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InvestoCopy Review

We have decided to update our traders and inform them about other binary robots that are offered for binary trading on the market. As you already know, there are hundreds of binary robots available, and in this article, we are going to review new social trading platform that seems to be a new hit among traders.

This seems to be a new easy way to trade binary options without much knowledge about it. Basically, InvestoCopy is a new way to trade, and instead of trading with assets like in real binary options, you can directly invest on traders that are experts in trading binary options.

Since social trading has started to be a new hit among young generations, it has also spread in the industry of binary options. InvestoCopy is a social network that connects binary professionals with binary newbies, placed on one platform.

InvestoCoyp is closed. Try Binary Options Robot instead! 

Like signal algorthms, that generate binary signals for Binary Option Robot, InvestoCopy offers a platform with best binary traders that literally trade for other traders. The idea was to generate trading recommendations that will be used and delivered to clients without much knowledge about trading. Traders can just choose traders they want to follow and easily copy their trades.

InvestoCopy Review

Traders have the opportunity to choose the best performing trader and invest on their behalf. This seems to be an easy version of binary trading where traders don’t have to know anything about assets or brokers since InvestoCopy shares all profiles and let you pick the best traders on the network.

InvestoCopy calls them gurus, but they are professional traders with best results on InvestoCopy network. They have the biggest number of followers and their trading methods are most successful among all traders. InvestoCopy has offered an opportunity to profit from following the best traders on the network.

This is a win-win situation for both sides, since traders followers are profiting from gurus, and gurus are receiving credits for good results, which motivates them to continue with good results. The picture shows an example of top six gurus that are currently having the best performance during the period of last 30 days.

InvestoCopy Login

On InvestoCopy site you will be able to see a short presentation how the social trading system works. To start trading and becoming a member of InvestoCopy social network group, you can open a free account, choose a broker which you will trade with, and choose a Guru or a trader you are going to follow.

InvestoCopy Login

The registration process is simple and quick, and there is a few basic information required in order to get an account. After you become a member of InvestoCopy, you will be awarded $550 demo credits. The platform is fun and simple, showing your trading information like trading balance, profits opened positions or current investment. Bellow trading information traders have current profitable traders list that can be included into your social portfolio. The platform offers useful tips that will guide you through your first steps in InvestoCopy account.

First time when you register and login you will be trading in InvestoCopy Demo account. InvestoCopy lets you try trading with demo account without the need of making the deposit before. Traders demo account is funded with $550 virtual dollars which can be used for practicing. To get switched to real trading mode, InvestoCopy offers you to make a deposit with OptionWeb, which is considered to be one of the best European broker experts.

When you decide to start trading for real, InvestoCopy will offer you to make registration with only one broker they have a partnership with, OptionWeb. Like in Binary Option Robot, traders will fill their personal information and create broker account. They will be redirected to OptionWeb official website where they will be offered to make a deposit.

Minimum deposit for trading with OptionWeb is $200. After traders have made a deposit with OptionWeb, they can return to their InvestoCopy account and turn on the real trading mode. Next step includes searching for most successful traders. Best traders are presented on your trading account. After choosing the best traders you have started to build your personal portfolio.

InvestoCopy Scam

After you have chosen a few gurus, InvestoCopy will allow you to track their open trades and copy them on your platform. You can always unfollow gurus and chose new ones that will have better results. Each time you copy somebody’s trades it will cost you one credit.

Also, if you follow certain trader, you will pay 3% of weekly profit in credits in order to motivate them to continue with successful results. Those credits can be earned or purchased from InvestoCopy.

InvestoCopy Scam

You can earn credits by referring new friends to trade with InvestoCopy, getting followers to follow you or by getting coupon codes.

After you have chosen to follow a trader, InvestoCopy will copy their trades to your platform and trade with the same positions unless the position investment is lower than the broker’s minimum transaction amount. Also, InvestoCopy lets you invest the maximum of 20% per position, to make some kind of protection of losing all your investments.     

We have opened an account with InvestoCopy to make this review and rate it for our traders. We still think that Binary Option Robot has more benefits and that traders can have a better feeling and real trading experience.

Binary Options Robot offers more binary brokers traders can register with and they don’t need to look up for best performing traders they are going to follow. Binary Option Robot offers best signal strategies which are experienced traders with many years of trading in binary options.

InvestoCopy just provides traders with best-performing results, which doesn’t mean they have knowledge about creating signals. We did not receive any complaints about InvestoCopy scam, however this service is no longer operating and if you are new in binary options world you can look into trading with Binary Option Robot.

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