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Algobit 2023

  • Min. Deposit $250
  • Min. Invest $10
  • Return 81%

Algobit is closed. 

Algobit software is created by regulated broker OptionBit. This binary robot provides binary signals and delivers them to binary options traders. According to the Algobit website, this robot is completely automated and it makes trading easier, especially for traders with no trading experience. Binary robots are able to analyze the financial market and using various indicators, they generate binary signals. Our Algobit review has researched what are available tools that come with this interesting software and what can you expect when automated trading is activated.

Algobit starts with $250 minimum deposit and according to Algobit robot, traders are not required to have any previous trading experience. Read more about this software in our Algobit review below.  

Our Algobit review has shown that this binary robot is present on the binary market since early 2012. OptionBit broker has proved their software is well known and used by many traders around the world. According to this robot, their clients are very satisfied with the software and their binary signals are considered as reliable and successful. We can’t claim this is 100% true, but, we haven’t found any negative experiences that claim this binary software is a scam.

Besides being the brand of one of the most successful binary brokers on the market, Algobit has several awards for best innovative technology and financial innovation awards that show the quality of this binary product.

Since this binary software is specifically designed for beginners, Algobit traders won’t spend much time on using Algobit. Our Algobit review shown that this binary software is free to use.

In order to start auto trading with this software, traders first have to register for free. The registration process takes no longer than a few moments. After they have created their trading account, traders will have to register with OptionBit broker where they can make their first deposit. After the deposit was processed, traders will see their funds available on Algobit interface. When the funds are visible, traders can start auto trading.

Our Algobit review has found out traders have to invest minimum deposit of $250 to activate Algobit software. It is important to know that traders don’t need to provide any additional fees with Algobit. The payments are processed directly through broker account and Algobit is only a third party software that delivers trading signals to its clients and provides auto trading services.

It is important to point out that Algobit is an independent software and if traders have registered with OptionBit, they will additionally have to register with Algobit in order to auto trade with this software.

Algobit review found out this robot is available only for OptionBit traders. Algobit interface is not connected to the OptionBit trading platform, so traders are allowed to use it separately and independently from broker platform.

According to the Algobit, if activated, the software will automatically execute trades according to the settings made by traders. The Algobit interface is a web based application and traders don’t need to download any programs to their devices. This is always considered as the benefit, because we all like easy trading platforms that we can access anytime and anywhere, without additional plugins or installations.


Algobit Download

As we have already mentioned before, Algobit software is able to execute trades automatically. It receives binary signals and executes the when the best market opportunity comes by. According to the Algobit, the software analyses the market and follow various trends simultaneously. Algobit review found out there are two available options traders can choose – automated or manual trading.

Those who prefer automated trading will basically rely on Algobit software and settings they set according to their preferences. According to the Algobit, it’s indicators are calculating and determine the direction of underlying assets on the market. The hard part is being done by Algobit and traders just need to:

  • Define preferred expiry time
  • Set trading amount
  • Select “Trade”
  • Confirm the trade

Algobit allows traders to trade against the determined direction. This way traders can change their mind during the trading. Traders just need to click the opposite direction on Algobit interface and again select trading amount and expiry time. The page has to be refreshed so Algobit can take action and apply new settings.

Algobit review showed this binary robot welcomes traders to choose trade manually. If this method is used, traders must know they are trading without the help of Algobit. Manual trading includes choosing the asset to trade, selecting the direction and the amount trader wants to invest in. The last step is to confirm the trade, which means Algobit will execute the trade.

Algobit software will show the result after the trade is executed. A green box means that trade is in the money and red box means that the option is out of the money. Traders will be able to see detailed information about the asset they will trade with – the direction they have chosen, the countdown and the result.

Algobit review has found out that minimum trading amount is $10.


Algobit OptionBit

Our Algobit review has found that this robot doesn’t provide traders with demo account feature. This means traders will invest ad trade with their real funds so they have to be aware there is risk included while they trade. OptionBit broker also don’t provide traders with this option, so traders don’t have the option to test the platform and place trades with virtual money first.

Algobit provides their traders with a video introduction and handbook guide that will present the software and all its features.

Traders are offered to choose various expiry times with Algobit. The software allows traders to choose expiry times when auto trading with this software or when manual trading is activated.

  • 1 minute
  • 2 minutes
  • 5 minutes
  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • End of the day

After all, we have to say this is a user-friendly software that allows traders to trade automatically and manually. Algobit review found this software offers to trade only with one broker and the minimum deposit is $250.

Allegedly, Algobit allows up to 81% payouts and no downloads are needed in order to start trading. We haven’t noticed Algobit has developed a mobile app for smartphones or tablets.

Algobit - Review Conclusion

  • Automated and manual trading
  • No demo account