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TeraBit Trader Scam Review

TeraBit Trader Scam Review

TeraBit software is one of the alleged binary options investment robots that offers innovative binary options services developed by Richard Heffner. In this review, we will try to find out if TeraBit software provides legal services or it is another binary options scam.

When we started to search more about this binary robot we have found the internet is full of suspicious claims that TeraBit is a serious binary options scam software. Many traders posted their complaints on binary options forums and reviewing sites, complaining about misleading and deceptive services of this binary software.

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TeraBit Binary Options Software – Full of Vague Information

There are many things and facts that indicate TeraBit is a serious binary options scam product. When we have opened TeraBit website, we have first checked the video that presents TeraBit software and its services. Richard Heffner, the developer of this binary auto trading software promises that people will hourly profit about $850 and that traders will have $20,000 by the end of the day. Read more in our TeraBit review below.

TeraBit App Guarantees 100% Profit and Zero Trading Risk

Like most of the binary options scams we have seen, TeraBit is one of those products that assure traders they will have zero risks and maximal profits while they trade with this auto trading software. Most traders are beginners in the binary options trading industry and they are not aware that trading binary options can’t be 100% profitable.

Not even if a trader trades with reputable products that are based on advanced trading algorithms, those binary robots or signal providers can’t be unmistakable.

TeraBit Video Promises High Profits

The whole TeraBit sales video is oriented towards assuring traders they will profit $20,000 per day. Richard Heffner explains how this binary software works and he uses some usual persuasion tactics that apparently work for people that are searching for additional income.

First of all, Richard tried to convince traders that TeraBit App is one of the most successful binary options services that really work with a simple $250 deposit. Apparently, this software uses some advanced data transfer speeds that are making sure that TeraBit wins every time. In his video, Heffner shows bank account reports of people that apparently made a profit from this software. Of course, there is no real evidence that those people really got this amount of money on their bank account.

Heffner uses various tactics in order to assure traders to register with TeraBit app. According to TeraBit video, only ten people are able to register daily with his software and able to start making profits with it.

Richard Heffner – the Creator of TeraBit Trader

The story of TeraBit trader is introduced by a half hour video where Heffner explains the benefits of this binary options software. The video mentioned this software is based on the top secret form of data transfer which has an advantage over other binary options robots on the market. Richard Heffner tries to convict traders that anybody can start trading with this software, even if they have no previous trading experience. This software will allegedly assure that traders have lifetime profits with just a $250 deposit.

Heffner decided this software will be free of charge because every time a trader makes money, he will get 10% of trader’s profit too. Because of this, he decided to offer a free product because of his alleged ethical beliefs and humanity.

Before he has developed this software, Heffner allegedly worked in system company Garmin Limited as a systems developer for satellite positioning. His brother Josh was a successful Wall Street binary trader. They came out with the idea of building an auto trading software that will be based on satellite data transfer and this is how TeraBit was created. The story would be great if we didn’t know the background of Richard Heffner who never worked for global satellite industry company Garmin Limited. During our TeraBit investigation, we have found out that Heffner is a paid actor that was previously performing in a few similar binary options products.  

How to Register with TeraBit Trader

If you still think that TeraBit trader is a perfect binary options software you will profit from, then here is how to register with this software. According to Heffner, the TeraBit trader is free of charge and traders just need to provide their full name and email. The video explains that TeraBit connects traders with one binary options broker. In order to start trading, traders need to deposit at least $250. After that, a trader needs to set their TeraBit to auto trading and they will allegedly start profiting.

How does TeraBit Work?

This binary options software allegedly generates binary signals based on latest trends in science and satellite technology. Like we have already mentioned, TeraBit trader uses the advantage of the fastest possible speed that is calculated in nanoseconds. This technology is called Optical Data Transmission and its benefit is the speed that is able to calculate and execute the signals faster than other binary options products.

TeraBit trader chooses the best binary trades that are based on various indicators like multiple historical data patterns, IP address based on traders geographic location, DNS and Ping speeds that are crucial for the success of the TeraBit software. According to Heffner, the TeraBit Trader system is able to execute binary options trades in 94/100 of a second faster than other binary products, which makes it so successful – according to him.

TeraBit Trader System Final Words

We have found several indicators that point TeraBit could be a serious binary options scam. First of all, Richard Heffner promises 100% profits for a lifetime. The TeraBit site provides a lack of transparency and we have found several fake certifications and fake logos presented on their site.

Traders don’t have sufficient data that is important to know before they start trading with this binary options software.

The TeraBit site doesn’t provide any contact information or a live chat support like other transparent binary products usually do. Traders are being pressured to secure their spot with TeraBit in order to begin profiting or they will lose their spot. The site claims that this software uses some cutting edge trading methods that apply to legal and ethical standards, but we don’t know according to which authority.

We have never found which binary broker is connected with this software neither we have been able to register with TeraBit trader.

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