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How Do I Start Trading With Binary Options Robot?

How Do I Start Trading With Binary Options Robot?

Imagine a program, so advanced and intricate that enables you to trade with binary options without you having any previous knowledge about the financial market? You are interested in investing in certain assets but the entire idea is confusing you. And you don’t want to waste time learning about it or hiring some financial advisors to tell you what to do with your money. Well, you shouldn’t have to. This article will tell you why.

Introduce yourself with the ingenious software that was created and developed to avoid all the trouble that comes with manual binary options trading. Binary Options Robot is a revolutionary auto trading software that places trades based on signals that serve to provide best looking odds.

For all of this to happen, traders need to do just a few simple steps.

No Downloads, Just Register With Binary Options Robot

The entire registration process is quite straightforward. Actually, traders just need to be online. One of the best things about Binary Options Robot is that it does not require any extensions, downloads or plug-ins. Trader just needs to register with Binary Options Robot.

Registration requires only basic information. Once you’ve completed that, you are all set to make the first deposit with a broker. Find out how to choose one or more brokers on Binary Options Robot platform.

Respectable Brokers On Binary Options Robot Platform

Binary Options Robot wants its traders to feel safe with their account and deposits in the trading surroundings. That is precisely why there are only trustworthy brokers offered on the Binary Options dashboard.

The Robot makes sure there are no scammers because it recommends only trustworthy brokers and focuses entirely on providing safe trades. The brokers who uphold their great reputation will be displayed on the trader’s platform.

Brokers have their own guidelines. They usually differ when it comes to minimum trading amounts on the Robot platform. Most of the brokers require a minimum trading amount of $25. However, Banc De Binary and Option.FM require only $1.

Fortunately, there is more than one broker to choose from. Even better, traders can make deposits with more than one broker.

Minimum Deposit And Binary Options Robot

In order to explore all the features provided by Binary Options Robot, you need to register. When that’s out of the way, make the first deposit with a broker and activate auto trading. That is all it takes.

Even though there are other robots that provide auto trading, none of them compare to Binary Options Robot, certifiably the best auto trading software. Ensuring traders of safe trading and providing highest success possibilities, Binary Options Robot requires only $200 for minimum deposit amount.

In addition to that, Binary Options Robot offers special features available on the dashboard when you activate VIP Account. What do traders need to do to become VIP members? Find out now. After you register and make the first deposit, the VIP Account is free for the entire month. There are no additional charges. Just contact Binary Options Robot Customer Support and they will activate the VIP Account.

What Is Binary Options Robot Platform?

Your Binary Options Robot platform is where everything happens. Familiarize yourself with it because it is where your Binary Options Robot calculates everything and places trades based on the settings you enable. That also means activating the special features available in the VIP Account.

The largest section on the dashboard belongs to Assets. There are over 50 assets for the Robot to trade with. Most common ones are currency pairs, commodities, and stocks. Each and every asset can be activated and deactivated. Don’t make the rookie mistake and activate just a few assets because that will not give the Robot a lot to work with. It will receive just a few signals and place only a few trades, minimizing your options for higher profit.

Under Trading Amounts, there are Stocks Amount, Currencies Amount and Commodities Amount. Once you activate a wanted number of assets on the platform, simply put desired amounts in the Trading Amounts boxes.

If traders want the Robot to trade only with commodities and they deactivate all the other assets on the platform, that means they can only invest in commodities. Naturally, this won’t enable a lot of trades for the Robot, so it is advisable to activate various assets for better financial opportunities.

Binary Options Robot dashboard offers several features users can set on their Robot platform. A feature like Max Daily Trades lets the traders pick how many daily trades the Robot should place. Daily Stop Loss feature instructs the Robot to invest the determined daily amount and it will not go over it.

Trading Room is a feature where a trader is directly connected to the broker’s account and is able to place trades manually. Since traders have the Robot placing trades to up their odds, Trading Room feature is absolutely optional.

History tab feature is where traders can check the results of the placed trades.


Binary Options Robot VIP Account

Binary Options Robot is created to primarily benefit its user. Having said that, among the features available on the Robot platform, there is also the VIP Account.

Binary Options Robot VIP Account is already accessible to traders if they have registered and made their first deposit with a broker. It does not cost extra and it’s free for an entire month. Once the free month expires, traders can get additional 3 months of VIP membership just by making another deposit with same or any other broker. Just be sure to contact Customer Support to activate and/or extend your VIP Account.

Traders can see the VIP features at the bottom of the dashboard and in this article, find out how to use them which will help boost their profits. You can change Risk Levels for each broker you trade with. The Expiry Times section offers shorter or longer time limit while trading. Trading Strategies, as the words imply, maneuver the trades the Robot places, depending on the type of strategy a trader chooses. Read the rest of the article to find out more about the VIP features.

Binary Options Robot Risk Level

If you want to explore different Risk Levels, you can go from Low Risk Levels to High Risk Levels. If you are just starting out with binary options trading, you could try setting your Risk Level to Low. However, that implies the Robot will not place many trades. High Risk Level is a more common option. The Robot places more trades which means higher chances for profit.

Binary Options Robot Expiry Times And Trading Strategies

You can choose between 2 options for Expiry Times feature; 60 Seconds or Daily Trade limit.

For 60 Seconds limit, the Robot places trades within a very short time frame thus ensuring quick results. However, traders who mark Daily Trade option, instruct Robot to trade within a longer time limit. Both options can be altered at any time and can be individually set on the dashboard, depending on how many brokers you have deposited with.

Trading Strategies

The strategies are created to enable traders to diversify their strategy routine. There are four strategies to choose from and each one is a set of individual algorithms;

  • Wise Growth Strategy
  • Perfect Pitch Method
  • High Yield Systems
  • Capital Gain Cue

These strategies can be changed at all times, but like all the other special features, at least one has to be activated. Once traders gain more experience in strategizing and personalizing their platform, they will change their strategies accordingly.

For any questions, problems or just information, Binary Options Robot Customer Support is available to offer professional assistance and technical support via e-mail or live chat.

The more traders explore their trading skills with all the VIP features, the swifter and experienced they will become. Mastering what each feature does and strategically activating them, you are allowing Binary Options Robot to place smarter trades and to give you better results which is the ultimate aim.

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