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BinarySignalsApp Review 2023

  • Min. Deposit $250
  • Min. Invest $20
  • Return 80%

Just like with everything else, even in binary options developers and binary options experts are finding ways to simplify the trading process. Not that it was complicated before, but it did, and still does require effort on the part of the trader to place a great trade with a potentially winning outcome.

With BinarySignalsApp this process is so streamlined it’s beyond easy. BinarySignals App is a binary signal provider that does promise to provide a strategic advantage to traders who decide to use it.

In this review we will bring you the most interesting and crucial information about this app, so you can decide if you will register and start trading with it. Obviously, it is paramount that you are educated on how to use signal providers in order to reap all the possible benefits.

Below you can find all the information you need about all the features, interface details and options, variations of the BinarySignalsApp and other interesting facts that might attract you to use it.

BinarySignalsApp Registration Process

There are several ways you can register to use BinarySignalsApp. Traders can go through a registration process on their website, app store and Google play store.

Just like with any other registration process, you can expect and email notification after which means that you have made a successful registration. You will be provided with a copy of your username and password, as well as any additional info you might need before you decide to start using BinarySignalsApp.BinarySignalsApp Account Types

There are different account types that we have found and we’ll go over them in the next couple of sections of this review.

BinarySignalsApp Demo Account

All registered traders are given the chance to try out a BinarySignalApp demo account. This way you are able to experience binary signals without needing to invest your money and risking loss. The BinarySignalApp demo lasts for exactly two weeks and includes all possible binary options signals that are provided to subscribed, paying traders. Obviously, after your trial version expires, you can upgrade to a paid service which provides so much more than demo version does.

BinarySignalsApp Real Account

Like we mentioned above, after your BinarySignalApp demo account expires, and you enjoyed your experience, you are given the opportunity to upgrade to a paying service. The registration details stay the same so there is no hassle involved with that part.

Traders are required to properly install the BinarySignalApp to a device of their choice after download. Obviously, if you intend to use the BinarySignalsApp you need to have a device that supports this application.

If you do choose to upgrade to the paying version of the app, you will be paying only $9.99 for a monthly subscription. With the subscription you are getting 15 to 25 live signals per day, all day long.

If you are wondering how are you make the payment, we have that information also. BinarySignalsApp accepts most credit cards, Paypal, Google Wallet and Skrill/Moneybookers.


BinarySignalsApp for Android Devices

This binary options application was primarily developed for android devices. As such, you can download it in Google Play Store. All you need to do to get started is download, install, log in with the information you registered with and you can begin to receive signals.

BinarySignalsApp signals are specifically sent out for short term trades, namely 5, 10 or 15 minutes time frames. If you actually prefer to trade within long-term time frames, you will find that this app might not be the right choice for you. However, if you stick to short term trading, BinarySignalsApp will optimize your trades to help you maximize your profit potential.

BinarySignalsApp Interface on Android Devices

When you start trading on your android device, and you open the BinarySignalApp, the first thing you will see is an inviting and intuitive interface. All live signals are listed on the interface where you can simply click and choose the one you need. After choosing the signal, traders will get a pop-up window that shows them all necessary details to be able to place the trade. We also noticed that price directions are conveniently colored with red and green for Up and Down.

Obviously, all payouts and loses are predetermined by the broker, so you always know how much money you can win and exactly how much you can lose.  

One other thing that we feel that the traders need to be aware of is the fact that BinarySignalsApp will deliver signals only for commodities and currency pairs.


BinarySignalsApp for PC and iPhone/iOS devices

It’s only natural to expect that not all traders like to trade on the go. There is quite a lot of them that still prefer to trade in their home, on a big screen. Thankfully, BinarySignalsApp is available for download for desktop.

There is also the option to download this app for those traders that own iPhones and other iOS devices. Seeing that iOS devices are so widespread, it’s a great thing that BinarySignalsApp is available for those traders that do not own Android devices or Windows desktop.

During the writing of this review we were able to conclude that BinarySignalsApp can certainly be invaluable for traders that love signal trading. Seeing that their app is very widespread and applicable to almost all devices out there, this is a great opportunity for every trader type, whether beginner or more experienced ones.

As far as the price goes, we genuinely feel that the price tag is very accessible. It is true that there are free binary options signal providers, but we think that BinarySignalsApp really does justify its price with what it offers.

There is, obviously, a customer support that you can contact 24/7, including Live Chat, email support and Skype. We have tested the Live Chat option and have found that the staff is very professional and eager in providing all the details a trader might need. Seeing that customer support is available 24/7 that is a great opportunity to find out everything you are unsure about and any situation that might occur during trading that you need help with.

BinarySignalsApp - Review Conclusion

  • Free trial
  • Monthly fee $9,99