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Top Binary Signal Providers

Top Binary Signal Providers

When it comes to binary options trading, traders, both new and experienced, need to be aware that there is always room for improvement when knowledge is concerned. Educating yourself is the only way to actually reduce risk factors.

One of the more vital elements of binary options trading are binary signal providers, which create the signals and alert the traders to a possibly lucrative trade that appeared on the market. Binary signals are generated by advanced trading algorithms or financial experts, depending on the type.

In order to make the right decision when it comes to choosing binary signal providers, all a trader needs to do is read some of the numerous reviews that are available on Being informed about your choices is important as not all binary signal providers are equally good or suitable for an individual trader.

In the further text, you can read most important facts about a few binary robots and signal providers that offer free binary signals.


BinaryOptionsRobot is a semi-automated binary robot that has the added benefit of generating binary signals. Binary signals appear in the form of a pop-up window that alerts the trader that there might be a lucrative trade in sight, which then prompts the trader to approve the trade if he/she deems it suitable.

BinaryOptionsRobot is completely free of charge with a great, intuitive dashboard loaded with different features and tools.

Traders are encouraged to use several strategies that are at their disposal on the robot platform. All the strategies use different trading algorithms in order to pull data from the market and analyze them accordingly. A combination of a couple of strategies is sometimes a great idea if you are a type of trader that understands what each of the strategies does and how they work when combined.

Binary signals can be very valuable when it comes to potentially boosting profit chances, especially for those traders that are too busy to keep track of all market fluctuations. BinaryOptionsRobot is a great choice for traders of all types as it combines the simplicity and practicality of binary trading process with binary signals that allow the trader to have complete control over their investment strategies.

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Signal Samurai is signal providing software that prides in the fact that it doesn’t require any form of download to work. It can work from any computer provided the trader has its SignalSamurai login details.

This is such a practical solution, especially for those traders that are not housebound and like to have the option of not carrying their laptop with them at all times.

This binary signals provider states that trading can be done from the same platform where binary signals are being delivered to the trader. You only have a few basic steps to go through before you can use the SignalSamurai and customize it with various settings available.

Another important point that SignalSamurai is extremely easy to navigate with a very intuitive dashboard that is color coordinated. Traders have the option of following all of their placed trades along with the progress they made.

SignalSamurai appears to be a very versatile signal provider that can be of great assistance for traders across the board. If you ever run into issues, you are encouraged to contact their very professional customer support that will certainly help you resolve all problems.

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In order register for a free account with Trader’sBuddy, you’ll need to fill out a very short form with basic contact information. After that, you are ready to start your binary trading journey.

Trader’sBuddy generates three types of binary trading styles:

Trader’s Buddy Auto Trading

The first trading type is the one that can be traded as soon as the signal reaches the trader and it is called auto trading. This is the most common and basic style of automated trading in binary options. Traders just need to register with Trader’s Buddy and after the deposit with a broker and setting some basic features, the software will do the rest of the process by itself. This means it will generate the signals and automatically execute the trades on trader’s behalf.

Trader’s Buddy Semi-Auto Trading

Each signal contains different identifying information regarding the nature of the signal, such as; type of asset, broker’s name, direction and others. Once you receive a signal, Trader’sBuddy needs you to manually approve the trade otherwise the trade won’t be placed. This is so that traders are able to keep complete control over their trading accounts and activities.

Trader’s Buddy Social Trading

Apart from the already mentioned semi-automated and fully automated trading types, TradersBuddy also has the social trading option. This has become a sort of a trend in the binary industry in the last few years, but Trader’sBuddy has made it their focal point. It works via social platforms where traders can ‘vote’ on a possible direction of an asset which generates a signal that is then sent to the trader.

This way traders can take advantage of the enormous shared knowledge and expertise of the trading community and help shape their strategies.

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This signal provider rounds up the trading experience by combining a great binary options features with free binary signals that prompt the traders about new trading opportunities.

The interface of this software is very easy to navigate, even for those traders that are just making their first steps in binary options trading. Obviously, we cannot recommend enough that traders educate themselves about the whole binary trading process in order to minimize the risks in their trading environment.

It is also important to note that BinarySignalsTrader delivers signals exclusively for stocks and currency pairs which are probably going to be very appealing to traders that are specialized in this type of trading.

Another significant attribute of this software is the fact that according to their site it is free and does not require any additional or hidden fees. The only thing a trader pays is a deposit that they make with their chosen binary options broker that is selected straight from the platform.

Obviously, traders can contact the customer support at any time if they think they have any issues with the trading process or technical difficulties. There is also a FAQ section at your disposal that will most likely answer most questions that might arise.

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BinaryCopier is in a lot of ways very similar to other signals providers, but it does differ from them nonetheless. The first step is the same as with any other signals software; registering with the signals provider by filling out a form with basic personal details.

The next step is to choose a binary options broker that can be found on the provided list of brokers on the BinaryCopier platform itself. Once you are all set with that, you are free to adjust your trading platform settings and can start receiving binary signals.

These binary signals are being provided through a trading platform and are being put in signals boxes. You are given the option of accessing all the trades that you have made with BinaryCopier under History tab, which might help you in creating better feature strategies.

With BinaryCopier you can trade multiple assets and can customize your trading portfolio by changing and adjusting different features that are available on the platform.

Register with BinaryCopier HERE

Binary signal providers are a great way to boost your success chances even more and experience the exciting world of binary options trading in a completely new way. Find the binary signals provider that suits your individual needs and make sure you are familiar with all the possible education opportunities for binary options trading in order to make good choices for yourself.

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