots offers somewhat different binary options trading opportunities that differ from other auto trading binary programs. We intend to give our readers the information they would consider useful to begin trading with IQoption Robots.

How Do Traders Create IQoption Robots Account?

Before you start it is important to know that IQoption Robots is a part of famous IQoption brokerage company that provides binary options services. IQoption broker is a specific broker that provides various trading features, innovative trading environment. Traders can start trading with IQoption for just $10, which is the lowest minimum deposit in the binary industry.

Besides offering manual trading services, IQoption has developed its own binary trading software that allows auto trading.

If you still haven’t registered with IQoption, you can do it in just a few moments. Registration with this broker is completely free and traders will only make a preferred deposit. After you have become an IQoption member, you can start using IQoption Robots and begin autotrading.

Activate IQoption Robots

Now when you have registered with IQoption, you can move on. If you are brand new to the binary industry and don’t know how to add IQoption Robots to your existing broker account, just contact their customer support that will be happy to help you.

In our IQoption Robot review, we have tested IQoption customer support chat support and received supreme support within a few seconds. Their customer support recommended us to test IQoption Robot using IQoption demo account first. Demo account is helpful, especially when you are trading novice. Traders are welcome to practice and invest virtual money completely without risks of losing their real funds.

Choose the Type of IQoption Robot

Traders are offered to choose between two types of trading with IQoption Robots. The first option is to choose a robot from an IQoption Robots catalog, where traders will find robots that are custom made by other traders. The second option is to create your own IQoption Robot that will be set according to your preferences.

Binary Options Robot instead

Trade With Customized IQoption Robot

Choosing to trade with customized IQoption Robots is more common for trading newbies. The only thing you have to do is to choose the best IQoption Robot that will fit your preferences. Traders can choose robots using various filters, so, for example, you can choose your favorite robot by option type, a group of assets, profit percentages, and much more other options.

When you have decided and chose your robot, you can test it before the real trading starts. If you are satisfied with how the robot works, you can start using it instantly.

Create Your Own IQoption Robot

If you have more experience in binary options trading, this option will be more attractive for you. IQoption Robot allows traders to design their own trading robots according to their preferences. This feature enables you to make your unique trading robot using two options. If you have decided to create your own robot there is a perfect option called Wizard. This is a more complex option because IQoption wanted to provide their services for both beginners and experienced traders.

To start creating your IQoption Robot read more in our guide bellow.

IQoption enabled numerous options that allow traders to  build their robot according to their needs. The first step allows selecting preferred trading strategy that robot will be using. After the strategy is chosen, traders can move forward to choose trading settings. Now, when traders have chosen those settings, they can test their robot before the actual trading begins. If the trader is satisfied with all the settings, he can publish them and start trading.

It is always good to test robot before you start trading for real. By testing the robot traders will understand how their robot functions in real market conditions and they can calculate their success rates. The testing phase is like a demo account and traders don’t invest real funds to trade. The benefit of testing the IQoption Robot is that traders can learn from every trade.

After you are done with customizing your robot, make a description to your robot and provide a name for it. This way other traders will be able to read most important facts about your robot and decide about trading with it. If you managed to develop a successful robot that is being used by many traders, you will be awarded by IQoption.  

IQoption Robot Constructor Mode

This feature is ideal for more experienced traders who are not new to the world of binary options trading. Traders who follow market statistics, are familiar with trading strategies, trends, and know what indicators to use get to construct their IQoption Robot and get significantly better trading results.

IQoption Robots provides the following:

  • Additional oscillators: RSI, CCI, ATR, Stochastic, and MACHD
  • Trends: SMA, EMA, SSMA, Alligator, Envelope, and Bollinger bands
  • Indicators: accumulation/distribution, and awesome oscillator

With IQoption Robot Constructor Mode, traders can start from scratch and create their own unique trading robot. They can also use an existing robot scheme. Luckily, there are plenty of video tutorials, provided by IQoption that help traders of any experience.

Naturally, setting up a robot from the very beginning requires some useful background that traders should have. There are plenty of tools that traders should understand and know how to use, like logical tools, mathematical, information and trading tools. Unless you are familiar with these tools, you won’t be able to successfully create a binary robot.

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IQoption Robots Conclusion

In this review, our goal was to present to traders, especially beginners, who have just joined binary options trading what IQoption Robots offers to its traders to improve the opportunities for better financial results. We intended to familiarize you with all the features available by IQoption Robots. As a part of a brokerage company, it offers many binary options services.

The focus of this review was on IQoption binary robots and how they could benefit the trader. We have discovered how to create IQoption Robots account, how to activate it, create it and customize it to your own personal preferences. We have found IQoption Robots Customer Support to be of great help for any assistance that we needed.

One other fact about IQoption Robots is that once you create your own robot, other traders can use it as well. You can do the same with robots created by other traders. If you want to use an existing robot, check that it suits your trading needs and strategies. If you are a good match, you will only have better chances for greater profit.

Binary Options Robot instead - Review Conclusion

  • Low Deposit
  • Demo Account
  • Requires higher level skills
  • Closed for USA
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