Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

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Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Trader’s Buddy Review

Trader's Buddy

Trader’s Buddy is a brand new binary options software that connects traders with various brokerage companies and provides both social trading, semi-trading and auto trading services. The accent with this binary robot is put on fresh traders that have no previous experience in trading binary options. Trader’s Buddy name reminds us on software that helps traders while they place trades. This binary options software is launched in 2017 and it is one of the newest binary robots on the market.

Trader’s Buddy is available for traders around the globe and traders can choose to trade with more brokers from the portfolio. Read more about Trader’s Buddy software in our detailed review below.

What is Trader’s Buddy?

According to their site, Trader’s Buddy is a revolutionary binary options software that opens the doors to an incredible world of social trading and connecting with the best traders on the network. The best thing about this software is that it enables trading in a few different modes so traders can choose to trade completely automatically, semi-automatically or they can choose social trading which has become a hot trend in binary options.

The concept behind the Trader’s Buddy is very simple, traders just need to register and choose one of the brokers they want to trade with. The Trader’s Buddy software is completely free and traders don’t need to download or install any plugins on their devices.


Trader’s Buddy robot software is based on several computer algorithms that generate binary options signals and deliver them to trader’s dashboard. Depending on the trading style, those signals are executed automatically, or they are sent to the platform in the shape of signals that have to be accepted by the traders. Trader’s Buddy is a multi-practice binary options software that meets the highest standards in binary trading and its simple platform allows trading for binary newbies too.

Trader’s Buddy Social Trading

Social trading has become a hot trend in binary options and thousands of traders are interested in trying this new binary options trading strategy. Trader’s Buddy review discovered that this binary software allows traders to rely on the experience of other Trader’s Buddy traders. According to the Trader’s Buddy, this is the first binary robot that provides all three trading methods to their traders.

The best traders on Trader’s Buddy network are selected and presented on Trader’s Buddy interface. Other traders will be able to receive their ultimate advice and trade according to their recommendations. That advice or recommendations will be marked with green color.

Our Trader’s Buddy review brought to light the fact that traders can copy successful binary recommendations and apply them to their trading strategy. Trader’s Buddy trading experts are selected according to their win-ratio success.

Trader’s Buddy Automated Trading Strategy

This is a standard trading method that is widespread worldwide and available with various binary robots. Although it is already a bit outdated, binary options auto trading still has its charm. Trader’s Buddy auto trading allows traders to register with a broker of their choice, deposit and let it place trades on their behalf. In our Trader’s Buddy review we have determined that traders have a lot of options available so auto trading process won’t be boring as it is with many robots out there. Trader’s Buddy automatic trading is set on a daily basis and traders can set daily budgets and daily stop loss options which give them full control over their portfolio.

Besides those trading options, Trader’s Buddy review found out that traders can choose the trading amounts for both currencies, commodities, and stocks separately. Automated trading with Trader’s Buddy allows traders to choose between three trading strategies – signals which are designed for various expiry times.

Trader’s Buddy Semi – Auto Trading Experience

Semi auto trading gives a lot more control to Trader’s Buddy traders and this is something that traders want to have while they trade. Having a complete control over your trading portfolio means that you will choose if the trade will be executed or not.

Besides the fact that Trader’s Buddy works on specialized trading algorithms when semi-auto trading is activated, traders will receive exclusive trading signals, but they will decide when to execute them. We all like to have more control in our lives, right?

Enjoy Trading with the Support of Three Trading Algorithms

Trader’s Buddy software is integrated with three powerful trading algorithms that generate binary signals in a real time. Traders who choose to trade automatically or semi-automatically can choose to trade with Rush Options, Basers and Investo algorithms. Those three trading strategies can be activated based on personal preferences.

Rush Options Algorithm

Each of those three trading algorithms is designed for different type of trading strategy. Rush Options algorithm is specialized for short term options which include trading with up to 120 seconds. Traders who prefer fast trading results and quick turnarounds will definitely like this algorithm.

Basers Algorithm

This algorithm is specifically designed to generate medium term options and it will fit perfectly for those traders that prefer trading with a four hours expiry rates. Basers algorithm is available for both automatic and semi-automatic trading and according to the Trader’s Buddy, this is a medium risk trading strategy.

Investo Algorithm

Investo algorithm is designed for long term trading which will satisfy all those traders that have a bit more conservative approach. Investo algorithms generate signals up to three days. In our Trader’s Buddy review we have found out that Investo signals have high investment character.

Trader’s Buddy New Technology – Pending Orders

Another surprising benefit crept us as we continued with our Trader’s Buddy review and it is about the new technology they have developed. According to the Trader’s Buddy developers, Trader’s Buddy is the first and only binary software that allows new trading option called “Pending Orders”.

This means that traders are welcome to set and order the trades that are currently not available with the broker. Probably you have found yourself in the same situation when you wanted to place a trade but it was not available yet. Well, now you can do that with Trader’s Buddy.

According to the Trader’s Buddy, this software is 100% transparent and it trades only with reputable brokers from binary options industry. If you are interested in trading with various trading strategies that include auto trading, semi-auto trading, and social trading, Trader’s Buddy could be the right thing for you.