Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

A free demo account

with $10.000 in practice money

Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Binary Auto Trader

There are many variations of binary options auto trader reviews on the internet, and we wanted to see and test the real Binary Options AutoTrader or so called BOAT. Before we discuss services offered by this binary software, we will first explain what Binary Options Auto Trader does. This auto trading software is receiving binary signals and automatically place trades instead of traders. Auto trader is web based application and it is not complicated for use. In our Binary Options Auto Trader review read what kind of trading services are offered with Binary Options Auto Trader and what else we have found. There are multiple tools available with this robot:
  • Live charts
  • Simulation mode
  • Multiple assets
  • Stop loss function
Binary newbies always search for simple trading robots that are easy to use. Binary Options Auto Trader is one of those robots that don’t require binary options knowledge or previous trading experience. This is a web based application and traders can install it by one simple click on Google Chrome extensions. This system offers you the option to both trade manually or automatically.
Binary Auto Trader
If you register with any binary auto trading software you will always have to register with binary options broker too. BOAT software offers only one broker at the moment – For traders who want to diversify their trading, we can recommend another auto trading software that offers trading with multiple reliable brokers from one user account – Binary Options Robot. Traders who decide to register with Binary Options AutoTrader should first open their account at Later on, they will login with AutoTrader Chrome extension where they will connect it with a broker. binary .com is one of the brokers with lower minimum deposits, where traders need to invest only $5 to start trading. This is especially suitable for beginners because binary industry deposit average begins with $200.

Auto Trader Web

There are five available trading accounts traders can register with. Only demo account is free of charge and traders are offered to practice before real trading starts. Afterward, when you become familiar with the trading platform change your membership status and subscribe for other trading accounts.
Auto Trader Web
  1. Free Demo Account gives insight into Binary Options AutoTrader trading features and lets you make unlimited investments for practice.
  2. Bronze Account is live AutoTrader account where traders can begin investing from just $30. This price is based on monthly calculation.
  3. Silver Account accepts higher investments per signal, but its monthly price is also higher $100.
  4. Gold Account enables maximum investments of $300 and its price is the same
  5. Diamond Account is designed for traders who will invest more than $1,000 and their monthly price for this account will be $1,000
We are not fans of binary robots which are charging for it services. Traders can find a variety of free robots on the internet, and we have also found and reviewed many of them. In this case, Binary Options Auto Trader is charging traders for receiving binary signals. This process is based on Push Signals technology, where Binary Auto Trader receive most accurate trend signals that are calculated by trading algorithms. The trading interface receives those signals and place trades on behalf of traders if the auto trading feature is activated. Binary Auto Trader Software charges traders for this service. Traders are offered to make payments with different methods: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Skrill or Moneybookers or PayPal. All payments are paid directly to SAS neutrino company who is the owner of Binary Options Auto Trader software.

Binary Options Auto Trader

BOAT provides the same number of trading signals with all five trading accounts. It is a bit unusual because traders who pay more will expect to get more signals too, but it is not the case with Binary Options Auto Trader. The only difference between trading accounts is that traders can invest higher trading volume. Binary AutoTrader is not maybe the best binary solution, but from our perspective, it offers one trustworthy broker and plenty of trading services. We dislike the fact that traders have to add Chrome extension in order to trade. For those who trade on different browsers, it means they have to install Chrome first. We are used to having more brokers available for trading, just like Binary Option Robot offers more than just one. This fact is not so important for those who are beginners, but when you are the more experienced trader, it usually happens that you want to diversify your trading strategy with more brokers. Binary Auto Trader and gives you the opportunity to use a demo account with virtual $10,000 on it. This allows traders to learn more about trading features and trading platform. There are many auto trading software including Binary Options Robot that are completely free of charge! This means that all traders who want to do so can easily try auto trading. Binary options auto trading software is a great solution for advanced traders as well, as they can utilize the knowledge and principles of software trading for their own profit, while taking precautious measures. However, traders must make a deposit with the broker in order to start trading, but the best robots never charge any additional fees for using the software. Success rate depends not only on the robot but also from strategy selected (if offered) and broker chosen from the list. Also, all customization possibilities and their settings can affect success rate, just like trader’s knowledge and attitude towards risk management. Auto trading robots claim that by using this service, traders can achieve better trading results. Binary Options Auto TraderAccording to them, beginners, who lack knowledge and experience in binary options trading will definitely benefit when trading with reliable binary options robots, just like binary trading professionals who will significantly increase their success rate. Robots claim that this type of trading is more precise than manual trading and eliminates many mistakes that are frequent among traders. Trading robots don’t have emotions, so they never force trades or feel the lack of self-confidence. Also, robots usually take all factors into consideration and don’t neglect any aspect of trading. Different auto trading robots have different features. Some of them are promising that traders can trade even when they are offline, but, it is good to trade only with binary robots support trading only when the trader is online. This helps traders to follow the trades and gives the opportunity of turning auto trading off at any moment. Thanks to this feature, traders can manage their portfolio and money as they like. If you are interested in learning more about binary options, you can fin out more information in references bellow: