Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

A free demo account

with $10.000 in practice money

Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Ayrex Broker Review

Ayrex is definitely one of the fastest trading platforms available on the market today with the vast majority of their trades taking place in 28 ms.

Ayrex is a binary options broker that and is operated out of St. Kitts and Nevis. Ayrex does offer up its own unique demo account to practice trading before you start to invest real money. Ayrex demo is also available during weekends while the markets are closed so traders can start learning about the platform.

Our Ayrex review has discovered this broker offers low minimum deposit and up to 85% payouts. Besides becoming an advanced global binary company, Ayrex created an exciting trading environment on a Proprietary platform. Read more about this broker in our detailed Ayrex review below.

Ayrex Account Features

One of the main focuses within this platform is creating an improved speed with every trade. According to the broker, Ayrex is definitely one of the fastest trading platforms available on the market today with the vast majority of their trades taking place in 28 ms. Not too many other brokers can boast the same option and the return policy like Ayrex and its trades really focuses in on just how powerful this can be for short-term trades.

In our Ayrex review, we ascertained that broker has several different trading account types. There are really just a few different account types based off of Islamic account as well as a changing bonus structure depending on the amount of money that you are willing to deposit over time. Our Ayrex review found out that broker has even developed a special Halal trading platform which follows strict Shariah laws.

It is important to know that the Ayrex demo account will only have access to limited features and this is really like the first tier of features for most of the traders on Ayrex platform.

Basic Ayrex account options will have access to the full educational guide on how to trade as well as full-screen trading interfaces. These speculation options include a complex control panel and a variety of trading bonuses. As traders continue to build on their profile and deposit more money they will start to see bonuses grow from both contests as well as ongoing returns on some assets. This is really the only sliding membership strategy that Ayrex has and this is unique.

As well as offering some of the fastest trades and contests it’s important to remember that many of the contests and bonuses on this platform do not require a type of explicit deposit. This means that traders can win their first trade simply by depositing at the right time and having funds available in their Ayrex account.

Minimum investment on Ayrex standard account is $20 and the maximum payout on any investment is 81% which is quite competitive for this market. Our Ayrex review found this broker has integrated Panda TS platform and it has optimized to include extra features and speed enhancements. The platform also features mobile support.

Ayrex Trading Software

The coolest features available with Ayrex is definitely its weekend trading demo, the speed, and precision of transactions as well as the supplies that every trader is given. According to the Ayrex, their platform is the fastest among other platforms and it delivers on this execution time with outrageous uptime and great execution times.

The number of tradable assets is relatively small with only 35 stocks available as well as a wealth of different commodities, currencies and more. This doesn’t offer quite as many options to traders as some other brokers but you can definitely see some higher profits with the fluctuation in short-term trades.

Ayrex review found that broker offers tray options at 30 seconds where the standard is for many binary options is 60 seconds. The short-term trades as well as one-5 minute option with 1-minute increments can really help to improve the profitability for binary options and make this the most viable platform for short-term traders. Touch and No Touch options as well as call and put orders or short-term trades make this a broker that has a wealth of viability.

Ayrex traders can get access to a specialty trading guide that helps with every aspect of using the trading platform as well as some basic bonus strategies that you can use to start seeing profitability from the very beginning.

Our Ayrex review also found this broker offers a selection of bonuses including deposit bonuses of up to 10%, 20% or 30% based off of the total amount that you plan on depositing.

Ayrex Support Information

Customer support from this broker is available through live chat, e-mail, and phone. If you can deal with the easy account setup option as well as the great uptime and functions on the platform, a light dropping Ayrex customer service is well worth the sacrifice.

In our Ayrex review, we have determined that broker website welcomes traders to choose between English, Italian, German, Indonesian, Chinese and Malay. We like the opportunity to choose more languages because there are a variety of traders that are not so good with English.

Ayrex Company Information

Our Ayrex review discovered that banking with Ayrex is also quite simple. A trader can qualify for the virtual fund’s demo account with nothing more than a quick sign up and the minimum deposit with the broker is only five dollars making it very easy to start trading. $100 is the bare minimum that you need to start collecting a bonus and moving up to the new bonus percentage.

Deposits and withdraws can be done through Visa, MasterCard, bank wire, Neteller, UnionPay, mandarin BCA and more. For withdraws, one free withdrawal can be carried out through the calendar month and the minimum withdrawal is $5.

Ayrex Review Conclusion:

Overall this binary broker isn’t bad with its super fast transactions as well as the amazing breadth of short-term transaction solutions. The Ayrex interface is extremely user-friendly and the accounts are quite easy to set up.

The comprehensive Ayrex demo account also makes this a joy to learn and practice before trader starts investing real money. Where this broker certainly falls short, however, is with its customer service. When trader starts investing he needs to have great quality customer service and this can be a problem for many traders. This could be a platform that you would want to steer clear of until you have practiced a lot with the Ayrex demo account or until you have some real experience with investing on another trading platform.