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How to Register with Trader’s Buddy?

How to Register with Trader’s Buddy?

A lot of traders have read our Trader’s Buddy review and decided to register and start investing their money with this revolutionary signals provider. Among various binary options products, Trader’s Buddy is one of the latest trading products that has managed to provide three different trading strategies on one unique trading platform.

After reading our Trader’s Buddy review, the next question is: How to register with Trader’s Buddy? Well continue reading our guide and find out how to register and start trading with this interesting binary options software.

How to Register with Trader’s Buddy?

First of all, it is important to say that traders don’t need to provide any credit card details while they are registering with this software. Trader’s Buddy is a free binary signals provider that allows traders to use it as much as they want to, without any fees included. The payments and deposits are being executed directly on binary options broker site.

In order to register with Trader’s Buddy, traders only need to fill their basic contact info on Trader’s Buddy website. Traders will open a free Trader’s Buddy account in less than a few minutes and they will be welcome to execute their trades after they make the first deposit with one of the brokers available on the platform.

So, just enter you first and last name, your email and your phone and pick preferred password for your Trader’s Buddy account. Click on Open free account, the green button below and after a few seconds, you will be redirected to your trading account. Registration with Trader’s Buddy is very simple and it doesn’t require any additional information.

Trader’s Buddy Directly Connects you with a Broker

After completing the application form on Trader’s Buddy website, we have been redirected directly to our trading account in just a few seconds. The welcome window has congratulated that we have become a Trader’s Buddy clients and we have been automatically connected with one of the available brokers on the platform.

In order to start trading with Trader’s Buddy, the trader has to complete the last step and make a deposit with given broker or with another broker from the dashboard. Trader’s Buddy allows traders to trade with more than 10 different binary brokers on the same trading platform. The number of brokers depends on their availability in your country so not all the brokers will always be available.  

We have found out that traders can register with BinaryOnline S, Option Bit, OptionStars, 10Markets, uTrader, PlusOption, OxMarkets, Stern Options, 72Option, TraderVC, BinaryCM, CTOption, Lionexo. If you are not satisfied with a broker that was automatically given to you, just choose and register with another broker on Trader’s Buddy dashboard.

Registration with New Broker on Trader’s Buddy Platform

It is important to know that traders can only register with additional brokers after they deposit with the first broker they have been registered at the beginning. If you have already deposited with a first broker, then you will see Connected Brokers tab will become available on your Trader’s Buddy dashboard.   

If you want to register with more brokers, go to Connected Brokers tab and choose open new Account button. After selecting this button, traders will be able to open an account with other available brokers.

There is also another button available and it is called Connect account. Trader’s Buddy allows you to add your existing broker account to your Trader’s Buddy account. This means that you don’t need to register with broker again, you can just add your broker account to Trader’s Buddy platform. The login details will remain the same and traders will be able to deposit on their broker accounts.

Trader’s Buddy Allows Easy Overview over your Portfolio

If you have decided to trade with more brokers on the Trader’s Buddy platform, this is great, because you will have more trading opportunities available. This means that you can choose different trading strategies with each broker and traders are allowed to pick different trading methods which increase diversity and potential to profit.

We will remind traders that Trader’s Buddy allows three different trading rooms which include both social trading, semi-automatic trading and automated trading option. Traders can choose a different trading room with a different broker and they can change their settings whenever they want to.

Trader’s Buddy – No Downloads and Easy Approach

Trader’s Buddy is a binary option multi trading platform that is available for traders around the globe. This revolutionary binary system allows free services and it is a web-based application that requires no downloads. This binary service is accessible from any device that has an internet connection which makes it very easy to approach.

Traders that register with this software can login and change their settings any time they want. If the auto trading option is activated, the software will execute trades only while the trader is online. This decreases the possibility of losing your funds while you are not around.

Trader’s Buddy is available from computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Android and iOS users don’t need to download any app on their phone, they just need to login to Trader’s Buddy account and they can monitor, change settings and place trades from their trading account.

Trader’s Buddy Customer Support

Traders who have more questions about this binary software can easily contact friendly Trader’s Buddy customer support live chat and get their answer right away. Customer support agents are educated about all the services available with Trader’s Buddy software. If you are searching for a way to add new brokers, switch to different type of trading or just want to have more information about Trader’s Buddy algorithms, ask their agents and improve your knowledge about this unique trading platform.

Besides a helpful customer support, Trader’s Buddy welcomes traders with how-to video guides and rich education center on your trading account. After you become a Trader’s Buddy client, you will be able to get more educational materials about how to use the certain function on Trader’s Buddy platform.  

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