Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

A free demo account

with $10.000 in practice money

Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

DaxRobot Review


DaxRobot started its operations in late 2018. Although they were launched in 2018, there is still little information available about the structure of the platform. Nowadays, the trading industry is crowded with different kinds of trading robots. This has some positive as well as some negative impacts on the market. But these robots have proved themselves to be resourceful and multipurpose as they help you trade according to market changes.

Robots can guarantee you a safe, fast, and reliable trading experience. They trade without any emotions, greed, fear, or ego. DaxRobot is a trading system that offers automated forex and CFD trading. It made trading more exciting and easier than ever for the traders. They offer a wide range of trading bots that will work on your behalf. DaxRobot has gained great attention in the market. Its parent company is DaxBase, a reputable broker in the trade market.

DaxRobot has a very friendly and interactive interface; a trader does not have to be certified or obtain any extraordinary training to use this robot. As explained in our DaxRobot review, you need to follow three steps to start trading with this automated system. All you have to do is to get registered and follow the signup process, deposit the funds through different payment methods, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, e-wallets or credit card, and start trading.

What Is DaxRobot

DaxRobot is a Forex and CFD trading platform that offers automated trading. The automated trading platform generates signals by using various algorithms and systems of identifying patterns. These algorithms and systems help the trading platforms to pinpoint the right signals and use them to make trades..

Even though DaxRobot is new to the trading industry it has gained a lot of attention from the traders. DaxRobot only supports one broker, DaxBase. DaxRobot has ten ready-to-use robots for the convenience of its traders.

DaxRobot has a range of payment methods, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, e-wallets and credit cards. No details have been provided by the DaxRobot website about the historical data and success of the robot. DaxRobot operates its business internationally and is not covered by any country’s regulatory framework.

DaxRobot claims to help all traders fulfil their needs, whether they are from the institutional or retail side. DaxRobot directs traders to DaxBase for deposits and withdrawals. Available payment methods include Dash, Neteller, Skrill, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Credit card and Debit card.

DaxRobot requires a deposit of minimum $250 in the account of the DaxBase broker to enable the robots, and they charge a 5% fee on deposits and withdrawals through the credit card. They also offer a demo account that allows the traders to experience the DaxRobot user-friendly trading platform.

How To Use DaxRobot

DaxRobot is an automated trading system or software that trades on behalf of its users. It is a free platform; you just need to deposit some funds in your account to start trading. DaxRobot deals with Forex and CFDs.

The demand for Forex and cryptocurrencies is growing day by day. This market needs more companies like DaxRobot that are offering a smart and automated trading solution. These platforms operate on artificial intelligence oriented strategies.

DaxRobot offers a web-based trading platform with an easy registration and login process. They are also offering a dedicated customer support team and demo accounts for the new traders. You can customize the robot according to your preferences as well as create a robot for yourself. Even creating a new robot is very easy for new traders, you just need to click on the “create my robot” and add your favorite asset pairs. DaxRobot offers 12 different currency pairs for both Forex and Cryptocurrencies.

Demo accounts are certainly important for every trader because it gives them experience and skills to the trader. DaxRobot provides the service of a demo account, but it lasts for only a minute. When you click on the “robot demo,” the platform will take you to a demo account with simulated $1000 to trade.

DaxRobot Login

The sign up and login process is very easy, and you can sign up for the platform in three steps to access the login. The first step is to sign up in which you need to fill out a registration form as soon as you click on the signup button. You have to put information about your name, last name, phone number, account currency, email address, and a minimum eight-digit password to protect the account.

You need to choose a broker that you want. Now you will verify the captcha that you are not a robot. You have to agree with the disclaimer, and you will confirm that you reside outside the USA. Once you click the register for the free button, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address to verify your account. After free registration, you will have access to your account.

If you want to access your account, just click on the login button and add your credentials like an email address and password. Press the login button. DaxRobot will take you to its trading platform. You need to unlock the robots to start trading, to unlock the robots you will deposit a minimum deposit of $250 to your account. Payment can be made by various methods such as credit cards.

After the deposit, you can start trading by allocating the funds to the robot. The robot will work automatically for you. The platform claims that it can double or even triple your money in a day.

DaxRobot Legit

DaxRobot is not providing any detailed information on their website about the robot. They are new in the market and connected to a broker who is also new to the forex market. You only need to take services from one broker, DaxBase, to trade with DaxRobot. This is something that makes traders cautious about the platform.

The DaxRobot service seems to be targeted at the new traders. It provides an easy way to trade currencies with transparent return figures. Traders who are new to the sector can use the services of DaxRobot, on the other hand, experienced traders would like to steer away from this type of service when they collect information on other platforms or automate their trading without staying bound to one platform.

Not providing a lot of information does not mean that a platform is not legit. Scam automated platforms cannot survive in the market for a long period. As DaxRobot is gaining popularity day by day, that means they have something innovative to offer to their traders.

DaxRobot Trading

Trading can be both exciting and stressful, depending on the knowledge and experience as well as the choice of the trading platform. It has multiple potholes that can lead you to the loss in a short period. All traders need to get familiar with the chosen trading platform. Most trading platforms are similar except for some common differences. That’s why a trader who understands the whole platform has some advantage over the others who are new to the platform.

After signing up for the DaxRobot trading platform, you need to select a robot from the robots list. If you do not want to choose from the list, you can create your bot according to your requirements. If you want to select top robots from the platform, just go to the left side of the trading platform.

If you do not want to choose from the list or top robots, then just click the “create my robot” button, which is above the top robot list. Now, you need to choose your preferred asset pairs and a minimum of three indicators to start trading. As we know, DaxBase is the only supported broker of DaxRobot. They offer three types of accounts; Bronze, Silver, and Gold. After the signup process, you will need to activate your trading account/robot with the initial minimum deposit to start trading.

Traders can create new robots easily by selecting their favorite asset pairs and indicators. DaxRobot trading platform offers many robots, and some of them are; Cryptohunter1, Crypto ADX 2.0, RSIMA Cross, xProfit, Ichimoku Crypto v2, and RVI & MA.

DaxRobot Scam

We can’t say that DaxRobot is a scam. The automated trading system provides signals depending upon the pattern recognition system and innovative algorithms. This system allows you to pinpoint the signals that can generate ITM signals. A strategy dependent upon the various technical studies and multiple indicators will help you make the best decision.

This platform is simple compared to other auto-traders with a lot of complexities. Complex platforms are difficult to understand and use.

DaxRobot interface is user friendly and can be used by those who hardly know the basics. They require a minimum deposit of $250, and a minimum investment of $1. The platform is free to use; everyone can register themselves for free. The platform will allow you to customize the robot to your preferences. They are also offering a demo account through which traders can assess the platform. The demo account has a $1000 virtual fund that can be used within a minute.

Many other platforms promise us big profits, and they turn out to be a scam. DaxRobot does not make these promises, however, we advise you to do your own research before you decide whether you will try DaxRobot or not.