Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

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Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

CryptoCode Review


CryptoCode is an auto trading robot for cryptocurrencies. It is using a special algorithm to help traders place automated trades in the field of cryptocurrencies. Considering how cryptocurrencies are still a relatively new phenomenon, we decided to do a CryptoCode review to test everything it offers and claims that can do.

CryptoCode review covers all important aspects of this auto trading software like account types, software technology, customer support and payment methods. Traders can also find out whether CryptoCode is a scam or not. As a free auto trading software, CryptoCode will be interesting to many traders who want to trade cryptocurrencies so make sure to read this review.

CryptoCode Account Features

In order to use CryptoCode software, traders must first open an account. There is only one account type available with CryptoCode. This account is the same for all traders no matter how much they deposit, thus giving everyone the same level of service. There are no special VIP or loyalty programs. Also, absence of complicated accounts makes the decision-making process and registration much easier.

CryptoCode Registration in 2 Steps

CryptoCode account can be opened in two easy steps.

First, make sure to go to their website and fill out the first part of the online form. IT will ask you to provide name and email.

After the first step is done, you will be redirected to a full online form where you have to provide the rest of data. CryptoCode registration is not complicated and no special or private data or verification is required. If yu ever registered online, you shouldn’t have any difficulties in doing the same with CryptoCode.

CryptoCode Brokers

It takes more than an account to trade with CryptoCode. As soon as they register, all traders are connected with a broker that is the best choice for their geolocation. Only after the deposit is done, can the trader use CryptoCode. This is not unusual as CryptoCode is not a broker, but an auto trading software which means it will never be possible to make a deposit with them or make a withdrawal. IT is simply a company that owns the algorithm and offers it for free. In order for a trade to be executed, you must have a trading account with a broker that is compatible with CryptoCode technology.

CryptoCode Bonus and Promotions

As mentioned in the text above, CryptoCode is not a broker, which means it doesn’t offer any special bonuses either. The auto trading software is usually not involved in that type of promotions. Traders who wish to trade with bonuses should ask their broker about any special deals and promotions. Bear in mind how bonus is not free money that is being given as a gift. It is more of a loan that has certain terms and conditions attached.

CryptoCode Software

CryptoCode is an auto trading robot that is using advanced computer technology to generate trading signals. Then, it simply places the trade based on the signal. This is done as long as the trader has auto trading turned on. Traders who wish to take a break can simply turn auto trading off. This approach is very innovative and allows traders with limited knowledge about financial markets to trade anyway. The algorithm can process the incredible amount of information, amount so big it would be impossible for any expert to process. The best trading opportunities are then delivered directly to the trader and traded on the CryptoCode interface.

CryptoCode is a web-based auto robot. The main benefit of this approach for you as a trader is the fact that you never have to download anything, and can easily trade from multiple devices. Basically, all you need is your login data and a device that can support your favorite internet browser. It can be your laptop, tablet, mobile phone or public computer. Just go to the log in area and sign in. There is no need to have multiple apps downloaded on every device. This way, CryptoCode will never slow down your computer. Also, the fact that it is accessible via browser makes it more approachable for traders who don’t have great knowledge in online technologies.

CryptoCode Customer Support

Customer support is an important element of every auto trading software, so we decided to dedicate a paragraph or two to it in this CryptoCode review. CryptoCode has a customer support that is available via live chat. Live chat window is positioned in the bottom left corner. It will expand after you click it. Then, you have to enter your name and email and wait for an agent to respond. Live chat customer support is available for both registered and unregistered traders. In CryptoCode review we noticed how agents respond fairly quickly. Their English is good an the answers are solid.

There is also a special FAQ section where traders can find out more about the service on their own. Additional materials on crypto trading can be found on the website of your favorite broker. Make sure to ask customer support everything you want to know prior to trading and do a proper analysis.

CryptoCode Deposit and Withdrawal

CryptoCode supports a great number of crypto trading brokers. They all have a solid reputation in the industry. Minimum trade amount is $25, while the minimum deposit is $250. Minimum withdrawal depends on the broker and some additional factors like payment method, and whether or not the trader accepted a bonus or a promotion.

Some of the most popular methods available worldwide are:

  • Credit cards like Visa and MasterCard
  • Ewallets like Skrill and Neteller
  • Bank wire

Most brokers will ask you to verify your identity before they process your withdrawal. This can be done by delivering the requested documents, scanned and copied according to the instructions on the website. While some traders find this step to be redundant, it is there for your protection. Brokers also have to do it to avoid money laundering and any other inconveniences. Make sure to prepare all documents in advance, so the withdrawal process isn’t delayed because of it.