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How to Register and Start Trading with BinarySignalsTrader?

How to Register and Start Trading with BinarySignalsTrader?

BinarySignalsTrader is one of the newest binary signal providers that offer free services to its traders. Since the software is available for less than a month, there are many traders that are having questions about how to open the account or start trading with it. In our guide, we will make detailed explanations about how to open the account with BinarySignalsTrader and how to use its dashboard. the software has focused on calculating exclusive signals for stocks and currency pairs.  

For more information about BinarySignalsTrader, check our detailed BinarySignalsTrader review.

How to Register with BinarySignalsTrader?

Just go to BinarySignalsTrader site and fill in your name, last name, email and phone number. Choose a preferred password and click on Open free account. This shouldn’t take more than a minute.

After you have provided all the necessary information, you will be able to log in on your BinarySignalsTrader account. Traders will receive an automated email with support information about their account.

How to use BinarySignalsTrader Services?

In order to start using BinarySignalsTrader, traders first need to know what this software does. As we have already mentioned before, BinarySignalsTrader is a binary signal provider software that generates binary signals and sends them directly to trader’s dashboard. According to their site, BinarySignalsTrader is generating the signals in real time, which increases the chance for better trading results.

Traders are able to reach up to 86% of returns with various binary brokers. BinarySignalsTrader has the partnership with more brokerage companies so traders have more options which enable diversified trading strategy. Traders have the opportunity to register with BinaryOnline S, Option Bit, OptionStars, 10Markets, uTrader, PlusOption, OxMarkets, Stern Options, 72Option, TraderVC, BinaryCM, CTOption, Lionexo which makes BinarySignalsTrader a signal provider with impressive broker portfolio.

After a trader has opened an account with BinarySignalsTrader he is able to start using the software. Registered traders will be automatically connected with one binary broker which is available in trader’s country. If a trader wants to register and add more brokers to his platform, he just needs to click on Connected Brokers button and open a new account with an available broker.

Making a Deposit with a Broker

It is important to know that  BinarySignalsTrader provides traders with free binary signals and enables them to execute them directly from the platform. In order to make a deposit, traders need to go directly on broker’s account and choose a preferred payment option. After the balance is visible on broker’s account, the same amount should also be available on BinarySignalsTrader platform.

BinarySignalsTrader is just a third party binary software and it doesn’t accept any payments and traders don’t ever need to provide any payment details with it. The platform allows traders to choose the daily investment amount along with investment per trade, which is excellent because traders can define their strategy and maximally limit the risks.

How to Start Trading with BinarySignalsTrader?

The signal provider has a very simple trading interface and it is adequate even for binary newbies who use the software for the first time. BinarySignalsTrader creates real-time alerts and executes them directly to trader’s dashboard. For every signal it generates, it shows a pop-up window with a full information about it. Every pop-up window requires trader’s approval to execute the trade. If a trader accepts the trade the BinarySignalsTrader will execute the trade and call or put the investment. The result will be visible right after the expiry time passes.

Traders have the opportunity to trade with almost 50 different currencies and stocks, which allows a pretty heterogeneous type of trading. Traders can activate and deactivate as many assets they want to.     

BinarySignalsTrader Premium Account

If the basic BinarySignalsTrader account is not enough for you, then you will maybe want to try the Premium account. The Premium account allows various trading features that will increase the number of options and possible profits with this software.

The next question is: How much BinarySignalsTrader Premium account costs? Traders who register with BinarySignalsTrader have the opportunity to get Premium account for free. After the first deposit with any of the brokers from the BinarySignalsTrader portfolio is made, traders gain the opportunity for Premium account. More deposits with giving them the opportunity to prolong the Premium status so we see this as a benefit as it is basically a free feature.

Traders who have more questions about this subject can simply contact BinarySignalsTrader customer support and get adequate support and answer.   

How can Traders Benefit with BinarySignalsTrader Premium Account?

The premium account provides various trading opportunities that can increase trading experience and profits with his software. One of the most important tools many traders like is Risk level tool which enables traders to define the level of risk with every broker. This means if the trader has registered his BinarySignalsTrader account with more than one broker, he can choose different risk levels with each broker.

Secondly, traders might like the Expiry time tool which enables versatile expiry time options. Traders can choose to trade 60 seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, End of day or Long term trades. Expiry times can be utilized at the same time which provides versatile trading options and most important, the opportunity for potential profits.

A premium account allows traders to choose between two different trading strategies which are not available for traders who don’t activate the premium account. The first strategy is called High-Frequency Strategy and its algorithms are programmed to analyze the market according to specifically given data. The second strategy is called Correlation Strategy and it basically includes a calculation for all the currency pairs listed on the BinarySignalsTrader interface.

Does the BinarySignalsTrader have a Success Rate?

Many traders usually ask the same question and it is about the success rate of the BinarySignalsTrader software. The information about success rate is not provided and it is because this is very hard to calculate. Because of the vast amount of trading options, BinarySignalsTrader success rate varies a lot and every trader modifies this number according to his personal adjusted settings. There are many signal providers that promise high success rates and traders end up disappointed because they thought the success rate would be higher.

Because of this, BinarySignalsTrader success rate is not provided and traders should focus on their trading strategy which will increase the success rate and end up with positive results if the right features are balanced.    

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