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ZoneOptions Broker Review 2023

  • Min. Deposit $250
  • Min. Invest $5
  • Return 85%

ZoneOptions stands as one of the top selected trading brokers for traders across Latin America and Spain. One of the top reasons why ZoneOptions has become so popular for many of these traders is because it’s available in Spanish. ZoneOptions review discovered this broker is being a regulated broker and also one of the most streamlined binary options brokers currently available. With a wealth of options as well as a maximum payout of 87%, this is an extremely competitive broker that’s available for a minimum deposit of just $250.

ZoneOptions Account Features

ZoneOptions is a quite respected broker as the trading interface is quite sophisticated and the customer support is excellent. With its license, the broker is also a very secure and well-featured trading platform governed under all of the appropriate licenses required for use in Cyprus. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to master the features on ZoneOptions and through the intuitive Spot Option based software, you can see considerable profits with excellent customer support.

Several account option types are available on ZoneOptions. Each with their own unique enhancements for the system. Multiple accounts from this broker will ensure that almost every type of user can get access to the level of features that will be most interesting to them. Here are some of the top account features that you can receive with each account level:

Due to CySEC’s decision, StockPair no longer provides binary options bonuses!

ZoneOptions Beginner account: beginners receive a demo account with up to $1000 from a $250 deposit. ZoneOptions review found there is also access to several of the training support items, access to the IOS and android app, 1 weekly trading session, 120% welcome bonus and a payout up to 82%. Beginner accounts even get access to a personal account manager to assist with troubleshooting.

ZoneOptions Advanced account: advanced users need to deposit at least US$1000 and he will get access to all of the same features the beginner users get plus an additional $4000 in their demo account. Welcome bonuses for danced users can go up to 60% and they will get access to three weekly trading sessions with a professional. Advanced users are the first to get access to the colored trend signals, express 24-hour withdrawal, trading on all demo accounts and more.

ZoneOptions Professional account: for $5000 a professional user can get access to $10,000 in a demo account, all of the features from the previous accounts including a payout of up to 84%, welcome bonuses of up to 75%, five weekly trading sessions, improved training on speculation and graphical analysis and more.

ZoneOptions VIP users: the VIP users require a $10,000 deposit and they can receive unlimited money in their demo account for trading strategies. VIP users can also receive payouts of up to 86%, a 100% welcome bonus, 10 weekly trading sessions, custom signals and filters for a customized trading platform experience, custom alerts and automation, customize risk management strategies and extra educational resources.

Due to CySEC’s decision, StockPair no longer provides binary options bonuses!


ZoneOptions Trading Software

The trading platform in itself comes with some fantastic features for traditional High Low options, Touch no cash options, Turbo and 60-second options, asset type expiry time filters and more. It extremely intuitive to use and with a wide range of assets available for trade, you can enjoy seeing some excellent options.

ZoneOptions may not have the massive amounts of assets available for trade as some other trading platforms but you can currently trade up to 30 currency pairs, three commodities, 27 stocks and 13 indices. ZoneOptions review found that the trading environment is competitive and with this number of assets the program remains a healthy contender in the market, especially for international users.

Signals can be taken with a one-hour expiry, 30 min. expiry, 15 min. expiry as well as a wealth of very quick expiry or turbo options. The risk level in signals also displays at a power level which can be a huge asset to traders on this platform. Not many other brokers offer up signals for free and ZoneOptions has trading signal displays with risk levels to help both beginners and advanced users.

ZoneOptions review found that broker also has an extensive interactive e-book, a PDF guide, trading guide and ongoing Ecorse is available in several different languages to help users to adapt to the profile as well is make smarter trading decisions. This type of educational resource ensures the traders can do more with their money.

The ZoneOptions platform itself as a full-screen solution and an interface that can be customized with a wealth of filters. The improvements available on this platform for reading charts and more can be quite helpful for generating a custom trading environment for every user. You can customize the desktop to a fair degree to make sure that you can track any of the assets that are most important to you. The trading graph is quite intuitive and easy to follow a narrow wealth of various educational tools in multiple languages on the platform too.

ZoneOptions Support Information

Customer support from ZoneOptions is available in Spanish and English and most of the staff on the support team is multilingual available to help people in both language backgrounds. Support can be easily contacted through live chat, a WhatsApp line, through the phone as well as through e-mail.

ZoneOptions review found out this broker features fantastic live chat support as well as a platform that remains easy to use. The regulated broker inspires real confidence under its government regulatory agency license and the multilanguage support ensures that ZoneOptions is a well adopted binary options platform across many parts of the world.

The about section of the website is also home to a wide range of literature that can help you through a number of troubleshooting issues and present you with FAQ information on the basics of the trading platform. The educational resources and FAQs are a great way to learn more about signals, using the platform, upgrading your membership and dealing with common support problems.

Overall the multilanguage support with this company is fantastic and amongst the best from a trading platform in its market.


ZoneOptions Company Information

Banking with ZoneOptions can be quite simple and it does require some degree of verification including a proof of address, ID and a payment option for withdrawal and deposit. ZoneOptions review found traders can use credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Maestro international, Carte Bleue, Dankort and more. There’s also the option to use bank traders and net wallets like OKPay, Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, and others. The minimum deposit for any banking is $250 and most wire transfers will require at least $500 for deposit.

Minimum withdrawals for any ZoneOptions customers are at least $50 and some small fees could be incurred on wire transfers from the system. The good news is that ZoneOptions review found you can enjoy unlimited withdrawals from the system without the need to pay extra fees for multiple withdrawals. The fees will be the same every time.

ZoneOptions Review Conclusion:

In ZoneOptions review we have acknowledged this broker is a great place to get started with binary options trading especially if you would like to take advantage of an account that’s going to have ongoing signals. Although the deposit limit can be quite steep for many users, the multilanguage support and the custom interfaces available for some of the users is a huge asset in trading. When coupled with excellent customer service and some healthy bonuses this remains one of the best binary options accounts you can open.

Not too many platforms feature the same robust demo accounts. The only real drawback with this broker is the higher rating on bank transfers and the current lack of tradable assets when compared to other brokers.

ZoneOptions - Review Conclusion