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FXMasterBot Review 2021

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The aim of this FXMasterBot review is to give our readers all the necessary info they need in order to make informed decisions regarding their forex and crypto trading options. This particular software has become more and more popular in recent times and we are pretty confident we know why this is so. Aside from the fact that FXMasterBot provides the luxury of having forex and crypto trading displayed on the same platform, the sheer customisation is what also attracts a lot of traders.

FXMasterBot Review – Account Features

Obviously, account features are what interests our readers right off the bat. Those who feel the need to completely research a product before committing to using it, know that understanding the different aspects of different accounts is of crucial importance. FXMasterBot connects users to the best brokers for their country and helps them easily make their trades. This means that traders will have instant access to a variety of different account types via the broker they choose. Each broker offers their own account types and special features, from accounts for the complete beginner – to accounts for the professional trader. It is ultimately up to you.

Once you choose the broker and account type, FXMasterBot will have the perfect trading software ready for you to begin.

FXMasterBot Review – Trading Software & Assets

Most trading softwares available on the market are either very expensive or they charge you hidden and undisclosed fees that catch you off guard. FXMasterBot has proved to be nothing of the sort – it is completely free! This means that there are absolutely no hidden fees or charges and you can use your FXMasterBot for as long as your account is open. This also means that there are many options to customize both the trading platform itself but also your trading strategies.

The way in which you opt to approach your customization abilities is completely up to you. Thre are no two traders alike, which means that their strategies and investments plans will also be very much different. With this in mind, the developers of FXMasterBot have opted to place the entire trading platform solely online. This will be a great news for all traders regardless of experience but especially those who do not want to be tied up to their home computer by downloading a program after program. With this software, you can always be connected to your trading platform as is it accessible through your basic browser and from any device that is able to sustain an internet connection.

The trading strategies currently available at FXMasterBot cater to all kinds of traders. These help you receive signals based on the strategy of your choice, which means you will not be losing any time getting signals you are not interested in. You can also choose the specific asset range you prefer to trade from their forex and cryptocurrency collection, customising your trading experience even further.

Check out the various trading strategies below:

What are the FXMasterBot Signals and How Do They Work?

FXMasterBot makes trading easier for everyone by providing users with automatically generated signals. These signals are indications of asset pairs moving up or down in the market at that moment. This means they help you regarding whether you should BUY or SELL a specific asset pair. You will be receiving new trading signals every minute and all in live time. Of course, you can always set your take profit and stop loss with your broker on the bottom half of the page to not trade more than you are willing to.

FXMasterBot Review – Customer Support

Last but not the least is the customer support section. Most reviews out there tend to disregard this important part of the overall service and review of a particular product. We, on the other hand, place great emphasis on the customer support as the team behind that label will be the first and in most cases the only people you will have direct contact with. It is important for the customer support agents to be very educated and professional but also to have a friendly way of delivering information to traders.

During the writing of this review, we have contacted the customer support in order to test the efficacy of the service but also to test whether the means of contact are working properly. The Live chat option is definitely the fastest way to get a hold of the agents and we recommend using it if you have an important issue you need to resolve immediately. For general inquiries, you can either use the FAQ section that is loaded with answers to the most common questions, or the email address provided on the website.

FXMasterBot Review Verdict

For those traders who love to diversify their trading options by choosing to trade forex and cryptocurrencies, FXMasterBot is the ideal choice. It is a fully customizable software that offers many features and tools that can be used by all types of traders. Automated signals is something that will attract all types of users, from the complete beginner to the professional trader. FXMasterBot offers the ultimate trading experience for everyone.

FXMasterBot - Review Conclusion

  • Completely Free!
  • No phone app