Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

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Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

BinaryCopier Review


BinaryCopier is a brand new binary options signal provider software that is just released and available for trading. This software describes itself as a “trading hub” that is able to generate binary signals for most exclusive trading assets. According to BinaryCopier, this software is capable of detecting the most alluring assets and generating signals to its trading community.

Read our BinaryCopier review and find out the most important traits that are soon to be available with this interesting signal provider.

What is BinaryCopier Binary Software?

BinaryCopier is a brand new binary signals provider that according to its developers allows free registration and a vast amount of trading services. In BinaryCopier review we have found out that traders don’t need to download any additional programs in order to use BinaryCopier services.

This binary software collects all the data from the financial market and generates binary signals for registered traders. Binary signals generated by BinaryCopier are completely free of charge and traders are allowed to use them for trading with their broker.

Register and Login With BinaryCopier

In order to start trading with this software, traders need to register for free. BinaryCopier registration process is very simple as it requires only basic information like name, last name, email, phone and password of your choice. After a trader has managed to finish the registration, he will be able to snap his trades with BinaryCopier.

Traders that register with BinaryCopier can log in from any device that is supported with an internet connection. This includes laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. BinaryCopier software provides simplicity and it is a web based application that is entirely run from the cloud. As we have already mentioned, traders don’t need to download any plugins or programs in order to use BinaryCopier.

To log in into BinaryCopier traders need to enter their username and password.

BinaryCopier Provides Free Signals

There are various binary signal providers and some of them charge for their services. BinaryCopier is a completely free signal provider that allows their traders to receive an unlimited number of binary signals. Some traders might think that those signal providers that have a price tag provide better services, but this doesn’t have to be true. There are even some signal providers that charge their services for $1,000, which is a huge difference compared to BinaryCopier.

With BinaryCopier, traders make payments only with brokers they have registered with. This means that traders can register and deposit with a broker directly on the broker’s trading account and receive free binary signals from BinaryCopier.

BinaryCopier VIP Features

This signal provider is additionally empowered with VIP account that includes more trading possibilities for traders. BinaryCopier VIP account enabled their traders to enjoy and explore some advanced trading tools. According to BinaryCopier, VIP account is specially designed to enhance the trading experience that focuses on greater profits.

There are three trading tools that can be found on BinaryCopier VIP account:

  • Risk Amplifier
  • Trading Strategies
  • Expiry times

In order to set a certain level of trading risk, BinaryCopier has enabled its traders to customize their trading techniques according to several risk levels. As confirmed by BinaryCopier, traders that want to trade more steadily and decrease the level of risk, they can choose lower risk amplifier. Low-risk trading focuses on calculating those trades that will most likely have successful results; safer trades, but lower profit.

Traders can choose between 3 different risk amplifiers and set a preferred level of risk. If you are ready to explore higher profit opportunities, traders can set their BinaryCopier risk amplifier to high and boost the number of trading signals with the possibility of gaining profit.

BinaryCopier VIP account includes two trading strategies that can be set according to trader’s preferences. Each trading strategy brings a different set of trading algorithms that analyzes the financial market and generates binary signals. Traders that activate BinaryCopier VIP membership are welcome to activate both trading strategies and let their signal provider snap up signals using a wider aspect of trading analysis.

Traders can choose between Currency Stimulation and Recurrence Effect methods.

With BinaryCopier VIP account, traders will be able to set different expiry times along with other trading services. Depending on traders preferences, BinaryCopier provides two different expiry times methods: OneMinute Snap and Daily trades. Traders can simultaneously choose to trade with both expiry times features and expand their trading style with both extra short term trading and long term trading options.

How does BinaryCopier Signal Provider Work?

When registered with BinaryCopier, traders get a free binary trading software that analyses the market and generates trading signals. This signals app is able to sense the best market trends and parallelly deliver binary signals directly to the trader’s platform. Traders don’t need to search for signals or trending assets on various binary forums or Facebook groups because BinaryCopier is able to research, calculate and deliver binary signals in real time.

According to BinaryCopier, this software successfully analyses trader’s preferences and this way it focuses on the latest trends on the market. BinaryCopier claims to deliver the best signals for their traders.

They have a genuine interest in meeting the customer’s requirements. After the signals are generated, traders receive them on their BinaryCopier dashboard where they can snap up the opportunity and use the signal before the expiry time. This signal bot delivers real-time binary signals only when traders are online and active on their BinaryCopier platform.

BinaryCopier Review Conclusion and Our Final Verdict

This exciting novelty in binary options market has enabled the innovative way of trading for those who are searching for the easier way to get binary signals. Trading with a binary software has become an inevitable element for modern investors who don’t want to spend their time on calculations and search for the best trading opportunities. Modern traders are oriented towards instant binary options trading where most of the actions are automated and where they can use more opportunities than they could with manual trading.

BinaryCopier is a simple binary options signal provider that doesn’t require any additional downloads or payments with a platform that is easy to use. In order to have a better relationship with their users, BinaryCopier has included customer support service that is available for traders with BinaryCopier account, BinaryCopier VIP account and those who will become BinaryCopier clients. Customer support enables better communication with traders and BinaryCopier support agents are available for traders in order to ensure better trading experience.

Besides the fact that traders can snap up binary signals, traders are also welcome to enjoy trading with several brokers that are supported on BinaryCopier platform. In order to ensure good trading experience, traders are required to understand all aspects and risks involved while trading and investing in binary options.