Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

A free demo account

with $10.000 in practice money

Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Robot Software Robot is now Deriv Robot

It is old news that sometimes binary brokers put some time and effort into creating their own auto trading robots. One of them is, a binary broker who created BinaryBot – innovative and completely customizable binary options robot making a platform.

This means that traders can either buy a finished robot, created by other users or create their own auto trading robot by adding elements provided. With BinaryBot, traders can either trade or make money selling their robots or using them for auto trading with, that is also a regulated broker. BinaryBot review will give traders more information about exciting and interesting binary options product. Binarybot SchemeBinary.Bot review showed how the making of this robot is a very interesting process. Once trader decides to create the BinaryBot, he will face a whole set of puzzles. Each puzzle has a category and a meaning, and traders can manipulate them however they like. The great news is that traders can also play with these puzzles that represent elements even without registering with

In order to create a BinaryBot, all traders have to do is use the drag and drop method of certain elements. This can easily be done with few clicks of the mouse. According to BinaryBot review, traders can decide whether they want to have advanced and complicated robot or a simple one. Both beginners and experienced traders can create robots and use them or sell them.

Traders who decide to sell their BinaryBot can expect up to 80% of the sales revenue.

Of course, the more advanced the robot is, the higher the price will be so traders should put some effort and innovation in it to make them reliable and precise in every aspect.

Traders can start building their BinaryBots on special platform dedicated for this purpose. BinaryBot review showed that there are several categories of different elements that are used for building an auto trading robot: logic, math, text, advanced and binary. Each category has more than one element that can be used in creating a robot. Traders can combine them, and make smaller adjustments.

Once traders are happy with their robots they can easily finish the BinaryBot development process by defining the contract, things that robot has to do before the contract has been made, defining the allover trading and selection process and things robot has to do once the trading is done. BinaryBot review showed that robots can also be saved as drafts and edited later. This gives traders enough time to rethink and improve their robots. RobotThey can also use their demo account to test their robots.

BinaryBot review showed how this robot is free of charge. Traders can build and sell as many robots they like but have to be users. BinaryBot can only be used for trading with BinaryBot.

Traders who want to trade with multiple brokers won’t be happy with this fact, but as is safe and regulated broker it shouldn’t represent a problem.

BinaryBot by is supporting robot testing so traders can increase success rate simply by adjusting and improving their robots. They can see how the robot acts in real market conditions with various strategies applied.

If traders are not keen to creating their own robots, they can always buy one from the shop. The price ranges from $15 to over $300, and there are even some BinaryBots with reasonably prices trials. It is important to acknowledge how BinaryBot is trading even when the trader is sleeping, which means 24/7. BinaryBot review showed how this auto trading software really delivers, but it may be a bit too demanding for traders who are only beginning their auto trading journey. Many elements of the puzzle are complicated and require knowledge.

Still, as there is a virtual account available for testing, traders can see how their BinaryBot operates in real markets and real trading conditions which significantly lowers the risks and provides much better trading experience.

Traders who are using broker should definitely take advantage of BinaryBot as well. It is a unique opportunity to make additional income, besides binary options trading. Traders can easily experience manual binary options trading and automated trading at once. Review

According to, this is one of the oldest and one of the highly respected brokerage companies in the binary industry. Many years of expertise have helped in providing flexible and comprehensive products to its clients. claims to have a high level of reputation and it tries to ensure a trustful environment for its traders.

Among excellent trading services is based on Proprietary platform and it is regulated by MGA. Read more about unique services in our detailed review below. broker is supported by extraordinary Proprietary binary options platform. The combination of and Proprietary platform will ensure a somewhat different trading experience like traders have met with other trading platforms. We can say that belong to the 21st century and modern approach towards binary options.

Before we start talking about trading platform we would like to mention that we liked charting section with several excellent views for the preferred quotes as graphs. In our review, we have noticed that traders can check real time candlestick graph with an interactive Java run charting software. This feature enabled traders to run various technical tools in order to determine the possible range of price moves. When we compare with other brokers, we can say we haven’t seen others offering such options in the trading analysis. review has shown this broker has put a lot of effort to offer the most innovative environment. Screenshot

We have found provides various educational opportunities for its clients. We were pretty shocked when we found so many available educational services with Traders are welcome to check out some of the training videos provided on the site, find out most important security tips, attend various webinars, get weekly market updates, use some of the useful applications and watch other educational videos. Attending some of the webinars is always a useful thing where traders get latest updates about trading techniques and improving some skills. Most of the educational materials and webinars are free to use, while for some of them traders need to pay extra money.

As we have already mentioned, the interface of is based on the Proprietary platform. Besides innovative services this broker offers, we have to say that provides an unseen range of underlying assets and different products packages. Along with basic charting features, traders that register with can use some extra additional charting options that enabled easier analysis for each option. With this option, traders can enjoy to use a wide range of trading opportunities and have a deeper analysis before they place a trade with the certain asset.

In review we have found five basic types of binary options available for trading. traders can choose between:

Rise/Fall – traders place trades based on the direction of the starting price

High/Low binary options – this option aims to see if the price will end lower or higher than a price target

Stays In/Out Boundary option – this option lets traders execute trades according to defined range of prices. The asset could stay within a defined price range (IN) or outside the defined price range (OUT) before the trade will expire.

Touch/No Touch represents traditional One Touch binary trading where trader can set the position of the barrier

Tick Trades Option – represents an extra fast short term trading

Among trading options we have mentioned above, has recently introduced new and flexible Asian&Digits options. This option is not based on counting the pips, but traders place trades on the last digit of the expiry time. We can say this novelty provided extra features for clients, and it also shows the innovative nature of this brokerage company. The implementation of Asian&Digits shows how gaming industry influences on binary options and creates new trading options for its traders.

Besides Asian&Digits option, enables traders to place trades with Sell Option tool which gives traders the option to take better strategic decisions and set positions before expiry time. Since a Sell option is a standard package that comes with more or less every broker, we can say traders find it very useful. review has shown numerous opportunities with this broker and all these options have only two possible positions. The advantage of the trading platform is that traders have the opportunity to compare their performance and this gives them the opportunity to make a decision. Besides various available options on platform, we can say that platform is user-friendly and very simple to use. platform provides both simple or advanced charting overview, depending on traders preferences. If a trader is a trading newbie and doesn’t want to use advanced charts, lets them use simple overview of the platform.

In our review, we have found the option to register with a demo account service. We think demo account is a great feature that can help in learning more about trading features and gaining some additional trading experience with virtual funds.

When we speak about underlying assets, provides traders to choose between 7 volatility indices, 28 indices, 5 commodities, 46 OTC stocks and 35 Forex pairs. Demo

Many traders start investing in binary options without much trading experience and a demo account is an inevitable tool that helps every trader before he starts investing his real funds. In this guide, we will answer the question about how to open the demo account and what benefits traders have while they trade with a virtual account.

If you already have certain trading experience and you know what risks are included in this type of investing, then you can simply register with and make your first deposit. Although we do think it is always better to practice with demo account if it is available. In case, traders have the opportunity to register and trade with a virtual trading account first.

Traders just need to register with and the will automatically be awarded virtual account. After the simple registration with, traders will receive an email with notification about their demo account and available support that is provided if traders have any questions. virtual account comes with $10,000 of free demo funds. Traders only need to provide their email and password in order to open demo account. Other brokers usually ask for more details and some of them provide the first deposit in order to activate the demo. allows traders to register without the credit card details or any kind of payments.

After they open a demo account traders can choose to place trades with different markets like Forex, Indices, Stocks, Commodities and Volatility Indices. The demo account welcomes traders with a walk through guide that shows a step-by-step instruction. Aside from the market list, traders can choose the underlying asset they want to trade with. The next step allows traders to pick a preferred trading type: Up/Down, Touch/No Touch and In/Out. Below the trading types, traders have the option to set the start time, duration or end time and preferred payout or stake amount. After the trade parameters are adjusted, a trader needs to predict the direction of chosen assets and purchase the trade. This step completes the trading process and a trade will be executed.

Below the trading portfolio traders can monitor the chart analysis of the market. The chart can be modified and its appearance depends on trader’s preferences. Traders can choose the visibility of the chart by changing the time interval which can range from minutes, hours, days or it can display ticks.

Traders can also define and display different chart types which allow them to have a better overview over their portfolio. Traders can choose between lines, candles, OHLC, dots, line dots, spline, table or cross-hair. virtual account allows traders to add or remove different trading indicators which make it more real so traders can have real trading experience even with the demo account. Traders can choose between a variety of trading indicators:

  • Volatility indicators
  • Overlap studies
  • Momentum indicators
  • Price transformation
  • Statistical functions
  • Pattern recognition
  • Bill Williams

Besides the classic trading options, virtual account has integrated one more interesting feature that will help traders in their trading analysis. The virtual account allows traders to add or remove various asset comparisons. Traders can also use drawing tools so they can mark the important position on their trading chart. The demo account enabled the option to save the chart so traders can use it for the template in some future trades. integrated the option to share or download the chart. Traders can share and discuss their charts with their friends on various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, google+, Blogger or VK.

If your demo account is running low on virtual funds, has enabled traders to add extra money after you spend first $10,000. After a trader spends most of the fund on their demo account, they can request for more virtual money.

A trader can ask for new virtual funds after their demo balance falls below $1,000. When the balance will be below this amount, traders will see the green button “Get USD $10,000”. After they click on it, they will be awarded more funds.

If you are done with practicing and you want to start placing real trades with, then you are ready to activate your real account. When you are ready to switch between demo and real account, just check the upper part of platform and click on Cashier. You will see the Bank Wire, Credit card, cash E-Wallet section with green button “Upgrade to a financial account”. Click on a green button and continue filling the information for further registration with real account. Mobile App

Every binary options trader knows how important is to have a mobile app on their phone or table. This service has become a must, no matter if we are talking about basic traders or professional experts. Every brokerage company tends to provide the best possible service to their clients so developing a mobile platform is something they have put their priority on. Mobile AppWe have to go through website and found out that they offer more than other leading brokers on the market. We are used to knowing that most brokers offer iOS and Android mobile applications, but offers a lot more than that.

After the registration with, traders usually make a deposit with this broker. After they begin placing trades, traders usually decide to install the mobile app so they can monitor their trades from their phones. has developed Binary Tick Trade App – two mobile applications that allow traders to enjoy the fast trading mobile experience. Mobile apps allow traders to place trades on the go, no matter where they are.

According to the, Tick Trade App allows almost instant trading results. It is very important to mention that this mobile app is not available in all countries.

Tick Trade mobile app enables to easily choose trading preferences for every trade. The mobile interface is very responsive and it allows to choose various languages. One of the key features that are available with mobile app is the option to enable the risk control by choosing the desired amount for each payout stake. mobile app lets traders to choose between markets and types of binary options trades.

From what we can see, traders that choose to install the Tick Trade App will be able to have full control over their portfolio in the palm of their hand.