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How to Trade Classic Options With IQoption?

How to Trade Classic Options With IQoption?

We all know IQoption is one of the specific brokerage companies that offer plenty of exciting trading options, low minimum deposit, and regulated platform. IQoption starts with only $10 which is attractive for all binary traders.

In this article, we will talk about how to trade with IQoption Classic Options since the broker provides several trading platforms and traders want to know if the broker offers demo or auto trading software at its disposal.

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How to Register with IQoption?

In order to start trading with this broker, traders first need to pass short registration process. Just go to IQoption website and fill your name, email and choose a preferred password. After accepting terms and conditions, traders can open the IQoption account and log in on their trading platform.

IQoption is modern binary options broker, traders can register through their Facebook or Google+ account too.    

Start Trading with IQoption – First Steps

After making a trading account with IQoption, traders can make their first investment. It is useful to know that IQoption is one of a few brokerage companies that allow traders to trade with IQoption demo account before they make the first deposit. Traders don’t even need to provide their credit card details or phone number.

After we have visited IQoption demo account site, we have found several video guides that might help traders in first steps when using IQoption demo. A demo account allows traders to select assets and analyze the price movement, just like in real IQoption account. The trading platform is pretty smooth to handle with.

Trade with IQoption now!

How to Trade Classic Options with IQoption?

Traders can begin trading IQoption by selecting the underlying asset first. The asset list can be found on the upper left part of the trading platform. IQoption enabled traders to choose between Turbo options, Binary and Classic options.

  • Turbo options –  expiration below 5 minutes
  • Binary options –  expiration from 15  minutes
  • Classic options – unlimited returns

Classic options tab offers traders to choose between all assets and trending options which represent the most dynamic ones. After a trader has chosen the asset, next logical step is to choose a number of options he wants to buy. This can be found on the right part of the IQoption platform.

After a number of options is selected, The Call and Put buttons will automatically apply show the investment amount. When the position is opened, IQoption will deduct this amount from your balance account.  

IQoption has taken a lot of effort by connecting the Call and Put buttons with the trading chart, so when traders hover over each button, the returns bar will appear on the chart, presenting additional information. The first bar shows the projected return of a trade in the case of the asset price change, meaning the current returns. The second bar shows the returns after the expiration of the trade. It is important to know that potential returns in Classic options is unlimited and failure is strictly limited to an amount you have invested.

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When you are sure you want to execute the trade, choose Call or Put a button and complete the transaction. Classic options are not short term trades and traders can track their performance under Open Positions menu on the left. By tracking the market situations you can also sell your options without waiting to expiry time to pass.

The IQoption has some additional features that can help you decide to place a certain trade. The IQoption platform allows traders to use strikes to choose the risk and potential benefits. If trader plans to buy a Call option, he will see the highest strike price which presents the higher risk but opportunity to earn more returns, while lower strike price represents lower risk but returns might be much smaller. The same thing happens when a trader decides to buy a Put option but in the opposite direction.   

Classic options are only available at the specific time, when the American Stock exchange market is opened from 9:30 – 16:00 (GMT-5).

Try the Free IQoption Demo Account First

IQoption allows traders to test their trading abilities before they make a real deposit on the platform. The practice account comes with a $1,000 and it allows traders to test Classic options first. The demo trading platform is the same as real account platform, which might be helpful when researching the interface and trading options.

IQoption has introduced their clients with various video guides that are very helpful for all types of traders. We have tested IQoption demo account and followed their guide that helped us understand how to trade with Classic options.

The broker also integrated the chat support service, so those who have extra questions can always ask for more information.

Trade with IQoption now!

IQoption Conclusion

There are various options available with IQoption platform. The trading interface allows traders to understand it and use it without much effort and complications. From the other side, expert traders have so many options with the platform and they can customize it according to their preferences.

The IQoption platform allows traders to choose set their preferred chart type appearance which includes Area, Candlesticks, Line or Bars. The platform allows traders to choose appearance according to the price range for a specific interval which helps in having a better overview over their trades. We have found various graphical tools that help traders to draw and create additional technical analysis elements, such as Lines, Trend Line, Horizontal Line or Fibonacci Lines.

IQoption welcomes traders with more than ten different technical indicators that can visualize the price calculations for a certain time period. This includes Bollinger bands, RSI, MACD, Stochastic Oscillator, Fractal and a lot more.

If you want to find out more about IQoption broker, you can read our broker review and get the latest information that might help you before you start trading with this broker.    

“General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.”
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