Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

A free demo account

with $10.000 in practice money

Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

BDSwiss Education


We have already talked much about BDSwiss in our comprehensive BDSwiss review. Besides general information about banking information and trading accounts, we would like to share more information about education materials offered by this broker.

There are various types of binary options traders, some of them are already experts and they just need to read market news and updates about assets they are trading with, while beginners need to learn the basics. Many traders usually choose to start trading with some auto trading robot first, because they think they are not ready for trading with a broker yet.

BDSwiss is binary options broker regulated by CySEC and respecting their standards and rules. Besides the cutting edge SpotOption trading interface, BDSwiss has a lot more to offer, so continue reading our guide to find out more about education.

Why BDSwiss?

Why not? As already mentioned, BDSwiss is one of the regulated brokers with more than 500,000 clients worldwide. According to the broker site, BDSwiss don’t take any fees while traders execute trades and their customer support is available 0/24.

This broker allows up to 85% payouts for one trade and a huge selection of trading possibilities. BDSwiss has focused on providing various types of trading interfaces so traders can choose between:

  • MT4 for Web
  • MT4 for Windows
  • MT4 for Mac
  • MT4 for iOS
  • MT4 for Android
  • Binary Web Trader
  • Binary for iOS
  • Binary for Android

BDSwiss Analysis and Education

Besides vast amount of available trading platforms, BDSwiss focused on providing a great assortment of education materials and analysis tools that might help traders while they trade with BDSwiss.

Unfortunately, BDSwiss is one of the brokerage companies that doesn’t offer a demo account. This is very important for all traders, no matter if they are trading experts or binary newbies. We always prefer to test the platform before we make a deposit with the broker, right?

Speaking of a demo account, BDSwiss provides demo account for Forex trading only, but this was not connected with our research.

BDSwiss Economic News

Traders that decide to trade binary options should get fresh and updated news about financial markets on a daily basis. BDSwiss offers traders to get latest trading news, which might help them in their trading strategy and planning. Economic news section provides a simple list of the latest news articles.

The right side of the news section allows traders to choose between Popular, Recent or Facebook posts and they can even enter the search term in order to get specified news articles. The news section is separated into three main categories: BDSwiss Blog Home, Articles and News.

BDSwiss Economic Calendar

One of the common tools that usually come with most binary options brokers. An economic calendar is a place that collects all important events and economic data. The calendar is automatically updated in the real-time which helps in decision making and some important decisions.

No matter if you are new in binary industry or someone that have a lot experience, an Economic calendar is an inevitable tool that provides most important financial announcements.

In the BDSwiss case, traders can filter the results by date, importance or country.

BDSwiss Education Center

As we went further with our analysis, we have discovered BDSwiss provides various types of educational services for its clients and those who are still not a part of BDSwiss community.

Trader’s Handbook is one of the most popular tools that give the insight over six major topics in binary options trading. According to the BDSwiss, the Trader’s Handbook will expand general knowledge and give more info about the distinctiveness of various underlying assets. BDSwiss focused on providing the best possible overview of general binary options terms that should help traders to develop a sustainable strategic of their own.

From our perspective Trader’s Handbook is a great start for all traders, no matter what experience level they have. The materials are divided into different experience levels so expert traders won’t get bored while reading it. The handbook is dedicated to ensure the best possible knowledge at the right moment.

Traders can find free materials at the disposal even before they register with BDSwiss. Traders can start learning about some basic binary lessons:

  • Four Asset Classes
  • Trading in General
  • Technical Analysis
  • Strategy Development
  • Psychological Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis

Every lesson provides specific categories and examples that help traders understand how it really works in a realistic situation. The lessons are available in English and German language.

BDSwiss Trader’s Journal

Besides the free e-book, there is a Trader’s Journal section that, according to the BDSwiss is one of the valuable assets traders can get on the financial market. Journal is guided by professional analysts that make comments on different market events, corporate data or specific economic decisions.

Experts pay more attention to both past and future events and they make clear explanations about them. Traders that follow trading experts can make better strategic decisions and learn a lot from the experts.

BDSwiss Live Webinars

Some of you may be a webinar fan and we are very happy to see that BDSwiss offers additional guidance that may help traders to get additional knowledge. Traders can access different webinars, depending on their needs.

BDSwiss Strategy webinars are focusing on learning about technical and fundamental analysis. Traders can learn how to interpret different charts, corporate data, and different market events.

BDSwiss Special Events

This section is focused on helping understand fundamental events. Traders have the opportunity to trade with BDSwiss experts where they will be able to join trading for big market events like central bank decisions or elections.

BDSwiss Live Trading Sessions

Maybe the best opportunity trader can have when he trades with a broker. BDSwiss allows live expert trades with trading professionals. Traders have the chance to see how the markets are unstable and volatile and parallelly get support from a professional trader and get their updates and trading hints.

No matter if BDSwiss has no demo account, traders have the opportunity to use various educational materials that might help them on their trading path.