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BetOnFinance has Launched a New Game

BetOnFinance has Launched a New Game

We have just found out BetOnFinance has introduced a new betting game for its traders. With this game, BetOnFinance players are able to predict the next CEO that will leave the company. CEO sack race is 7th game launched by BetOnFinance in just one year. If you want to know more about this game, read our news article below. is one of the biggest betting providers that leads in innovative games that attracts thousands of players worldwide. It is a bit different from other brokers, because players bet on the certain trade, while other brokers don’t provide betting, but trading services. In a nutshell, BetOnFinance welcomes different trading experience, and traders are able to enjoy a whole different approach towards betting. Traders that register with BetOnFinance will meet the combination of traditional betting and trend online trading that includes betting on various underlying assets. – CEO “Sack Race”

Maybe you have heard of the popular game called “The Sack Race”, where players try to predict who will be the latest football manager that will leave the certain football club. BetOnFinance has given the chance to players to do the same thing, but with various CEO big-shots that might leave the company. When you analyze the stock prices after a CEO leaves the company, you can see that this affects the values of the prices. This is definitely an interesting gaming approach which will please many BetOnFinance players.

Jeff Saul, the founder of Fibetco&BetOnFinance has explained:  

Players really need to be on their toes in this game as the pools will close immediately after a company announces a CEO change, so if players want to profit from their CEO ideas they have to place their bets in due time.  

How to Play CEO Game?

So far, the CEO game is very basic and simple, players place their bets between 30 CEOs that are based on Danish and Swedish market. The CEO sack game is not different than other BetOnFinance games, players simply bet between each other. CEO game is a pool betting game and players bet against the house. The cool part is that players are not aware when the pool will close.

The odds fluctuate on market conditions on a daily base and the pool closes after the company announces a CEO departure.   

BetOnFinance CEO Game Conclusion

In this type of game, players are required to make early decisions, which allows traders on the real stock to see the odds on CEO, but before they make real investments. In order to make a profit, players have to make a quick decision because the pools will close after the CEO changes are public.

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