Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

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Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

StockPair Broker Review


This broker is closed.

Due to CySEC’s decision, StockPair no longer provides binary options bonuses!

StockPair is a binary broker that provides services in binary options trading, pair options, and KIKO options trading. This broker has been providing its trading services for over 5 years. StockPair is a brand that belongs to Nextrade Worldwide Ltd company which provides financial services. StockPair review aims to inform traders on all the trading aspects that this particular broker provides.

How to register and make a deposit with StockPair?

StockPair offers a free sign up for traders to create their trading account. With a minimum amount of information, traders can activate their free account. However, trading may begin only after traders make a deposit. StockPair has a minimum deposit amount of $250. This amount is the same for traders who prefer Euro or British Pound. Traders can make the deposit with credit cards like Visa or MasterCard or via bank transfers. When traders choose their currency upon making a deposit, that currency will remain for all future trading on StockPair platform.

Once traders register for free with StockPair, they may proceed to make the deposit in order to begin trading. With three types of trading options, traders have the opportunity to explore different trading possibilities.

StockPair Binary Options Trading

Binary options trading is a type of financial investment where traders predict on the direction of the assets by choosing call or put option. If the trader’s prediction of the asset’s direction was accurate, the trader is “in the money”. However, if the prediction was wrong, the trader is “out of the money” and will not receive any payout. Binary options trading on StockPair platform requires from traders to take the following steps: to choose an asset, predict its direction, pick a trading time among the provided expiry times of the trade, and enter an amount for investing.

There are over 150 underlying assets available on StockPair platform.

StockPair Pair Trading Options

While most binary brokers provide binary options trading services or just Forex trading, StockPair also has Pair Options trading. With this type of trading, traders are able to invest in a stock within a determined time frame. If the stock chosen by the trader performs better, the trader receives a payout. If the other stock performs better, the trader is out of the money. What is important to point out with Pair Options, is that is not vital what the market movement outcome was but whether the performance between the paired stocks resulted in the trader’s benefit.

Additional information regarding Pair Options is that traders can decide to close the position before its expiry time. Traders can also decide between Fixed Pair Options and Floating Pair Options. Even though both Pair Options allow traders to close the position, Fixed Pair Options provides somewhat shorter time frames from next 10 minutes to end of the week option. Floating Pair Options offer longer time frames, End of the day, End of the week and End of the month.

StockPair KIKO Options Trading

KIKO Options Trading is only available to StockPair traders. This unique way of trading does not require traders to choose a direction of an asset. There is no expiry time and the broker claims it provides high payouts. Traders are only supposed to pick an asset and pick which target the asset will hit first (lower or higher). If the prediction is correct, it’s called a “knock-in” and the trader receives a full payout. Traders don’t have a time limit and do not have to select a specific duration of the trade. With KIKO Options, traders can also choose which assets to invest in.

StockPair also provides a short video guide that explains how KIKO Options trading works.

Due to CySEC’s decision, StockPair no longer provides binary options bonuses!

StockPair Account Types

StockPair offers four different premium account types; Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP.

With a minimum deposit amount of $1000, traders can get the StockPair Silver Account. Activating this account gives traders access to trading tools like Trade Control. Some of the additional account benefits are market reviews, strategy training, maximum position of $1000 and monthly cash back of 0.5%.

Once traders deposit a total of $5000, they can upgrade their account to Premium StockPair Gold Account. The minimum deposit amount for this account is $5000. Along with market reviews and strategy training, traders will also receive other account benefits. Gold Account has a personal trade expert, maximum position of $6000, no withdrawal fee, Trade Control feature and more.

StockPair Platinum Account has a minimum deposit amount of $20000. Along with the features available in the previous accounts, Platinum Account gives traders maximum position of $10000, monthly cash back of 2.0%, cash back volume limit of $150000 and a minimum balance for benefits of $8000.

StockPair is the VIP Account with a minimum deposit amount of $50000. Along with market reviews, trade control, trading indicators and trade expert, this account has a maximum position of $20000. Monthly cash back is up to 3.0%, cash back volume limit is $500000 and the minimum balance for benefits is $20000.

StockPair Trading Features and Education

StockPair review found this broker provides quite a detailed Education section on their website to inform their traders with all the trading aspects of the StockPair platform. From defining binary options, to how to trade tutorial, deposit and withdrawal information, strategies, trading features, account benefits, and an FAQ section.

StockPair Strategy Training envelops various ways of how to approach trading. Once you activate your account, you will be contacted by an StockPair account manager that will explain certain trading strategies and help you improve your trading expertise.

StockPair Trade Control is a feature that allows traders to manage their trading without being constantly present on the trading platform. Trade Control enables traders to set a minimum amount they approve to be used and a maximum amount for an option to be sold for you.

A personal trade expert can analyze your trades, provide feedback, and give advice on how to enhance your chances for better profit. Stockpair claims to provide a personal trade expert who is a senior analyst with a vast expertise in the area.

StockPair offers mobile trading as well. They have a mobile app in App Store and in Google Play Store. Traders can download the app for free and trade on the go. As a CySEC regulated broker (Reg no.: 229/14) and with a detailed trading information about their trading conditions and platform characteristics, StockPair really makes an effort to maintain a reputation for providing transparent trading.