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OptionStars Supports Auto Trading

OptionStars Supports Auto Trading

OptionStars is one of the brokers that, according to their site provides innovative and dynamic financial services that are accessible all over the globe. Besides offering a standard palette of binary options services, this investment management company provides auto trading with one binary software.

Auto trading in binary options has become a must and most brokerage companies have started to offer auto trading services to its clients. If you are a trader that wants to trade automatically rather than manually, you can do it with OptionStars. This broker offers auto trading with one of the robots we have been writing a lot about – Binary Options Robot. Find out more about auto trading with OptionStars in our guide below.

Connect OptionStars With Binary Options Robot

In order to be able to trade automatically with OptionStars, traders need to register with Binary Options Robot first. This binary robot is free for all traders and it robot provides trading with more brokers simultaneously. As confirmed by Binary Options Robot team, this software is available for both beginners and experienced traders.

To register with Binary Options Robot, traders need to go to Robot website and fill their basic information in a registration form. After they register, after few seconds they will receive an email with all information about their account. Because this auto robot provides it’s services for beginners too, traders will be automatically assigned with one of the brokers from Binary Options Robot dashboard.

Traders are usually registered with a broker that is available in their country of residence. After getting a trading account with Binary Options Robot, traders can search for OptionStars on Robot platform and register with this broker in order to auto trade. Just click on the Open account and you will be redirected to OptionStars official website.


Traders Can Trade Automatically and Manually at the Same time

In order to trade automatically, traders have to be connected with Binary Options Robot. Traders can auto trade only on Robot platform. This binary software provides additional services where traders can directly choose to manually place trades. This means that traders don’t need to connect to their OptionStars account, but they can do it from Binary Options Robot trading room feature. If a trader chooses to place trades manually, this means that Binary Options Robot won’t generate binary signals or will have any possibility of auto trading.

Binary Options Robot Allows Trading With Multiple Brokers

This binary robot allows its traders to register and trade with more binary brokers at the same time. According to Binary Options Robot, this feature allows more diversity for traders that want to have more trading options. This means that if a trader registers with three binary brokers, he will be able to set a different set of settings for every broker on his trading dashboard.

Trading with more brokers on the same Binary Options Robot platform is a free feature that is available to all traders. Depending on a country of residence, traders will only be offered to trade with brokers that are available in their country.

Traders can register with more brokers and this doesn’t mean they need to invest huge amounts of money. Trading with a broker is available from $250, which means that instead of investing $500 with one broker, the trader can divide that investment and invest with two brokers of their choice.

OptionStars Trading Accounts

No matter if you register with a Bronze, Silver or Gold OptionStars account, you are welcome to auto trade with Binary Options Robot. Depending on trading preferences, OptionStars offers to trade with multiple membership system accounts. The Bronze account is available from $1,000 to $4,999 and it allows one trading strategy, weekly market reviews, and OptionStars introduction video.

OptionStars Silver account is set for traders who plan to deposit between $5,000 and $9,999 where traders are given to use three trading strategies, daily and weekly market reviews and get advanced OptionStars video course. The Silver account provides its clients with a senior account manager.

OptionStars Gold account is enabled for clients who plan to invest more than $10,000. This premium account provides 5 trading strategies, daily and weekly market reviews, video courses from previous OptionStars accounts and account manager. The Gold account allows same day withdrawals and weekly one on one trading sessions.

Talk to Customer Support Team if you Have any Questions

Talking with customer support started to be very important for all traders that invest in binary options. No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced trader, most brokers and automated robots offer support for their clients. We have talked with OptionStars live chat support agent to ask if they support automated trading. Their friendly support agent Victoria Jacobs told us that we have to open an account first in order to receive information about available auto trading robots.

We have tried to register with OptionStars, but unfortunately, our country is not supported by OptionStars so we couldn’t open an account to reach more information. After this, we have opened Binary Options Robot account where we also found live chat support agents. We have spoken with one of their agents where they told us that OptionStars is not supported in the United Kingdom.

Enable Binary Options Robot VIP Account for Free

If you are trading with Binary Options Robot, then you probably know that this auto trading robot supports additional features available in VIP account package. Binary Options Robot VIP account allows some additional features that may be interesting to traders. Robot VIP account is available for all traders that make a deposit with one of the brokers for Binary Options Robot platform. After making a deposit with one of the brokers, traders are advised to contact Binary Options Robot team who will gladly activate VIP membership for one month.

Binary Options Robot VIP account allows traders to set different risk levels, choose between four trading strategies and choose to trade with a different expiry times option. If you want to know more about Binary Options Robot VIP membership, read our article about it here.

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