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The Difference Between BinaryOptionsRobot and Trader’s Buddy?

The Difference Between BinaryOptionsRobot and Trader’s Buddy?

Most traders lately ask the same question, “What is the difference between Trader’s Buddy and a well known BinaryOptionsRobot?” in this article we will make a comparison of these two binary options brands and discuss what are the major differences among them.

For traders who still don’t know, Trader’s Buddy is a new binary option automated trading software that is able to trade with three different strategies, 100% auto trading, semi-automated or by using the social trading channel. The software generates binary options signals and integrates them directly into Trader’s Buddy platform.

Price Comparison BinaryOptionsRobot vs. Trader’s Buddy

When we speak about the price, both binary options products are free to all users. Traders just need to register with either BinaryOptionsRobot or Trader’s Buddy and make a deposit with the connected broker.

This means that traders won’t’ need to pay any extra charges on executed trades or when applying VIP account.

Software Comparison BinaryOptionsRobot vs. Trader’s Buddy

In order to assure every trader has the best possible trading environment, both binary options platforms are web based so traders can easily use them on various mobile devices. This means traders can place trades from their laptops, computers, tablets and all mobile devices including iOS and Android users.

BinaryOptionsRobot has additionally developed an Android app for better user experience on Android smartphones. The mobile app has the same features like a web based interface, it just has some technical improvements that allow better mobile experience.

Trading with Multiple Brokers Available with Both Products

We were so happy when we have found out that Trader’s Buddy offers to trade with more than one broker at the same time. Like with BinaryOptionsRobot, multiple brokers feature allows traders to diversify their trading strategy which enables many options and customizable settings.

Different brokers are available in different countries and this means some traders will have more options at their disposal, while some traders will have only one option, but this depends on a broker.

Trading with multiple brokers allows traders to set different daily stop losses and maximum daily trades with BinaryOptionsRobot. Traders who trade with more brokers at once can also choose to trade with different underlying assets and set preferred minimum trades for each asset group.

When trading with Trader’s Buddy the same rule applies, except traders have an additional tool to choose different trading strategies.

Generating Signals With BinaryOptionsRobot and Trader’s Buddy

Both binary options products generate signals for their traders. This is possible because every software works on the basis of advanced computer algorithms. These algorithms are programmed to track happenings in financial market and calculate binary signals with the support of various technical and fundamental analysis techniques.

Traders don’t need to do anything except choose a preferred broker and define trading settings according to their preferences. When trading with BinaryOptionsRobot, traders have the opportunity to have full control over their trading portfolio. This binary software is a semi-trading robot which means traders must accept the trade when the signal is generated and sent to the dashboard.

The binary signal appears in the shape of a pop-up window with a full information about the asset, value, investment amount and expiry time. If a trader wants to accept the trade he should click on accept, but if he doesn’t agree with a given signal, he can just click cancel to ignore the trade. BinaryOptionsRobot never trades while traders are offline. The signals are being calculated and generated only when traders login to their trading account.

With Trader’s Buddy, this process offers three different options. Traders who prefer 100% automated trading can choose to trade automatically. This means that Trader’s Buddy will calculate, generate and execute binary signals based on trader’s settings. If you are more a control type person, Trader’s Buddy also offers a semi-automated trading option which is the same as BinaryOptionsRobot.

Traders who want to try something new have the opportunity to trade social trading which allows traders to receive trading advice based on community votes. The votes are based on most successful Trader’s Buddy traders that managed to achieve the best success rates.   

VIP Account Membership Available only with BinaryOptionsRobot

VIP membership is available for all BinaryOptionsRobot traders and we haven’t seen Trader’s Buddy offers this feature. Trading with BinaryOptionsRobot VIP is additional advantage traders have while they trade. The VIP account is free for all users and traders can reach the first month of VIP after they make a deposit with any of brokers from the Robot portfolio.

As already said, we haven’t found Trader’s Buddy offering VIP feature. Since this is a different binary options software, traders might be satisfied with given features. There are a lot of options available and traders can choose between three trading styles which could keep trader’s interest for some time. Adding additional VIP features is always a positive idea because we are never tired of novelties.

Customer Support Comparison BinaryOptionsRobot vs. Trader’s Buddy

When we speak about the customer support, we have found both of these binary products offer envious support service. The presence of customer support service is not so frequent with other binary options products s we have to say these two products have really made effort by adding this service.

In most cases, we see the customer support button on the page but when we want to test the service, chat support is usually not working and agents are not answering to email queries.

BinaryOptionsRobot provides live chat support service with very prompt and professional agents. We have tested both products and Trader’s Buddy also showed their agents are educated and friendly with all customers.

The benefit of both products is the fact that traders don’t need to be registered with any of these products to get customer support help, which is not the case with other binary products.

If you want to find more information about Robot, read our BinaryOptionsRobot review with additional information about the software.

Traders who have more interest about Trader’s  Buddy can find detailed information about this binary options software in Trader’s Buddy review.  

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