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V8options Broker Review 2023

  • Min. Deposit $250
  • Min. Invest $10
  • Return 86%

This broker is closed. Try trading with HighLow instead.

When V8options broker was launched their goal was to create an extremely fast-paced and very fluid way to trade binary options. Taking their inspiration from the mighty V8options engine, they wanted to build a trading platform that would be extremely powerful and fast. As a result, bits of information from professional tools as well as risk management experts to build and options trading platform that would be unique for international customers.

With a minimum deposit of $250 and a max payout of 86%, this binary options broker is a hit with many traders. Find out what separates it from the competition by reading through our V8options review below.

v8options Account Features

One of the first aspects of our V8options review was to determine this company started in the year 2013 and built itself on the Tradesmarter Software. This binary options vendor trades in US dollars and the Euro and features worldwide support in a most every country except for New Zealand and the United States. The company is known for its unique and fast-paced trading platform which can be quite exciting to use. They have also introduced a number of unique risk management tools, trade hedging, and regulation based out of New Zealand.

Our v8options review affirmed that trading platform is operated by AON trader Limited which is registered as a financial service provider in New Zealand. The company remains a member of the financial services complaints limited and is held under license requirements in New Zealand law.

Although the company is currently regulated by New Zealand jurisdiction it does not currently allow trades within New Zealand. Even though the US and New Zealand are taken out of trading partners for this platform it still remains a massively popular international binary options trade platform. With such a comprehensive worldwide support this platform is commonly recognized as a favorite for many international traders simply because it is professional and easily available.

New Zealand trading license ensure that the entire system is governed for security as well as made fair for every user in the system.

v8options Account types:

Our v8options review found there are several account types available with this broker, each with their own unique improvements. The standard account differences come from four main account levels. Here are some of the differences that you can experience by upgrading your account with V8options:

v8options Bronze account: By making the minimum deposit of $250 you will access the bronze account which features full access to the trading Academy, social trading through the forums, a 10% bonus on trades and a wealth of other info.

v8options Silver account: The silver account requires a $1000 deposit and gives access to extra assets including the strategiX system for trading. This is the account that comes most recommended for new users simply because of the access level to this system. StrategiX is a system that can help you plan out a trading strategy that will be profitable even if you are fairly new to binary options. This is well worth making the initial deposit to help you make sure your losses can be prevented. Silver accounts receive a 25% bonus as well as one-on-one support from customer service officials for their trading strategy in one session. This will give you most all of the tools that you need to set up a successful trading strategy and start making profits.

v8options Gold account: Gold accounts require a $5000 deposit and these users get access to the StategiX system as well as a 50% bonus and a three times access to one-on-one support from a professional trader. This can be a very powerful tool that you could use regularly to improve your profits.

v8options VIP account: With a $10,000 deposit it’s possible to access the StrategiX system, social trading, Extra one on one support, a 100% bonus on all trades as well as an extra 1% point payout which can act as insurance on trades.

Bonuses from each level will also help you to improve your bonuses turnover rate. With the highest level of membership, you may only need to turnover deposits 20x to withdrawal the funds from a bonus deposit were as regular users will have to turnover the money 50x.

One surprisingly different aspect of this trading platform from other providers is that v8options review hasn’t found this broker included any type of demo account. With no demo account, you would be forced to deposit $250 up front a stuff of positive reviews with this system. This can be a big leap of trust for many individuals.


v8options Trading Software

as we went further in our v8options review, we discovered the trading platform itself is extremely professional with a wealth of features that would be ideal for traders of all experience levels. Here are some of the top features that you’ll notice right away using V8options:

Unlike some of the other top binary options brokers, the design of V8options was built on the premise of keeping it relatively ad free. Instead of presenting a number of flashy banner ads on either side of the trading platform you can have access to an easy and navigate performance trading platform which is relatively ad free.

Not having ads available on the page makes the platform look much more professional and also ensures that trades can be executed much faster. It’s surprising just how much ads can slow down the process of the average trade as well as make a trading platform look much less professional than it could be.

The v8options review found that this is one of the ideal trading platforms for beginners or people with zero experience trading binary options because of the wide selection of resources that they have available from support to education. Not only can almost every user receive some type of one-on-one support but there is a strategic page that can be used with making decisions on some of your initial trades. Using the trading Academy and Strategix system can ensure that you have some advanced knowledge going into any type of trading system and that you can complete some of your initial trades with real confidence.

The v8options review found this broker provides a massive amount of assets. Traders can trade almost anything including commodities, indices, shares and stocks. Although the portfolio choices may not be quite as extensive as some other trading platforms that offer 160+ assets, this still offers a respectable amount, especially to the higher membership levels.

Great bonuses: VIP accounts can receive up to a 100% bonus on trading and one percentage point payouts for every trade today complete. Ongoing promotional bonuses and improvements for deposits also really make sure that this is a platform that can be a fantastic choice for many beginner traders and people that are interested in finding some of the best bonuses on a trading platform.

v8options Support Information

The v8options review confirmed traders can experience 24-hour support, 7 days a week. Customer service officials are available through Skype, chat, email callback and classic phone. It is also possible to get plenty of your questions answered in the FAQ. The comprehensive FAQ content on the website can help you to answer most of your inquiries and can also save the help desk from getting overloaded. Wait times are generally low for any type of support here, however.


v8options Company Information

V8options accepts payment by wire transfer, CashU, Neteller, Webmoney, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, GiroPay, Sofort and more. They have a very large list of payment options as well as easy restrictions on withdrawing funds. Our v8options review brought to light that most withdrawal services are free but a wire transfer requires a $30 fee.

Traders must also upload their ID to verify identity before the transfer of any funds. The withdrawal can be slowing the system sometimes taking up to 10 days but generally taking a minimum of three days. The big advantage that v8options does offer is zero minimum withdraw amounts which differ from other trading platforms.

v8options Review Conclusion

With a number of helpful systems and huge international support, this is a program that can be a great asset for beginner traders. Low withdrawal fees but slow withdrawal times can be a bit of a pain to work with but the training tools and platform itself is excellent to use. If you can deal with the slower withdrawal fees, this could be a very exciting new platform that you could consider trying out today.

V8options - Review Conclusion

  • No minimum withdrawal amount
  • No demo account