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FXMasterBot Review 2023

  • Min. Deposit $250
  • Min. Invest $25
  • Return 89%

The aim of this FXMasterBot review is to give our readers all the necessary info they need in order to make informed decisions regarding their forex trading options. This particular software has become more and more popular in recent times and we are pretty confident we know why this is so. Aside from the fact that FXMasterBot provides the luxury of having forex trading displayed on the same platform, the sheer customizability is what also attracts a lot of traders.

FXMasterBot Review – Account Features

Obviously, account features are what interests our readers right off the bat. Those who feel the need to completely research a product before committing to using it, know that understanding the different aspects of different accounts is of crucial importance. FXMasterBot has several different account types and we are confident that every trader, regardless of the professional skill and experience level, will be able to find something that suits their particular needs.

FXmasterBot Demo Account

Demo account is the brilliant feature that most reputable software’s have. After going through the simple registration process, you are going to be opting either for a Demo account or to go straight to the Real account, which also has different types. We always suggest that traders take advantage of the Demo account regardless of their experience levels or the amount of knowledge they might possess about forex trading. This is because the Demo account offers a great, risk-free way to grow accustomed to the trading interface along with all of the available features and tools.

This is something we find to be invaluable when preparing to make the next big step in online trading without having to deposit any of your real funds. The Demo account also allows traders to develop their trading strategies and investment plans without worrying whether or not their current strategy is going to be fruitful or not. The Demo account will be open for 5 days after the opening of the account.

FXMasterBot Novice Account

The Novice account comes as a natural progression from the Demo account. After you have made sure you familiarize yourself with all the existing tools, features and customization options in the Demo account, you are ready to start your real trading journey. The minimum deposit amount for this account type is the industry’s standard of $250. Obviously, there are certain perks you get for opening a Novice account – the ability to choose more than one broker and the leaderboard multiplier x1. This is a great starting account, especially for those traders who do not feel comfortable depositing larger amounts.

FXMasterBot Expert Account

The FXMasterBot Expert account is one step above the Novice account and it offers that much more for the traders. Once you decide this is the right approach for your trading style, you will need to place a deposit amount of minimum $500 in order to open the Expert account. OBviously, as the name itself suggests, this is the account best suited for those who consider themselves to be fairly experienced in the forex trading. The Leaderboard multiplier is x2 in this account, along with up to 9 currency pairs and much more.

FXMasterBot Master Account

The Master account is the ultimate account level with FXMasterBot. The minimum deposit on this account level is $500 with two brokers.  With this account you will be getting Leaderboard multiplier x3, all available currency pairs, several brokers to trade with and so much more. Customization on this level is unparalleled also, which is a very important factor. Make sure you have carefully thought out what is it that you need from your trading software and which options and benefits do you feel best dealing with.

FXMasterBot Review – Trading Software & Assets

Most trading softwares available on the market are either very expensive or they charge you hidden and undisclosed fees that catch you off guard. FXMasterBot has proved to be nothing of the sort – it is completely free! This means that there are absolutely no hidden fees or charges and you can use your FXMasterBot for as long as your account is open. This also means that there are many options to customize both the trading platform itself but also your trading strategies.

The way in which you opt to approach your customization abilities is completely up to you. Thre are no two traders alike, which means that their strategies and investments plans will also be very much different. With this in mind, the developers of FXMasterBot have opted to place the entire trading platform solely online. This will be a great news for all traders regardless of experience but especially those who do not want to be tied up to their home computer by downloading a program after program. With this software, you can always be connected to your trading platform as is it accessible through your basic browser and from any device that is able to sustain an internet connection.

Is FXMasterBot Really a Completely Free Software?

Yes, like we mentioned above – there will never be any fees or charges with this particular product nor will FXMasterBot ever ask you do deposit anything with them. The only way in which you will be depositing the funds is through the broker of your own choice. The entirety of the amount deposited will be going towards your traders and solely your trades.

If you have any doubts on whether or not this particular product is a good option for your experience levels, make sure you open the Demo account before going further with the depositing of real funds. This way you will be able to figure out if this is something you are looking for, give you the opportunity to learn how the interface works and how to further customize your trading plans. Among other options to try out, make sure you check out the Auto trading and Manual trading option. This enables traders to choose how they want their trades to be placed – automatically by the software or manually. Each option has its benefits, the only deciding factor will be your preferences.

FXMasterBot Review – Customer Support

Last but not the least is the customer support section. Most reviews out there tend to disregard this important part of the overall service and review of a particular product. We, on the other hand, place great emphasis on the customer support as the team behind that label will be the first and in most cases the only people you will have direct contact with. It is important for the customer support agents to be very educated and professional but also to have a friendly way of delivering information to traders.

During the writing of this review, we have contacted the customer support in order to test the efficacy of the service but also to test whether the means of contact are working properly. The Live chat option is definitely the fastest way to get a hold of the agents and we recommend using it if you have an important issue you need to resolve immediately. For general inquiries, you can either use the FAQ section that is loaded with answers to the most common questions, or the email address provided on the website.

FXMasterBot Review Verdict

For those traders who love to diversify their trading options by choosing to trade forex, FXMasterBot is the ideal choice. It is a fully customizable software that offers many features and tools that can be used by all types of traders. Automated trading is something that will attract those who prefer to set their preferences and leave the software to do its job while the manual trading option caters to those who love to have everything under their direct control.

FXMasterBot - Review Conclusion

  • Completely Free!
  • No phone app