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SimpleAutoTrading Robot Review 2023

  • Min. Deposit $250
  • Min. Invest $25
  • Return 83%

The aim of this Simple Auto Trading robot review is to give current and prospective traders an insight into this fresh and interesting binary options trading software that offers a streamlined and user-friendly trading experience.

Considering the fact that the number or binary trading robots is continuously growing, it is extremely important that traders are familiar with details and characteristics of those products. Furthermore, perhaps the most important thing of all is to be able to recognize a good or faulty binary options robots seeing that your financial plans depend on you making the right choice. This why we have taken this task of reviewing these products so you could make the most informed decision.

Simple Auto Trading binary trading software is a free product with many features that are a staple in every trader’s investment plans. This binary options robot offers a fast and straightforward registration process so you are able to start your trading adventure as soon as possible.

Simple Auto Trading – Registration Process

Since Simple Auto Trading binary robot is a completely free product, so is the registration. Traders are never asked to make any payments to In order to open a free account all you need to do is is fill out a short web form that includes just your basic details.

Once you are registered, you will need to connect with a broker and make a deposit in order to start your real trading. Simple Auto Trading will recommend a list of brokers that are available directly on the trading platform and those that are best for you according to your residence. This is an extremely useful feature as is it not easy nor fast to go through all of the binary options broker reviews in search for a broker that will fit your needs. This way you are saving time and effort and can actually concentrate on your trading skills and development of your investment portfolio.

When it comes to making a deposit with a broker, most binary brokers require a minimum deposit of $250. This payment goes solely to your trading account and is designated to be used for your trades only. No payments are required for Simple Auto Trading robot as it remains completely free forever.


Simple Auto Trading – Features and Systems

Simple Auto Trading offers a wide variety of different features that proved to be very beneficial in a trading process. This robot’s entire trading approach is defined through 3 systems that are designed in a way to maximize your trading potential and minimize risk factors.

Classic System

Simple Auto Trading binary trading robot recommends the Classic System as one of its safest systems that has regular increase. Traders who consider themselves to be more conservative in their trading approach or those who are just beginning their trading journey will most likely be drawn to this specific system.

Martingale System

This trading approach is rooted in the highly popular Martingale theory and is definitely a more dynamic approach to trading. This system will, therefore, be suitable for those traders who are comfortable in a fast-paced trading environment or are already very experienced and know exactly what they are looking for.

Fibonacci System

According to the Simple Auto Trading website, this specific system is viewed as the most accurate as it relies directly on the famous Fibonacci theory of number, which consequently allows for a very precise trading strategy.

Simple Auto Trading – Trading Indicators

During the course of writing this Simple Auto Trading robot review, we have found out that this binary options software has integrated multiple different indicators to the trading algorithms that are in use. What makes these indicators useful is the fact that they analyze price movements that are short timed which is where the most trading volatility comes from. For this reason, indicators are an essential part of binary options robots – at least the good ones.

The following list contains all of the Simple Auto Trading indicators:

Trend indicator – This indicator is designed to follow well-established trends on specific assets that are commonly traded.
CCI indicator – Called the Commodity Channel Index is used for trading commodities, but can also, in certain situations, be applied to currency trading.
RSI indicator – Relative Strength Index indicator is used to calculate momentum based on averages of gains and losses. It is viewed as an oscillating indicator.
Stoch Indicator – is an indicator that is very well suited for those who aren’t yet as experienced in binary trading as it visually displays the expected price movements.
Williams Indicator – this indicator is typically used in combination with the Stoch indicator as it provides an additional reference for checking trends and price movements.
MACD Indicator – this indicator is designed to employ two sets of averages to find oversold and overbought assets.


Simple Auto Trading – Platform Features

As we already mentioned, Simple Auto trading binary robot has emerged on the market fairly recently but been able to offer everything, if not more, as the binary robots that are available for far longer.

Once traders go through the registration process and go to the website to log in, they are given access to the trading dashboard that provides everything needed for streamlined and intuitive binary options trading.

The interface itself is well designed with great applicability. On the left side of the dashboard, traders can find categories such as Setting, Brokers and Customer Support with the Auto-trading activation button in the middle of the dashboard. This is specifically designed in such a way that is easily seen and accessed so you never have to fumble around to find the activation button.

On the right side of the dashboard, recent and current trades are located. This provides traders with insight into their past and present trades which help to analyze your trading history so you can make needed adjustments to your trading plans.

Simple Auto Trading – Demo Account

Along with other great features, Simple Auto trading offers an invaluable demo account which comes equipped with a $1000 virtual funds that you can use to familiarize yourself with the trading process and get as much practice and experience as you can. Demo accounts are a very important source of information and education as you are able to get a feel for the process itself along with the features of the dashboard and tools which are typically used in binary options trading.

While writing this review we have concluded that the best course of action when using the Demo account is to activate the auto trading option for a short period and afterwards change the setting so you can see exactly how your trades were affected and in which way. Simple Auto Trading Demo account provides a risk free trading environment where you can get the much needed insight into the world of binary options trading.

Simple Auto Trading – Conclusion

Simple Auto Trading binary robot offer a completely free trading dashboard with plenty of valuable features and tools that are designed to be used by all types of traders.
This binary options robot is also equipped with an outstanding customer support service which is available via email and live chat. This enables you to get answers to your issues and questions in a professional and efficient manner without a delay. The support team has proved to be very friendly and eager to help which is always a big plus in the binary options trading industry.

SimpleAutoTrading - Review Conclusion

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