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Snapchat Available on BetOnFinance Event Games

Snapchat Available on BetOnFinance Event Games

Snap Inc. Plans to Run IPO Offering

According to and other major financial and business media companies, Snap Inc. is going to introduce itself to a NYSE stock market. This event is considered as very important and one of the largest since Alibaba has joined the IPO in 2014.

For those that still don’t know, Snap Inc. is America’s social media company that is mostly popular because of the famous Snapchat app. The company has also one more brand that develops wearable camera smart glasses – “Spectacles” which enables users to connect with their Snapchat account.

On the 29th of January, the company has announced they plan a trial run for IPO anticipation.

Snap Inc. Valuation of up to $25 Billion

The IPO means that a company enters the first initial public offering and offers its shares or stocks to the public. After more than one year of aggressive courting, the NYSE won the Snap listing over the Nasdaq. It is not wondering why they had fought for this company since its estimated value has been calculated to be between $20 and $25 billion.

It is a little bit crazy to see the shares of a company that is alive for only two years, but let’s face it – this is not the first company to be considered as controversial moves. The same thing happened with the Google that was valued with $24,6 B, Facebook with $104,3 B or Twitter with $11,5 B. we all know those three companies grew their valuation figures till today, so entering Snap Inc. is not a surprise at all. In Bloomberg picture, you can see our point. IPO Google Facebook Twitter

Snap Inc. Available on BetOnFinance Event Games

For those who are interested in engaging BetOnFinance Event games, Snap Inc. is the best choice to bet because the stock is going to be available from March 2. Event games allow bettors to bet on which range will the stock close on a certain day. In this case, BetOnFinance bettors will be able to bet on Snap Inc.
This is very interesting since as we have already mentioned, Snap Inc is the biggest IPO happening since Alibaba has entered the market. BetOnFinance clients will be able to join First-day game and participate the right valuation for this valuable social media company.

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Besides the fact that Snapchat is now the part of the global stock market network, this also means that traders will be able to place trades through their binary brokers.

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