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Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

BinaryBook – $1,5 Million Scam Story

Former US secret agent and attorney Haggai Carmon has managed to retrieve about $1,5 million to one victim of BinaryBook scam brokerage company. Carmon is now retired but he was asked to help search for the money and reveal the secret of BinaryBook scam.

Wealthy Californian Businessman Got Scammed by BinaryBook for $1,5 million

The victim was Californian businessman Steven Koel that was according to the story, looking to increase his profits so he can pay for the health care of his sick son. After searching for the right broker, he came across BinaryBook and started trading. He said their staff sounded so professional and legitimate. After some time, he managed to grow his balance and he decided to make $1 million withdrawal. BinaryBook was refusing to give a definite answer and release the funds, so Koel started suspecting something went wrong.

After the things got serious, Koel contacted Wealth Recovery International, the company that deals with binary options victims and asked for help. Wealth Recovery International has started investigating and they spend a lot of time trying to gather as much information that would recover Koel’s money. After hundreds of hours, they have decided to invite former US secret agent Haggai Carmon who accepted the case and continued searching for the BinaryBook owners.

Attorney and Former US Secret Agent Started Researching the BinaryBook Case

Carmon started looking for BinaryBook people and he tried to uncover their real identity. He was using different aliases and skills to get the original identity of BinaryBook deceivers who tried to deceive Steven Koel. Carmon later said he was very shocked when he realized how some binary options companies hide the money like world class money launderers. He was amazed at the system which BinaryBook used to operate with their client’s money.

Carmon later discussed and commented on BinaryBook case:

“A top professional tailored the layering,” he said, referring to the practice among money launderers to distance money from its criminal origins by hiding it behind layers of financial transactions. Binary options companies, 90% which operate from Israel, similarly hide behind layers of false identities.”

Carmon Managed to Recover the Money

After hard and extensive research, Carmon has contacted all BinaryBook senior managers to send Koel’s money back to his bank account. Carmon managed to reveal their true identities which were the hardest part. He has also asked them to provide binary options license which the haven’t because BinaryBook was a scam company.

Carmon has received various threats by their lawyer, but after certain time period, they have agreed to transfer the money back to Koel’s bank account.

He has managed to expose binary scam broker and recover 1,5 million dollars to his account.

He explained that BinaryBook lied about various things to its clients. Their customer support agents were not located in the UK, but various countries, the company was registered in one country, but the money was transferred to another company using offshore accounts.

Allegedly, BinaryBook transferred Koel’s money in two banks located in Poland (Česká Spořitelna bank and Bank Zachodni). Polish attorney that was helping Carmon with some legal documentation confirmed that bank transfers looked exactly like money laundering actions. supports trading with regulated and verified brokers. Traders should be aware that trading binary options take a certain level of risks.