Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

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Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Lucrosa Auto Trading Software – A Scam?

“Do you want to start making over $7,000 a day? Starting today? Today, tomorrow, for life.”

This is how new binary trading software Lucrosa is advertising its services for new customers. Lucrosa is the latest auto trading software that has appeared on the binary options market. This binary product promises high profits in very short time and guarantees it is 100% risk-free software. Our Lucrosa review will provide detailed information about this software.

It is important to point out that Binary Options Robot team has never traded with Lucrosa software. We have prepared Lucrosa review and it is based on the information from Lucrosa website. We haven’t been able to get Lucrosa customer support because the mail they have provided wasn’t working. Find out more in our Lucrosa review below.

In order to save trader’s time we have to say that Lucrosa review showed this software contains several signs of a scam and traders are not recommended to use it for trading. Besides that, we want to point out that trading binary options involve certain level of risk, but the risk is reduced if traders are trading with verified brokers and robots that provide transparent trading.

What is Lucrosa Auto Trading Software?

Lucrosa review showed this is a binary auto trading software created by financial expert John Lucrosa. Allegedly, it allows traders to make money by joining Lucrosa software. Like most vague binary robots, Lucrosa guarantees thousands of dollars in just one week, even if traders that are complete newbies. According to Lucrosa website, this binary software uses cutting edge technology to identify winning trades with high accuracy. We have found this binary robot guarantees 100% risk-free environment which is hardly possible.

We have analyzed Lucrosa video and we wanted to mention their quotation of Lucrosa software:

“Our software uses artificial intelligence to LEGALLY and ETHICALLY take advantage of the markets.”

As mentioned in Lucrosa video, trading places are limited and there are only a few members that will be able to register with this software. This is a classic way that usually works for traders without trading experience. People like to hear they will get money, especially when it is for free.

How Lucrosa Software Works?

lucrosa softwareWe wanted to find the information about how Lucrosa work and we haven’t been able to find any of this information on their official website. In Lucrosa video, John Lucrosa has said:

“Lucrosa works on a simple principle all the trading markets abide by the fact they repeat themselves over time, in a set way.”

With this information, we were not able to understand how exactly Lucrosa works. There was no information on Lucrosa guides on their site.

Lucrosa Developer and Founder John Lucrosa

According to Lucrosa website, John Lucrosa is a fund manager that allegedly worked in Canary Wharf business district in London, UK. We haven’t found out in which company Lucrosa has been working because Canary Wharf is a home of most European major banks and other professional service companies like HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, Citigroup, Credit Suisse etc.

The whole Lucrosa video is recorded by John Lucrosa where he talks about his software and guarantees people they will become rich.

Lucrosa promises traders will have financial freedom and a new life after they sign up with this software. We have to say that Lucrosa story doesn’t provide enough information that would help us believe this is a transparent and genuine binary product.

Lucrosa Software – Is it Free?

According to John Lucrosa, traders are free to register with Lucrosa software. We wanted to see how the register process looks like, so we have tested it and made a registration. After we have registered we have received automated registration with Swiss Royal Bank broker. We have checked more information about this broker and found this is an unregulated binary broker.

Minimum deposit with Lucrosa is $250. In order to start using Lucrosa software, traders first have to make a deposit with a broker in order to continue. We didn’t make any deposits with Swiss Royal bank.

In Lucrosa review we have seen John Lucrosa shows profits made in Lucrosa software. Unfortunately, we can’t believe this information, because it shows no evidence this is really true. Besides vague information about how this software works, our Lucrosa review hasn’t found that traders have to pay for a membership in order to use this product.

Lucrosa Software Review – Conclusion

We have seen many similar binary robots that promise high payouts in just a few days. Those robots usually don’t require any trading experience and knowledge that is crucial for understanding basics of binary options. A lot of traders believe stories about artificial intelligence and extraordinary technology that is able to detect binary signals worldwide and to place impeccable trades for its users. Although the story sounds very interesting and sometimes we wish this is true, artificial intelligence still doesn’t exist, at least in the binary options world.

Lucrosa review found various claims by John Lucrosa where he tries to convince traders they will become rich. Lucrosa confirmed traders will receive $210,000 every single month. We couldn’t verify that Lucrosa product is safe for trading. We also couldn’t find more information about Lucrosa artificial intelligence, so we have come to the conclusion that Lucrosa software could be a scam.

Lucrosa review hasn’t found any terms and conditions when our team was registering to test Lucrosa. We are used to terms and conditions with every transparent binary product, no matter if we speak about robot or brokerage company. When registering with such software, traders become vulnerable, as they are not familiar with conditions they will meet when using this software. Traders basically don’t know what are their obligations and available services with Lucrosa software.

In our Lucrosa review, we haven’t found any company information either and this is one of the signs that imply this software may be a scam. Basically, traders don’t know any of this until they register with Lucrosa. Terms and conditions are most important part of every product that wants to provide transparent and genuine information about their company, it’s services and obligations for its users.

Lucrosa review concludes this software has high possibility to be a scam. There are various binary robots available that provide better information and solutions for its users. Before registering with Lucrosa or similar products, find appropriate information and educational materials that may help you to learn more about binary options first.