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SignalSamurai Review 2023

  • Min. Deposit $250
  • Min. Invest $25
  • Return 88%

SignalSamurai is a brand new binary options signal provider that was launched by a Japanese stockbroker Kinjo Oda. This broker claims to have many years of financial experience on Tokyo Stock Exchange market where he was employed for many years. His experience in stock exchange market led him to the idea of generating binary signals and sharing them with traders all over the world. You can read more about SignalSamurai in our review below.

What is SignalSamurai?

SignalSamurai is a free binary signal provider that delivers binary signals generated by Kinjo Oda’s algorithms. According to Kinjo Oda, these signals are executed by a quick, automatic and reliable trading service.  

In order to understand what SignalSamurai offers, traders must first know more about the signal provider term. There are many signal providers available on the financial market and some of them are free, while some signal providers charge for their services. SignalSamurai is providing free services for traders. Aside from that, there are many features available from this signal provider that have caught our attention.


SignalSamurai Live Binary Signals are Based on Bushido Code

Besides being a free signals provider, Kinjo Oda claims that signals generated by his algorithm are based on Bushido Code. For those that are not familiar with Bushido term, this means that business is strictly based on respectful, loyal, righteous and benevolent conditions. It is quite known that Japanese people have a strong sense of honor and righteousness that is deeply embedded in the Japanese culture.    

SignalSamurai Provides Free Binary Signals

Aside from the fact that live signals generated by SignalSamurai are based on an honorable system, this signal provider offers its services completely free of charge. SignalSamurai traders don’t need to pay any additional fees to use this signal software.

Allegedly, Kinjo Oda’s personal opinion towards profit is that everyone needs to have the equal chance to make a profit. Because of this, all traders that register with SignalSamurai will respectfully have free access to binary signals. This approach helps many traders to use this binary signal provider and try to make a profit in a user-friendly environment. Because of this, traders should keep in mind that good auto trading software accompanied with proper education and understanding of risk provides the best trading experience.    

Do I need to Download any Software in Order to use SignalSamurai?

There are various signal providers on the market that offer services that generate binary options signals, but traders are usually discouraged by complicated installations and activations of a certain software. SignalSamurai follows strong Japanese beliefs and implements modern and practical rules where traders don’t need to spend their time on installations and setting up their account.

Traders that decide to register with SignalSamurai won’t need to download any programs on their computer or mobile devices. This signal provider enabled traders to log in from any computer, tablet or smartphone in order to have an easier approach and quicker access to SignalSamurai platform.

The only thing traders need to know in order to access their platform is their username and password. This way, traders are not required to log in from one place only or carry their laptop, instead, they can log in with their mobile phone from anywhere.   


How To Register With SignalSamurai?

Just go to SignalSamurai website and fill out your basic info in the registration form. After filling out your info, click on register and your account will be ready in a few moments. SignalSamurai platform offers traders to deposit with one of the brokers available on its trading platform.

It is important to know that SignalSamurai only provides binary signals to its traders and payment actions are strictly done on a broker’s website. This means that if a trader wants to make a deposit with a certain broker, he will be redirected to the broker’s website where he will be able to continue the deposit process. SignalSamurai doesn’t require the information about payment details. Traders only provide basic information like email, name, last name, and country of residence.

Expert Signal Provider – Japanese SignalSamurai Software

Besides being free and providing binary signals in an honorable way to its traders, according to Kinjo Oda,
SignalSamurai delivers binary signals in a very short time. This signal provider software provides user-friendly features and simple navigation through the platform.

In order to get binary signals, traders have to make at least one deposit with a broker. After traders have managed to deposit their investment, SignalSamurai platform will start providing information about binary signals. This binary signals bot review has shown that registration takes no more than a few minutes and that traders can easily log in.  

SignalSamurai Dashboard Review and Features

In our SignalSamurai review, we have managed to review the trading dashboard and the available features. This brand new signals app showed very simple trading interface where traders will find only important and clear overview of their trading portfolio. According to Kinjo Oda, this binary options trading software enables a whole set of customization features that will help traders use preferred settings.

While reviewing SignalSamurai platform, we found several interesting features that could be used for efficient money management. Further on, find out what features we have found:

SignalSamurai Daily Stop Loss feature is here to limit daily trading investments and to enable effective money management.

SignalSamurai Investment Feature allows traders to set preferred amount of trades they plan to execute during one day.

 SignalSamurai Trading Amounts feature allows traders to adjust the amounts for each asset group – stocks, currencies, and commodities.

SignalSamurai Binary Signals Overview

After writing this signal provider review, we managed to explain how to open an account with SignalSamurai, how to register with a certain broker, how to log in with this signal provider and how to efficiently customize your trading portfolio.

After setting the preferred assets, traders will start receiving signals on their SignalSamurai dashboard. Traders can receive information about binary signals only when they are online, on their trading platform. SignalSamurai will never execute a trade by itself, because, according to Bushido code, traders have the complete control over their trading account.

Traders are welcome to change preferred settings at any time they want. SignalSamurai platform shows very neat signal boxes with information about each signal. The signal information contains the trading amount, the name of the broker, expiry time, the confidence factor and the “accept or decline a trade” button. According to SignalSamurai review, a confidence factor indicates the safety level of a certain signal provided by the signal bot. This indicator ranges from green to yellow and this way, traders can decide if they want to accept to trade or decline the provided signal.   

SignalSamurai Signal Provider Review – Conclusion

We have reviewed many signal providers and what we can say is that SignalSamurai allows traders to instantly execute their trades from the trading dashboard. Kinjo Oda is not just a financial specialist, he found a way to simplify the trading process and allow traders to simultaneously receive, accept and execute trades from one trading platform.

This signal provider seems like a good opportunity with a supportive approach and a traditional background. In order to find out more about this intuitive signal provider, traders are welcome to contact their customer support team.

SignalSamurai - Review Conclusion

  • 100% control over trading platform
  • No mobile app available