Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

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Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

FXMasterBot Review


FXMasterBot is an online software created for easy trading of forex and cryptocurrencies. It is completely web based which means that there are no additional downloads. If you want to trade with this software, you just simply go the website and you can access everything from your browser. FXMasterBot is not a broker but a software that serve as a link between the trading interface and a broker.

This means that traders will not deposit with a FXMasterBot directly but with a specific broker they can choose when they sign up. The variety of banking methods depends on the broker traders select for the initial deposit.

A great advantage of this software is that, due to the large number of brokers available, there are also many trading accounts available that suit all types of users. From accounts for complete beginners, to accounts for expert traders – FXMasterBot has it all. The choice is ultimately up to you with which broker you prefer to trade with. FXMasterBot will provide you with their world-class automated software either way.

In addition to all the extra settings provided by each broker, FXMasterBot offers its own settings for specific asset range and trading strategy for each user. This means traders will never lose their time with signals they are not interested in, but instead, they can customise their trading experience to only receive what they are looking for.

FX Master Bot

FXMasterBot offers manual trading with automatically generated signals. This means you will be in control of your trades, but in the simplest way possible. Absolutely anyone can trade forex and cryptocurrencies with the FXMasterBot software, no matter the experience, as mentioned before. All you need to do is deposit with the broker of your choice and their system will fully unlock, providing you with many signals for forex and cryptocurrencies.

The minimum deposit is $250 for all brokers.

The automated software behind FXMasterBot constantly scans the market and delivers you any market movement in the form of trading signals. In other words, these signals show you whether an asset pair is moving up or down at that specific time – which helps you figure out what to trade (BUY or SELL).

It is already known that in the world of forex and cryptocurrency trading, customer support is a very important thing. We have contacted FXMasterBot customer support via chat several times during the writing of this review, and we have only words of praise. Educated, polite agents looking to help with an answer on your questions and explaining tools and features which you don’t understand.

This is not the only way to contact the FXMasterBot support team. You can always send an email and read more about rules and settings on the FAQ section on their website. This section provides many answers to the traders who want to know more information about the software.

As we already said, FXMasterBot is completely free software. This means that traders don’t need to pay any membership or monthly fee to use it. However, to use this software, you have to make a deposit with a broker that is available for your country. The brokers available for each country will be listed on your Dashboard when you decide to make the initial deposit. Minimum deposit with a broker is $250 and it is processed by the broker which means that FXMasterBot stays completely free for use.

FXMasterBot is a trading software that really provides different options to trade with.

They give you the choice of broker, trading strategy and asset range. Your trading experience will be entirely customised, while using the best automated system out there.

This means that with this free software, traders can invest money and enjoy trading on a completely new level!