Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

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Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

BinaryMasterMind Review


Despite its flashy name, we have been digging through BinaryMasterMind binary software. This interesting robot was presented by so called professional binary trader – John West. BinaryMasterMind represents an advanced binary system that impressed many traders worldwide. In our BinaryMasterMind review, we have revealed all benefits and negative aspects of this software.

BinaryMasterMind Website

We like the appearance of BinaryMasterMind website, where traders will be able to find all basic information about this binary revolution. Apparently, this service is free and traders can register in just a few moments.

Besides very basic introduction in this brand, BinaryMasterMind website has provided simple FAQ where traders can find out more about how to trade with BinaryMasterMind , trading experience, what is BinaryMasterMind, how can trader start trading with BinaryMasterMind etc. The FAQ offers to click on a question and we have expected to read more about each question. Unfortunately, the links are not working, so traders won’t find the answer to their question.

The BinaryMasterMind page claims that traders are offered with reliable binary brokers and have full customer support while trading BinaryMasterMind. Besides that, BinaryMasterMind is a web-based software, so traders can use it on multiple devices that include both desktops, tablet ad mobile trading.

We couldn’t get information about BinaryMasterMind trading features, although there are some tools mentioned on the page, but links are just directing traders on BinaryMasterMind video on the top of the site.

BinaryMasterMind and John West

We have been viewing BinaryMasterMind video tutorial that is presented by John West. the story about this broker is quite vague and there are no broker names mentioned anywhere on the site. From our point of view, traders (and we) always want to find out most important information about binary software before making previous registration with it. Transparent communication means that company has a clear business policy and we can’t confirm this because of less information.

The video presents BinaryMasterMind as extraordinary software that is trading binary options automatically. Traders are allegedly provided with some secret method of online currency exchange algorithms. From what we have seen, BinaryMasterMind is based on mathematical algorithms and it is using light speed computing technology. This is not something we believe and nor should traders.

Mr. John West has talked about how BinaryMasterMind has developed by a team of professionals that have implemented super successful trading algorithms. This software is not using human signal providers as binary trading signals.

BinaryMasterMind supports traders with 24/7 support where traders will be able to find out most important things about trading BinaryMasterMind software.

How to Register with BinaryMasterMind ?

Registration with BinaryMasterMind was simple. We have filled our name and email in order to reach next step. After filling basic information, traders should click to accept BinaryMasterMind terms and conditions. We haven’t found anything strange in their terms and conditions and we have accepted them in order to reach trading account for more research.

After filling mandatory fields, traders will be redirected to their trading account where BinaryMasterMind offers you to fund your account immediately. Minimum deposit amount is $250. We have canceled that offer to be able to check BinaryMasterMind platform first.

BinaryMasterMind Trading Platform

The trading platform looks similar to broker trading platforms. This is good because traders won’t lose much time on researching for trading features. The appearance is white-grey and it is cozy for eyes, especially if traders use it for a longer time. After we have registered with BinaryMasterMind, we have automatically been connected with one of their broker partners.

inaryMasterMind provided us with BinaryTilt broker, which is earlier known as a trustworthy broker. Automatic registration with a broker is excellent, especially for binary newbies. Traders with less experience have more trouble when making all those registrations because they don’t quite understand how to begin automated trading with a certain robot.

BinaryMasterMind Trading Features

Now, when we have registered with BinaryMasterMind , were offered to see what exactly this automated binary software offers. BinaryMasterMind has placed trading menu on the left where it is showing several trading options:

BinaryMasterMind Account – the place where traders can change their personal information like name, last name or a number of phone and country. There are a few things that traders can not change – email and trading currency. This is common with other similar binary software and brokers, so carefully chose a preferred currency.

BinaryMasterMind Fund Account connects traders with BinaryTilt broker where they can continue depositing their investments. It is important to mention that traders never fund their BinaryMasterMind accounts, but broker directly. We are still not sure if there are more brokers to choose from, so for now, this is one thing BinaryMasterMind could work on in future. If traders are uncertain on how to make their deposit with BinaryTilt, they can check video that is presented on the right side of the screen.

BinaryMasterMind Auto Trading gives the opportunity to auto trade with BinaryMasterMind. There are various trading options presented. Traders are welcome to activate BinaryMasterMind auto trading when they are ready to start trading. Trade options offer Daily Stop Loss option which is already familiar with some other trading robots. Among other tools, traders can define trade amount and maximum daily traders so their trades will be limited to certain limitations.

Traders are welcome to trade different assets that can be activated or deactivated depending on their preferences. More assets are activated for trading, BinaryMasterMind will be able to place more trades.

Under trading options, we have also found risk level option, which is great for trading newbies that are just starting to use this software. Green level means traders will have more security and less profit, and orange and red colours are presenting higher profits but more risks. BinaryMasterMind lets traders choose between different expiry times that can also be defined according to the trading strategy. The shortest expiry time starts with 30 minutes, 1 hour, daily and weekly.

BinaryMasterMind Trading History will help traders to keep track on their trades. Trading history is always a good source of information traders can use to create a better trading strategy.

BinaryMasterMind Trading Academy provides videos that will guide traders with some basic information which can be helpful before trading. Traders are welcome to manually place trades with BinaryMasterMind. There is a short video that will help set manual trading on. There are not many videos, so we think BinaryMasterMind could bring more educational videos in future. If you are a binary newbie, you will be interested in how to trade with BinaryMasterMind video.

BinaryMasterMind FAQ

We have mentioned before that website provides questions with links that doesn’t work. After we have registered with BinaryMasterMind, we were able to find all answers in BinaryMasterMind trading account. Obviously, traders are only able to see answers after registration. Maybe they should think about providing more information on their website since there are a lot of traders that want to know basic info.

BinaryMasterMind Customer Support

BinaryMasterMind provides live chat and contact form for their clients. We always prefer talking with agents because it is quick and more simple than waiting for support to contact you back. BinaryMasterMind live chat was offline when we wanted to test their service. This is something that is common with other robots and brokers, so we would not take it as the negative connotation.