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BinaryOnline Broker Review 2023

  • Min. Deposit $250
  • Min. Invest $5
  • Return 81%

BinaryOnline broker claims to have a number of trading tools and selection services which are far more significant than any other broker. BinaryOnline is definitely known for its unique trading platform as well as the wealth of tools that they have at their disposal.

The broker can deliver up to 81% as well as a minimum investment that’s as low as five dollars on hyper investment. BinaryOnline review finds out the minimum deposit for the broker is around $250 which is fairly widespread throughout many of the top online brokers. They trade mostly in EUR, GBP and US dollars and the system are based on the Panda TS software so it’s extremely fast and very refined.

BinaryOnline is heralded as one of the most futuristic online binary options platforms that are also quite easy to learn. There are the wealth of tools that many investors may never use on this platform but many tools that season experts would not be able to find on any other trading platform. Our BinaryOnline review discovered the broker has been reworked to add improvements and the Panda TS base still remains one of the top industry standards for the binary options marketplace.

BinaryOnline Account Features

Our BinaryOnline review has found several major account types are available for use through BinaryOnline. Ends remain trading accounts ensure that you have access to just the types of tools that you require to have success in the binary options market. Here are some of the top types of accounts that you can use:

BinaryOnline Takeoff account: By depositing between $250-2499 you can get access to full 24 seven customer support, ongoing e-mail alerts, daily market news from a newsletter as well as blog updates throughout the day as well as access to the educational webinars and winners corner comment section. Learn more about the top trading strategies of the contest winners in this forum.

BinaryOnline Standard account: depositing between $2500-9999 can net you promotional alert e-mails, 24/7 customer support the same daily market news and blog posts, personal trading expert coaches and access to the webinars and winners corner. BinaryOnlinereview found traders can also get access to free signals for two weeks they can help to introduce a wealth of new strategies that you can use to see greater levels of profits. These signals are available regularly as part of the premium account.

BinaryOnline Premium account: Just like some other trading platforms that offer risk-free trades you can get access to 10 risk-free trades with the help of this account. The premium account requires a deposit of $10,000 up to 49,999. For the 10 risk-free trades alone you can make a lot of money with this option especially through the promotional e-mail alert, amazing customer support, free signals for three weeks, live trading professionals, higher bonus profits and more. With risk-free trades, you can really risk a lot of extra money with the potential to strike it big. Although this platform does not currently have any kind of license currently the risk-free trades on the premium account are unprecedented in binary options.

In our BinaryOnline review, we have noted that returns range between 60 to 80% depending on the type of asset in the time that you are interested in using. The broker does not currently have any type of license but they do keep their database well up to date and secure to ensure that they adhere to various compliances to operate in Australia and other parts of the world.

Although there isn’t any current regulation or license with the company, they remain a respected name in the binary options market.


BinaryOnline Trading Software

Traders on BinaryOnline can benefit from a massive list of various expiry times. It’s possible to use short-term expiry of 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 2 min, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, One Hour and the End of Day as well as some long-term options like the End of the week or the End of the year. No other trading platform currently has any of these options entirely set up and ready for users to keep for investment from the very beginning.

Not only can you trade on all of these short timescales but it’s also possible to trade over 100 different assets across the platform including indices, currencies, commodities and stocks. The matter what you enjoy trading there is a social trading option that BinaryOnline also possesses that makes it easier for traders to pool their resources and education to make winning decisions together.

The social trade also makes beginner traders much more apt to have success early on and to ensure that the latest strategies can actually work for them. BinaryOnline review affirmed the broker has a massive amount of compatibility including a mobile application and a desktop application each of which has the full suite of tools available for use.

BinaryOnline Support Information

As we went further in our BinaryOnline review, customer support for this company is excellent through phone, online contact form as well as live chat. BinaryOnline even has support under the winners corner in which traders can find a list of guides and tutorials written by other members.

The FAQ as well as the trading strategy section answer many of the top questions that most customers would have and the 24-hour support is one of the best live chat features from any broker that is unlicensed. They also have an intensive vetting process and terms and conditions section that ensures that all of the users are quite serious about the process of investing in binary options. This type of processing ensures that every user even on the forums is happy to treat the investment process seriously and help out others.


BinaryOnline Company Information

In the course of our BinaryOnline review, we ascertained this an unlicensed broker that is operated by Zola LTD. The company is located in Sofia Bulgaria on the Osvoboditel Boulevard and they have several different locations throughout the world including one in the United Kingdom as well as in Australia. They can be reached via their e-mail interface as well as the customer service live chat that’s available on the platform.

BinaryOnline conducts a transparent online business and has their own AML policy, KYC policy and more. They aren’t currently under any type of licensing but they do require many of the safeguards that are required under any standard trading license. In order to open a brokerage account, you need to have a proof of residence, an ID card, a copy of your credit card and an investment testimony form that states what you plan on using the system for.

Making a deposit can be done quite easily with the help of Visa debit, MasterCard, bank wire transfer, e-wallet or CashU.

Our BinaryOnline review discovered that withdrawals generally take between 3 to 5 days and this broker will charge withdrawal fees on every option including a $25 processing fee for credit cards with an additional $10 fee for withdrawals, A $25 CashU withdrawal fee and a wire transfer fee of $50.

BinaryOnline Review Conclusion

While the option of 10 risk-free trades with the premium account is a very powerful tool that can be used by many experienced traders, this broker is currently unlicensed and has some very high fees for the withdrawal process. No other binary options broker that we reviewed included a $50 processing fee for withdraws to a bank wire. Although the platform is solid, this is a trading platform that needs to be used by investors who want to at least invest $1000.

BinaryOnline - Review Conclusion

  • Various trading accounts
  • Not regulated