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Daweda Exchange

Daweda Exchange 2023

  • Min. Deposit $100
  • Min. Invest $10
  • Return 100%

Daweda Exchange is closed. 

Daweda was the first brokerage company that offered to exchange contracts directly from each other on the market. Unfortunately, Daweda closed just recently. Please browse through our selected broker lists to find your best-suited partner in binary options trading.

Due to CySEC’s decision, this broker no longer provides binary options bonuses!

According to this broker, Daweda is a new binary options broker that offers true experience in exchanging contracts. Investing in binary options has become the attractive type of service so it is not surprising there are many brokerage companies offering an opportunity for this innovative trading type.

On their official site, we have found Daweda promises fair and honest trading environment with full returns and complete control over their trading portfolio. More about this broker can be found in our Daweda Exchange review below.

Daweda Exchange broker review has shown this broker has focused on providing binary exchange services, meaning traders and investors can place odds against other traders and not against the broker. This service makes Daweda the first brokerage company that offers to exchange contracts directly from each other on the market. The “peer to peer” trading without the involvement of a broker is very interesting for itself and some traders may think they don’t need additional features.

Besides direct contracts exchange service, Daweda Exchange has put a lot of effort into providing tempting opportunities to their clients. This broker allows starting trading with only $100 deposit. Daweda is one of a few binary brokers that offer deposit amounts below the market industry average, which is around $200. Lower deposit amounts enabled the opportunity for beginners as well.         

We like the fact that Daweda Exchange allows traders to trade with Demo account first. Traders can benefit from testing demo accounts first since they can learn how to use the Daweda platform and invest virtual funds without having any fear to lose real funds from their account. Daweda Exchange allows traders to get free Daweda Demo account without the need to make any deposits before. This means traders only needs to register in a few simple steps and provide his basic information in order to start. Daweda Demo account enabled traders to place trades without any limitations, while other brokers give specific amounts about virtual funds.

In our Daweda review, we can say that this broker doesn’t play neutral position since traders are not placing trades against the broker. It is important to point out that traders are charged with $0,5 fee on every placed trade.

One of the interesting things we would like to mention is that Daweda Exchange developed their own binary robot so traders that are attracted to auto trading binary options have the opportunity to invest in this type of trading. 

Due to CySEC’s decision, this broker no longer provides binary options bonuses!

Daweda Exchange

Daweda Exchange is based on a Proprietary trading platform that is used by many binary brokers we have reviewed on our page. Of course, besides classic desktop platform, Daweda Exchange is available both for Android and iOS smartphones and tablet devices. Mobile applications have become an inevitable part of every binary broker that wants to ensure the better trading experience for its customers. According to Daweda, traders are attracted with mobile apps because of the fast lifestyle. Traders are no longer attached to their home and their computers, everything is done on the go, no matter if they are waiting for a coffee in a Starbucks or on the way to home while driving in a train. Mobile applications are enabling traders to place trades whenever they want.

As we were testing Daweda Exchange trading platform, we have concluded that this platform offers various services that are understandable and easy to use. Besides simple and understandable platform, Daweda Exchange provides Platform guide with all essential information that explains how to use the Daweda platform. Traders can follow screenshots that explain every step in the trading dashboard. Daweda Exchange platform enabled traders to pick their favorite trading assets and put them in a special tab for easier monitoring. The platform has ensured excellent overview over trading portfolio which could lead to better trading experience.

Daweda Exchange offers only High/Low options and traders can choose to trade with several ranges of expiry times, from 5 minutes to End of the Day.   

Like every regulated binary broker, Daweda Exchange provides various customer support options. Traders can reach Daweda support using email, contact form, phone or live chat. Daweda Exchange support agents are opened to answer all questions that may occur while registration or trading with this broker. We always like the fact that broker provides live chat support.

Binary options are still exotic investment type and there are many traders that still don’t know much about them, so live chat may be an excellent way to find out. According to Daweda Exchange page, they strive to build strong relationships with their clients and they believe that most of the issues can be solved with good communication services.   

Daweda Exchange website is available in English, Russian, German, French, and Arabic which enables easier interaction with the website for those who are not that strong with English.

Besides excellent customer support services, Daweda Exchange review showed that this broker provides excellent and bulky education section where traders can find helpful information and simple guidelines on how to trade with Daweda. Along with strong educational database, Daweda traders are welcome to order a Daweda Exchange Book with essential information that could make traders make better trading decisions and have a full understanding of their trading portfolio.

The Daweda Book has focused on providing the information about decision making in complicated market situations and it provides a lot of information on indicators, price levels (BID and ASK). Daweda Book provides real-time information with an innovative approach, so traders will get a clear idea of financial market activities.  

This broker is owned by DawedaExchange Limited. Daweda has focused on operating under strong regulations of several regulatory bodies. As we have mentioned before Daweda Exchange is regulated by CySEC ( Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) under license number 289/16. Along with CySEC, Daweda Exchange also complies their services with MiFID guidelines (European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) and they are committed to following Anti-Money Regulations (AML) as well.  

Daweda Exchange broker allows minimum deposit of just $100 and traders are welcome to invest with Pounds, Dollars or Euros. The minimum trading amount is $10 and it is also equivalent in other two currencies. As found on their page, Daweda Exchange doesn’t have any restrictions when we speak about withdrawals, but we haven’t found any specific information about minimum withdrawal amount.

We would like to remind traders they should carefully read Daweda Exchange T&C in order to be familiar with essential information about this broker.  When making withdrawals, Daweda confirmed some charges will be applied for multiple transactions so make sure you have found information about that.

There are various payment options available so traders can choose preferred payment method for depositing and withdrawing with Daweda Exchange. Traders are welcome to make their transaction with Maestro, Diners, Visa, MasterCard or they can choose some of the E-Wallets like Skrill Moneybookers or WebMoney. According to Daweda Exchange, all withdrawals will be processed within 24 hours but depending on the bank providers, funds will be visible a bit later.

Daweda Exchange

ATS Trading Software

It is important to mention that Daweda Exchange ATS offers to trade only with Daweda Exchange broker since it is owned by this broker. In this robot review, we have already mentioned that traders who decide to trade with this auto trading software will trade with CySEC licensed broker.  Regulated brokers are obligated to follow various security, payment and support regulations which are provided by financial regulators.

Traders who register with Daweda Exchange broker need to know that auto trading with Daweda Exchange software is completely free of charge. The only thing traders will pay is the amount they plan to invest with this broker. In order to access the Daweda Exchange ATS profile, traders first need to register with Daweda Exchange broker. This is made in a few simple steps, by filling the basic information.

In order to use a Daweda Exchange auto trading system, traders need to invest at least $500. We have to say this is a pretty high amount to get started trading because average industry deposit amount is about $200.

After traders have registered and made a deposit with Daweda Exchange broker they can pick the number of the contract they plan to trade with. Daweda Exchange ATS allows traders to limit their trades per day. When those settings are adjusted traders can choose which strategy they will use with Daweda Exchange ATS and they can activate their Daweda software. Daweda Exchange software is a completely automated trading software that generates binary signals and places them on traders behalf while they don’t need to interfere with software.  

This auto trading software allows trading with mobile platforms so traders can choose to use Daweda Exchange ATS on both Android and iOS devices. Mobile trading allows traders to easily track their trades and to adjust their settings when they are on the go.

Besides excellent mobile applications Daweda Exchange ATS welcomed their traders with superb educational materials that include a glossary  and various tutorials that guide traders on how to use unique Daweda Exchange features.

When trading with Daweda Exchange ATS traders have the option to choose between two types of strategies. Each trading strategy depends on the level of market volatility trader expects to experience.

Trend Strategy is focused for trading with less volatile underlying assets. Traders who choose to trade with this strategy type have the opportunity to trade with those assets which price has the statistical probability to continue in the same trend. Daweda Exchange auto trading software will automatically place Up option when a certain asset reaches a new high point or Put option for the opposite movement.

The reversal strategy has more successful trades with more volatile assets, according to Daweda Exchange. This means the more volatile the asset, the higher will be a statistical probability that value of the certain asset will reverse the trend.

We hope that this Daweda Exchange ATS will help traders to decide if this trading software fits their preferences. Besides it has the option to trade with only one broker, Daweda Exchange review has shown it provides excellent trading tools and risk management features. 

Daweda Exchange - Review Conclusion

  • “Peer to peer” trading
  • Closed!