Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

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Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Is Opteck a Scam?

Opteck is present on the world’s market since 2011 and it provides its services with the intention to provide transparent and safe trading environment. In this article, we will try to find an answer if Opteck is a scam broker.

This brokerage company succeeded to create an immense number of clients which are, according to the broker provided with best trading services and stable platform.

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Could Opteck be a Scam Broker?

Most scam brokers are usually those without a regulatory license. In this article we won’t claim if Opteck is a scam or not, we are going to share some basic information and according to that – traders will be able to conclude if they want to trade with it or not.

Opteck is Regulated Brokerage Company

Opteck is one of the brokers that decided to organize their business services according to CySEC regulations. By doing this, Opteck has managed to become licensed brokerage company. CySEC regulation is clearly one of the indicators that company follows strict regulations that are assigned by a regulatory body.

Being a regulated broker usually, means that all trading services are transparent and that clients are offered with accurate and clear terms and conditions. Terms and conditions of the regulated broker must contain deposit and withdrawal rules, trading limitations, trading rules and other important rules.

We have researched Opteck terms and conditions and found very clear information about their customer support, provision, requirements for opening an account, guarantees, Islamic accounts, financial information, cancellations, transactions etc.

Traders should take this information if they wonder if Opteck is a scam broker.

Opteck Provides Demo Account

Another benefit of trading with Opteck is the fact that this regulated broker provides demo account for traders. This means that traders can start trading without the risk of losing their real funds. Demo accounts are always beneficial service that enables traders to learn a lot about the trading platform and it’s trading tools.

Scam brokers usually don’t provide demo accounts and they immediately want their clients to deposit funds without the opportunity to test the platform.

Opteck Payment Options

Besides the transparent information about payment options in their terms and conditions, Opteck serves the various amount of payment options for its clients. Since Opteck is regulated by CySEC, clients funds are according to the regulatory body, transferred to segregated bank accounts. This could be another beneficial fact that increase security for their clients.

Most scam brokers don’t apply this rule and they basically use client’s funds for company expenses such as salaries, bonuses, and other company transactions. Having a segregated account means that broker transfers trader’s investment to a different bank account where they are not used for company expenses.

It is logical that traders search for safe and reliable brokerage companies because they want to be sure that their funds are stored in a safe place. According to Opteck, their client’s funds are most important value to them and all client transactions are executed with the best security standards.

This should be taken into consideration when traders are wondering whether Opteck is a scam or not.

Opteck and Quality of Customer Support

One more thing that is very important when researching if Opteck is a scam broker or not is the customer support. Nowadays, almost all brokerage companies provide customer support service. This is the case no matter if the broker is regulated or not. All brokers are trying to improve their support services and quality customer support is one of them.

As we have tested Opteck customer support, we have noticed their support agents are highly educated and provide professional information. Traders who had a bad experience with a scam brokers can find the difference between scam brokers and reliable companies. Usually, scam brokers provide very basic information and their agents don’t know much about terms and conditions of that broker.

Bad customer support experience could lead to the fact that trader has come across a scam broker. It is important to know that it is very hard to distinguish the difference between reliable and scam broker. We can say that we had a very pleasant experience with Opteck which is one more positive fact.

When traders research the broker background, customer service is definitely one of the things they should take into consideration.

Opteck Provides Transparent Company Information

Traders that have no experience in trading binary options probably don’t know that most scam brokers try to hide their company information. It is not a surprise that most scammed traders are usually novice trades that have no experience on what information is crucial to know before they register and start trading with a broker.

Every broker that intend to offer reliable and transparent services for their clients provide their company information. Most scam brokers are hiding this information like the terms and conditions that are usually very vague and not understandable.

As we have mentioned earlier, Opteck is a regulated broker and because of their obligations towards CySEC providing of company information is a must. Opteck is regulated by CySEC under Reg no.: 238/14.

Opteck office is owned by CentralSpot Trading Ltd. and it is located in Limassol, Cyprus.

Is Opteck a Scam – Conclusion

We hope that readers have got all important information that will help them to abstract if Opteck is a scam broker or not. We are not in the position to claim that Opteck is a reliable broker or not, we have just fragmented most important facts that will give an idea about the quality of Opteck.

According to the Opteck, their clients have the opportunity to trade in 100% regulated conditions and they consider themselves as market leaders in binary and CFD trading. Opteck spokesperson has announced another benefit of Opteck striving to become better in all aspects of their activities:

“We’re very excited to launch one of the world’s most advanced trading platforms. We’ve managed to develop, along the years, a new standard of security thanks to our compliance with the strictest regulation guidelines, and adding CFDs to our products is just the next natural step towards our goal of providing customers worldwide with the finest trading experience available today. The following months will be very exciting, as we are about to unveil more features, regulation licenses, and offices across the globe.”