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Daweda Exchange

Daweda Automatic Trading Software Review 2020

  • Min. Deposit $500
  • Min. Invest $10
  • Return -

Daweda Exchange ATS, unfortunately, closed. Please browse through our selected Robots and Signals lists to find your best-suited partner in automated binary options trading.

What is Daweda Exchange Automatic Software?

Daweda Exchange brand is a new binary options broker that has appeared on the financial market in 2016. This brokerage company is a brand name of Cypriot Companies Law regulated by CySEC regulator under a license number 289/16. Besides the opportunity to trade with binary options, this broker has decided to develop their own binary options robot that provides more services to its clients. Daweda Exchange automated trading software – ATS has the function of a binary robot that enabled traders to place automated trades with this broker.

According to Daweda Exchange broker, this automated software is the first binary software that allows traders to trade directly with each other and not trading against the house. This way broker has decreased the level of involvement with traders. Daweda Exchange ATS has the purpose of auto trading and generating signals for Daweda traders. This way traders can spend time working something else, while the system will automatically generate binary signals according to their preferences.

Who is Daweda Exchange ATS Made for?

In our Daweda Exchange robot review we have analyzed available tools and the purpose of this auto trading software. Daweda Exchange ATS is developed for traders who want to have control over their trading portfolio but still use the benefits of the auto trading software. Daweda Exchange software provides an adjustable trading platform where traders will be able to customize their trades and create orders on their platform.

Daweda Exchange broker is based on Proprietary platform which is considered as user-friendly. Daweda Exchange automated software is able to submit the order and directly place trades on Proprietary platform.

According to Daweda Exchange, this robot is not made just for those traders that have no experience in binary options, but also for those with more experience too. Inexperienced traders use Daweda Exchange in order to replace insufficient knowledge that would help them make better trading decisions. Trading pros are attracted to automated systems because they can use opportunity to place multiple trades, which is hardly possible when trading manually.

Daweda Exchange

Daweda Exchange ATS Trading Features

It is important to mention that Daweda Exchange ATS offers to trade only with Daweda Exchange broker since it is owned by this broker. In this robot review, we have already mentioned that traders who decide to trade with this auto trading software will trade with CySEC licensed broker.  Regulated brokers are obligated to follow various security, payment and support regulations which are provided by financial regulators.

Traders who register with Daweda Exchange broker need to know that auto trading with Daweda Exchange software is completely free of charge. The only thing traders will pay is the amount they plan to invest with this broker. In order to access the Daweda Exchange ATS profile, traders first need to register with Daweda Exchange broker. This is made in a few simple steps, by filling the basic information.

In order to use a Daweda Exchange auto trading system, traders need to invest at least $500. We have to say this is a pretty high amount to get started trading because average industry deposit amount is about $200.

After traders have registered and made a deposit with Daweda Exchange broker they can pick the number of the contract they plan to trade with. Daweda Exchange ATS allows traders to limit their trades per day. When those settings are adjusted traders can choose which strategy they will use with Daweda Exchange ATS and they can activate their Daweda software. Daweda Exchange software is a completely automated trading software that generates binary signals and places them on traders behalf while they don’t need to interfere with software.  

This auto trading software allows trading with mobile platforms so traders can choose to use Daweda Exchange ATS on both Android and iOS devices. Mobile trading allows traders to easily track their trades and to adjust their settings when they are on the go.

Besides excellent mobile applications Daweda Exchange ATS welcomed their traders with superb educational materials that include a glossary  and various tutorials that guide traders on how to use unique Daweda Exchange features.

Daweda Exchange ATS Trading Platform

In order to get the best possible overview over Daweda Exchange software, we have created a test account so we can review it from the first hand and check the real user experience. From what we have saw Daweda Exchange ATS is really easy to handle with. Once trader opens their account and deposit funds he will be able to see the full trading platform of his auto trading Daweda software. After that traders can continue setting up their trading account.

According to Daweda Exchange, it is very simple to set up a trading account and after just a five steps, traders will be able to start auto trading. We like the fact that traders can set their Daweda Exchange software to close each day after the profit or loss amounts have been reached.

Daweda auto trading platform provides a helpful Favorites tab which allows traders to add special trading assets they prefer to use. Traders may find useful the information about minimum trade amount that is set to $10. In our Daweda Exchange review, we have enjoyed how they have placed expiry times and Put/Call buttons that are highlighted and visually pointed out. Traders are welcome to see all opened positions so they have a better overview over their trading account.

Daweda Exchange

Daweda Exchange ATS Strategy Options

When trading with Daweda Exchange ATS traders have the option to choose between two types of strategies. Each trading strategy depends on the level of market volatility trader expects to experience.

Trend Strategy is focused for trading with less volatile underlying assets. Traders who choose to trade with this strategy type have the opportunity to trade with those assets which price has the statistical probability to continue in the same trend. Daweda Exchange auto trading software will automatically place Up option when a certain asset reaches a new high point or Put option for the opposite movement.

The reversal strategy has more successful trades with more volatile assets, according to Daweda Exchange. This means the more volatile the asset, the higher will be a statistical probability that value of the certain asset will reverse the trend.

We hope that this Daweda Exchange ATS will help traders to decide if this trading software fits their preferences. Besides it has the option to trade with only one broker, Daweda Exchange review has shown it provides excellent trading tools and risk management features.  

Daweda Exchange - Review Conclusion

  • 100% automated software
  • Closed!